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hey its gabs/kana again and its that time of year again! happy new years to all of yall~ i would like to thank everyone for following me throughout the years. 2015 has been a crazy ride and i’m looking forward to what holds in 2016. this is a huge thank you to all of the people i follow. thanks for being one of the greatest blogs ive followed and im glad i could meet so many awesome people and friends! lets get this started!!

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and thats about it. thank you all and happy holidays!


ok these are PKkids again thanks in part to tumblr user dullaidan but. hear me out. hear me out.

Ness and Paula adopt a PK-using kid named Matilda!! Matilda is adventurous and honest and…. painfully blunt. She ends up insulting a lot of people on accident just by being honest without manners. Her PSI is similar to Ness and Lucas’, and she uses PSI Truth. An actual. truthbomb. its lame but she fuckin embraces it ‘U CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH.’ She wants to be a hero just like her mom and dad!! but she ACTIVELY SEEKS things to be heroic about which sometimes gets her (and her friend Henry) in HELLA TROUBLE. She has to wear glasses but HATES IT (glasses are for nerds like uncle jeff!) so often will just go out without them… as long as she doesn’t have to read signs she’s fine (right)? She also loves monster movies! But is a little scared of them still….

Jeff and Tony also adopt a PK-using kid (which is a disaster mostly for two non-psychics) named Henry!! Henry is shy and a nerd but used destructive PSI like kuma and paula. And when he’s young he’s bad at controlling it and electrocutes his dads. often. But he loves plants!! he loves talking to them and studying them and he just. loves plants. matilda makes fun of him a lot but whatever. plants are gr8.

thats all im done im fine im under control


here is one of my favorite videos in the world (loud audio warning)