A veces me gustaría ayudar a esas personas que tienen su autoestima baja, que se sienten solos, rotos, desesperados porque sé lo que se siente estar en el borde del precipicio sin nadie que nos de la mano para salir de ello.
—  Dumb
Veo muchas almas rotas y solitarias caminando por las calles sonriendo a pedazos y tratando de mantenerse firme aunque no tengan razones para estarlo.
—  Dumb
Voy a pintarte por números y colorearte si las cosas van bien, podemos enmarcarlo y ponerte en una pared y es tan difícil decirlo pero he estado aquí antes ahora entregaré mi corazón, y lo cambiare por el tuyo.
—  Lego House- Ed sheeran

At Paley Museum of Media in LA

Found the Rocket power pilot animated with the stylized colors of the intro

Robot chicken pilot

Also a 100 Good deeds of Eddie McDowell pilot starring young Shia Leboof as the kid who’s bullied. No Seth green in this version.

Looking for more

So I’ve been worried about this for a long time now, and all this talk of shipping conflicts here today has me a little more worried… About what you might ask? Making Dipifica a formal relationship in UF and not just having it be teased or whatever. Regardless of what anyone else says, this is a thing that is going to happen in UF because I want it too and I think it will significantly contribute to both Dipper and Pacifica’s respective character developments, which are things that matter to me as the writer of UF. I’m well aware that not everyone’s gonna be on board with me with that and I do know that it’ll probably drive at least a few readers away but the crazy thing about that is that I don’t care. From the very beginning UF has always been my story and the choices I make in it, from shipping, to original fusions, to AUs, to everything in between are solely mine to make. And if people can’t deal with that… then… whatever, I guess they just won’t. Anyway, enough random shipping rambling I’m off to go work on this cover some more before starting on Dipper and Lapis tomorrow like ya’ll want me to :P

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it's really the generals because they told trump "hey we don't like these guys so just... you know"

No, it’s not actually. Trump’s tweets came about because a group of conservatives in the house were frustrated over a budget bill that was in part going to fund part of Trump’s wall on the southern border. They wanted to include a provision in the bill that would ban any military healthcare funds from going toward transition surgeries. They got nowhere in the house with it so they went right to Trump and his associates and voiced their complaints there. Because trump cares more about himself and his precious wall than our troops, he tweeted his intent to ban ALL transgender people from the military (people who I might add, have more courage in one of their pee droplets than you do, little miss anonymous). Next time think before you speak.