duma's art

ALSO for those who wanted more tales of Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas being excellent buddies:

When the reading (of Marion de Lorme) was over, Dumas, with Herculean strength, lifted the poet (Hugo) in his arms and carried him about , crying “Hugo, we will carry you to glory!  Hugo, you will make all of us famous!”  Everyone cheered and laughed….Then Adèle Hugo, carrying herself proudly in silken evening dress, swept into the room with cakes and sherbets and ices.  “I can still see the gigantic Dumas,” wrote Henri de la Touche, another witness of the evening  “stuffing his mouth with cake , and shouting, with his mouth quite full: Admirable! Admirable! Admirable!”

It was always thus with the Romantics. The hero and heroine died a hideous death in some Gothic dungeon , after drinking their love potion together and singing their tragic love…Everybody in the audience wept, then turned to eat cakes and ices. 

-Victor Hugo, by Matthew Josephson