dull as dishwater

me: boring, lackluster, uninteresting, not up to par, tedious, dull, monotonous, unimaginative, uneventful, unexciting, uninspiring, unstimulating, uninvolving, bland, dry, stale, tired, dreary, humdrum, mundane, mind-numbing, wearisome, tiring, tiresome, irksome, frustrating, dullsville, dull as dishwater, plain-vanilla,

Iris West development and backstory through the seasons...

Season 1

Personal development:

  • We meet her father and actually see their relationship right off the bat.
  • We get flashbacks of her as a child growing up with her father and Barry, and we see that she’s very protective of him from a young age.
  • Iris visited Barry all the time while he was in his coma and would talk to him a lot (probably trying to wake him up).
  • Iris is the first person Barry wanted to tell about his powers, but a huge part of arc is the dumb men in her life trying to protect her by lying about everything that is happening around her.
  • She’s in a stable relationship, and even though the guy was as dull as dishwater, he was a good man who didn’t abuse her.
  • She lives at home with her father for half of the season, but moves in with her boyfriend at the beginning of 1A after his Christmas gift to her is a key and half of the rent. 
  • Even though she’s fascinated with him, and he’s the main focus of her blog “Saved by The Flash” she stops talking to The Flash after he beats the snot out of her boyfriend.
  • She finds out that Barry is The Flash because of a bolt of Blue Lightning (likely the speedforce) that connects them at times when she’s really upset (or so it seemed).
  • She was angry at her father and Barry for lying to her for damn near a year about Barry’s other life. 
  • She finds out she’s married to Barry in the future according to a newspaper from that future and handles it surprisingly well. 
  • She begins to acknowledge her feelings for Barry, which are buried deeeeeeeeep down.
  • When she’s confronted by the Villains of the week she never backs down, often saving herself. She’s no damsel. 
  • She is consistently shown to be the driving force behind Barry’s powers, often his biggest milestones in S1 are linked to her somehow. She also manages to save him from a mind controlling meta gorilla when no one else, not even Cisco’s fancy tech, can. 
  • She watched her boyfriend commit suicide, and even though she had some feelings for Barry, she stayed loyal to his ass til the very end. 

Professional Development:

  • We learn that she’s in school and working at the local coffeeshop.
  • She finds out about “The Streak” and is instantly fascinated, which leads her to start her blog “The Streak Lives” (her refusal to stop writing this blog leads to her and Barry not speaking, at least not as “Iris and Barry”, for probably about a week).
  • Due to the quality and popularity of her job, she’s offered a job at Central City Picture News where she is assigned to work with Mason Bridge.
  • Iris wants to report on human interest stories, like a women’s shelter, but is immediately put into a Flash box, which she doesn’t appreciate since she’s not speaking to him at the time. 
  • She eventually earns the respect of Mason Bridge to the point where he clues her in on his suspicions about Harrison Wells and she begins to investigate (sadly, this storyline didn’t lead to the awesomeness that it should have but it was a development). 

Season 2

Personal Development: 

  • She sort of becomes the defacto leader of the Scooby Gang at STAR Labs after Eobard Wells disintegrates. 
  • She finds out that her father had been lying to her all those years about her mother, Francine, who has shown up to reunite with her daughter (I’m still pissed about how this SL went down, but it was a thing that happened).
  • She has a long lost brother that she didn’t tell her father about immediately, and was completely torn up over.
  • She is friends with Linda and fights for Linda to have some agency when her evil Doppelganger shows up instead of allowing the team to just keep Linda in the dark like they did her all of S1.
  • When Wally shows up, she does everything she can to welcome him to the family.
  • When Joe doesn’t do his parenting thing, Iris steps in to try to give her brother some guidance before he gets himself killed street racing. 
  • When her mother dies, she’s the one who is able to get through to Wally and get him to stop being quite so reckless.
  • She damn near gets herself killed trying to protect Wally from himself
  • Romantically, she doesn’t have much going on for most of the season, but we do eventually get to see her grieve Eddie and let him go.
  • She tries dating her fine ass boss, but that doesn’t really work out because she’s all up in her feelings about Barry. 
  • She is ready to pursue her relationship with Barry, but his emo ass Flashpoints instead. 
  • Most of her personal arc is centered around her family. 
  • She’s literally the only one who can get through to Barry when he’s being his most hard-headed. 
  • She also literally saves Barry from The Speedforce after he damn near kills himself trying to get his powers back after he gave them to Zoom. 
  • Very Lightning Rod-y in the latter half of this season. The show establishes her as Barry’s “home”. 

Professional Development: 

  • She is still working at CCPN
  • She’s literally being shot at and jumping out of high rises chasing a story about mortgage scams (good thing her BFF is The Flash…)
  • She uses her skills as an investigative reporter to do some research on her mother, which is how she finds out about Wally
  • She gets a new boss who wants her to be harder on The Flash, but pushes back against him and convinces him that not all heroes are fakes. 
  • She has an entire episode where she is investigating the car racing ring her brother is in. During that episode we see her going to the races, and going to visit the guy who runs them. 
  • In episode 22 when Zoom unleashes holy hell on the city, Iris’ voice is the one we hear offering them hope through her journalism (literally)

Season 3 so far after 7 episodes (not counting Flashpoint, which was just one ep)

Personal Development: 

  • She’s fighting with her father over his lying to her about her mother (or so it seems), but this is resolved pretty quickly.
  • She and Barry begin dating, and after an awkward start have hit their groove and are as adorable and PDA happy as expected.
  • She is struggling to find her place on “Team Flash” since she doesn’t have a bunch of science knowledge and no special powers
  • She is the main support system for Barry when he starts getting to down on himself. 
  • She is meddling in her father’s love life (as much as he will let her) because she’s falling in love and wants the same for him. 

Professional Development: 

  • She is investigating the mysterious husks left around the city, which is how Barry lures her to the dinner he set up to try and fix the team and her relationship with Joe.
  • She has an office now (which will hopefully be explained)
  • She went to visit Magenta’s foster father as a journalist to try to get more information out of him about what happened, so she’s investigating meta stories.
  • She was investigating something (we don’t know what) when the Monster attacked. 
  • There are way more references to her job and CCPN, even if we aren’t actually seeing her in there, than there were before now. 

Alright, I’m quite sure that I’ve left some things out, so feel free to add, but we can’t claim that Iris is only being developed as half of Westallen, she is a very well rounded character, and we know for sure that we have more coming. Outside of Barry, Iris is the character who has been give the most personal and professional development out of anyone else in the cast. There is no doubt that she is the Leading Lady. 

Day 130 somewhere on route 41 to somewhere on route 44 128K

No rain this morning! That put a pep in my step! Pushed off and hit the 41 and welcomed the change of not getting wet.

I had two options, keep on the 41 all the way to the Malaysian border, which is as dull as dishwater, or head over to the coast towards Krabe. I need to get over to the west coast anyway as it’s the route I will take down Malaysia. So decided to take the 44 west. Hardly anything on the road and even less roadside restaurants and hotels.

I was pleased to find this small motel, similar to last nights. In Thailand they have these places all up and down the main roads. They are small, clean and offer nothing more than a bed and shower. Exactly what their usual clientele want, basically covert shagging palaces. I thought it was strange when a car drove in, straight into the car port in front of the room and pulled a curtain over to hide the car. The condoms in the room are a bit of a giveaway also. So I have a box full of condoms and nothing to eat! Not the match I was looking for.

I walked into the tiny village, which caused a stir in itself, both from the local dog’s and people. All I could muster was 12 bananas and bag of cheesy crisps. Now the electricity has gone down, something to do with the flooding.

I will head towards Krabe tomorrow and hopefully push the boat out and get a hotel that has electricity. Could be worse, I could be camping, but it’s a close run thing.

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

“It doesn’t need any more salt.”

“Kiki said the last one was too bland.” Ignoring her sister’s admonition, Cass dumped a heaping tablespoon of salt into the cauldron.

Babs grumped off to consult the cookbook while Cass took a sip from the ladle, mumbling, “Tastes fine to me. Much better than the last one.”

“The last one was defective. He had melanoma. Made it taste funny.” Babs thumbed through the book on her lap, muttering about how too much salt made her ankles swell up so much that her feet looked like mushrooms were growing out of her calves.

With a thump and three bumps, Kiki whisked in, the ado from her broom causing the fire to flash and crackle. “I’m starving. Is he done yet?”

Cass held out the ladle, offering Kiki a taste while tossing Babs a smirk topped with stink eye.

“Mm. Definitely not dull as dishwater this time, Cass. He’s perfect. Let’s eat!” She pulled three bowls out of the cupboard and scooped a heap of man-soup into each.

Black eyes narrowed to tiny gashes, Babs poked her spoon around her bowl. “I only got one finger!”

Kiki raised her hand, a black vapor forming in the pit of her palm, but Cass, ever the peace-weaver, quickly dumped two toes into Babs’ bowl. “There ya go! This guy had onychomycosis. I know how much you like the kick it adds to the soup.”

Cass brought her spoon up to her lips and stuck out her tongue to test the flavor. It tasted like Satan’s exquisite apple, but she would never admit she had been wrong about the salt, so she kept quiet.

Kiki lowered her hand and they consumed their meal in silence, each woman having three bowlfuls each.

Rubbing her now distended belly, Cass smiled with satisfaction at her sisters. “That hit the spot just right. But next time I think we should try the brain bread recipe to go with it.”

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