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{Happy Birthday Nam Woohyun 08.02.91}; My heart is always beating because of our fans & I can’t help but smile brightly. I’m also really thankfull they like me like this. I can get love like this from someone.  I get happy when I think something like that. 


here at the end of all things by coffeeinallcaps

Derek takes care of the kid himself. He tells himself it’s because he’s got no other pressing matters to attend to. Chris is keeping an eye on the compound, and Cora is in charge of patrol nowadays. Sometimes Derek thinks they’re fooling themselves by patrolling in the first place; no one out there cares that they’re in here. But it makes the people feel safer and it keeps the more restless ones among them busy, and maybe those are good enough reasons in themselves.

The first time the kid opens his eyes they look wild, more animal than human. Derek’s throat seizes up. (x)


Hugh Dancy as Buddy Wittenborn | Evening | 2007


Jane Foster: a tiny ball of rage taking down one Norse god at a time (๑و•̀ω•́)و

hello my pRETTIES okok I’ll stop c'x just here with another edit for you guys, 74 followers wow tysm!! ✨
but I have an announcement lolol I sound so official
I’m taking requests! This was a request from my friend irl so I thought why not take some from strangers on the internet?
Doesn’t just have to be pastel edits, as you can see I like many aesthetics (pastel is my favourite though) such as:
Wanderlust (which is this one)
Mood boards
Anything else your heart desires :)
I will also start to post some art soon, probably extend into fanart as well bc I am in so many fandoms oml
I just need to figure out how to get the whole ‘ask’ thing running, because I’m such a noob to that stuff lol
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