dull complexion

Mountain Air - Moriel (angst)

Sorry that this is being posted on the wrong day. I got a bit carried away and it’s ended up being impossibly longer that I had initially planned. But I hope you like it. This is for Day 5 of @acotarshipweek Moriel Week.

Seeing her there, curled into herself and bare as a babe, causes bile to rise in the back of my throat. The effervescent energy usually radiating from her eyes, from the pink of her cheeks, from the brightness of her complexion dulled and nearly snuffed out.

Assessing our surroundings I approached slowly, my eyes scanning the woods for Eris, or any of Keir’s chain gang, lying in wait to finish the job. I would not give them the satisfaction of returning with two heads when they’d intended on one. And I’d be damned if Mor was the one they claimed in any case.

Dropping to my knees before her I took in the mess they’d made of her body, her nakedness barely registering except to concern me that she would be freezing. Shrugging the jacket from my shoulders, a gift from Rhysand’s mother, I placed a hand against Mor’s shoulder; her skin nearly as cold as the ice she lay amongst. “Morrigan.” Her name caught in my throat, the tightness in my chest choking me breathless and I bit my lip before dragging my hand from her shoulder to her now pale cheek. “Morrigan.” Again the word was garbled, panic sinking icy tendrils into my veins as I scrabbled for every modicum of restraint and control.

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