Mr. Turner had been rambling on about the amendments to the Constitution for over a half hour, and even a straight A student like Cas had heard enough. He gazed about the room, notebook open to a blank sheet, and observed his classmates.  

In the very front sat Raphael, head down on his desk and sleeping, as were the rest of his crew. Mr. Turner doubled as the football coach, and everyone knew all the starters for the team had to do was show up to pass.

Behind them, Charlie played games on her phone surreptitiously under her desk, while Jo sat next to her and elbowed her every time Mr. Turner turned his gaze their way. Meg Masters sat to Jo’s left making faces every time Kevin Tran nodded along with whatever their teacher was saying.

On Cas’ right, beside him in the very back of the classroom, sat Dean. He was chewing gum, doodling absentmindedly in his own spiral notebook, and Cas’ heart gave a pleasant lurch at the sight of him. He hadn’t known Dean for long; the other boy had transferred to the school at the end of their junior year. Somehow, though, he and Cas just fit. They had been inseparable over the summer, and now that school was back in session, they took as many of the same classes as they could. Senior government was one of them, and Cas doubted he could get by without him. He was just happy it was their last class of the day.

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fantrollassemblage  asked:

유 this feels like such a good phoenix down set-up tbh

Send 유 for our muses to be the children of different royal families now arranged to marry each other for political gain at their first meeting together.

bet u thought i forgot about this. i did not

skipped right to the wedding too oops