duly quoted

  • Eriol: So, Tomoyo-san, we still on for tonight?
  • Tomoyo: Absolutely.
  • Eriol: Alright see you at 8.
  • Sakura: Wait, what's at 8?
  • Tomoyo: Oh, I have dinner plans with Eriol-kun. We get together about once a month to discuss the two of you.
  • Syaoran: Wow, did not know that ... May I tell you how lovely you look today?
  • Tomoyo: Duly noted.
…that Amour de l'Impossible, which falls like a madness on many who think they live securely and out of reach of harm, so that they sicken suddenly with the poison of unlimited desire, and, in the infinite pursuit of what they may not obtain, grow faint and swoon or stumble.
—  Oscar Wilde