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On that last Pizza Party Podcast (66) Jim talked about how the horror movie The Devil Inside didn’t have a real ending. The ending just said “Go this website to know what happened next” The site is no longer up.

Found this video of a crowd reaction

“James was privileged so his bullying is worse than Snape’s uwu”

Bullying is Bullying. They were both being shit heads to each other all the time. It was high school.

Snape joined a hate group and Lily’s response was okay then we aren’t friends - which is perfectly reasonable. She then asked BOTH James and Snape to stop harassing each other; neither listened.

I’m tired of James getting crucified for this crap. Was he right? No. Did he go too far? Undeniably. Does this make Snape right? Hell fucking no. Did he go too far? Hell yes!

FURTHER MORE James and Lily are dead as a direct result of Snape’s actions. Did he feel remorse? Only for Lily. He kept up that little Potter feud after he already killed James.

Although, after not giving James and Lily a chance to grow up, it’s only suiting he never did.