Dishonored 2 - Full Soundtrack OST
01. Dishonored 2 Main Theme [00:00] 02. Aristocrats of Karnaca (Ambient) [02:36] 03. Aristocrats of Karnaca (Suspense) [03:46] 04. The Dreadful Wale [06:30] ...

Rest in Peace Daniel Licht.
His award winning Dishonored soundtracks never bore me. I listen to them often at work and at home when I’m reading. Beautiful, haunting movie-quality music. Strings, bells, and light touches on the hammered dulcimer. This is my favorite game series so please take the time to listen and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. <3 :’(

EDIT: I’M SO EMBARRASSED. I wrote “David” instead of “Daniel.” Fixed!


Finished the “Finn Versions” will not apologize for the big ass watermark

i still dont have a RedBubble but I am compiling up some art that i can sell in the future, expect these to be stickers, shirts… idk i’ll think bout it :)

also instrument headcanons lol

flynn and lynn sword headcanons by @soupery

@stimtastic I showed Groot my Dulcimer when I met him at California Adventure! He tilted his head this way and that while I explained what it’s for, then told me in his own way that it must be tasty, lol :)

The Tangle in my hand is off Amazon because I’m a magpie and like shiny things. Groot tried to eat it! I think it’s hilarious that I can walk around saying “Hey, Groot bit my Tangle!” XD

Seriously, it’s IN his mouth! <3

Groot is a character I really identify with, so getting to ‘meet’ him was very special. 

I have a video of the whole thing (my photos are screencaps from it). I’m only going to link it to keep this post from getting any longer. 

Btw the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout ride is frigging awesome, but it might be overwhelming if you don’t like sudden rises or falls in the dork or have motion sickness.

anonymous asked:

i always thought it was odd that people in the empire did not believe in the force when they had its strongest conduit walking around all casual like? i mean drinking coffee with a nuclear bomb right next to you and you're like nah he's harmless?

I have thought about this, and my thoughts are:

Every Imperial officer, intelligence agent, senator, praetorian guard, and general has mastered the delicate art of holding two contradictory ideas in their mind and believing both. “There is no such thing as Jedi,” Governor Tarkin thinks, when the holorail loudhailer chimes Jedi Temple, all passengers disembark for Jedi Temple. (Obviously the loudhailer means the Imperial palace. Stupid droid.) “The Jedi Order never existed, I never fought alongside any Knights. They are a myth.”

“The Force is a religious relic,” Lieutenant-Commander Rovastian mutters, stepping over the body of his Admiral, still twitching and clawing at its throat. Lord Vader gives a low, menacing laugh, and then the Admiral is silent and still on the floor. His hands are clutched in a horrible, twisting parody—Rovastian saw the Admiral play the Coruscanti dulcimer once, graceful and assured, and now he lies there frozen in a spasm, hands curved into claws. 

Still, Rovastian turns to the console. Takes up his duty. “The Force has no power over those who do not believe in its myth.”

“We are in a more enlightened age,” Analyst Eritt thinks when they forward her a link to the estimated Death Star losses, in credits per cubed meter of destruction. One shot, an impossible shot, and still—“There is no room for magic here.”

“No sentient creature can achieve Oneness with the Force,” VK-2103 huffs, even though they heard a tale the night before—a wandering storyteller talked the Guardians of Jedha, who stood to the last man, and fought back the Empire. A kind of grace can be found in death, the storyteller said. “There is no Force,” Veeks breathes, leaning their forehead against the durasteel. Wills themselves to believe it. “All things return to dust when they die.”

“This is all there is,” Filorian says, even as she paints the flame of the Rebellion on the belly of her ship. She heard that Han Solo shirked his debts to Jabba and ran off with a rebel princess, and if he can do it so can the rest of them. (Filorian’s wife comes up behind her, wraps her arms around her midsection. May the Force be with you, she says. Shut up, Filorian groans, but lets herself be kissed anyway.)

“This is all there was,” Mon Mothma says. She was never particularly religious before and had no intention of becoming so—even when circumstance drove her out of her senatorial seat and into the arms of the Rebellion. But the men she claims to order into battle say, ‘may the force be with you’ so she answers. She believes, has always believed. Anything to bring them—

“This is all there will ever be,” Luke Skywalker says, and he hefts his lightsaber high.


Nothing makes us so cranky as a day that drizzles without end. And yet, the feeling of being snug indoors is not possible without raw weather outdoors. It’s the contrast of warmth and chill, of light and dark, that makes rainy days extraordinary.

Sometimes I’ll crack the window open to listen to the dripping leaves. Every tree makes sweet music in wet weather. The oak is mellow and stately, its branches barely stirring in the breeze; the white pine is brisk and shimmery, needles dancing like a dulcimer in the raindrops. My favourite music is made by the cottonwood. With its slender twigs and delicate leaves, it mingles wind and wood like a flute.


Starlight shimmering in the heavens
won’t you be tonight my compass true
take me home again to Appalachia
to rekindle a memory I once knew 

To again hear the haunting melodies
while the Hammered Dulcimer plays
reliving the ancient beauty and wisdom
reminiscent of our Olden Celtic Ways

Blue Ridge, Smokies, Shenandoah 
the mountains breathe within my heart
a whispered prayer, I’m almost there 
though now long years and miles apart

Streams crystal clear, cold and racing
for your pine fragrance my heart yearns
Appalachia ever please remember me
a river flows to the sea yet rarely returns


My moment with Groot at California Adventure. <3

Groot feels like laquered wood and smells like vanilla! 

Photo 1: He went right for my shiny yellow-green Tangle, though you can’t see the Tangle in this picture. I told him that it’s a stim toy for autistic people, and he leaned over and tried to eat it. Groot for real bit my Tangle! :)

Photo 2: I showed Groot my chewable Dulcimer pendant after he tried to bite my Tangle, but I told him he probably won’t want to bite the Dulcimer because it had been in my mouth. Note that I’m holding the Tangle in that same hand.

Photo 3: Groot LOVES to give hugs as much as I do! He was so cute about it, too! <3 <3 <3

Photo 4: Groot hugs are the best hugs. He waits for you to let go before he lets go, so he’ll hug you as long as you want or until the staff members let you know it’s time to let the next people in line have their turn.

Photo 5:  I asked him if I could give him a kiss and after he okayed it, so I kissed his cheek! <3 (He leaned over, I’m not pulling on him.)

(Warning: Flicker from flash photography. Also, that’s my sister who joins in, and her shirt is wet because of the pink towel around her neck. Groot seemed to like her hair, LOL.)


The “pirate style” scarf on my head is to prevent my scalp from sunburning since I can’t put sunscreen on it without making my hair get all gross. It also kept my bangs (fringe) out of my eyes.

Links to other videos:

My first ride on Mission: Breakout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95RGIhg6R10

The Dance-off show with Gamora and Quill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX8SdZ4bnzw

And to anyone who calls this cringey: Get over yourself. I’m very aware costumed characters are people playing a part. I like to get into the magic, so I treat costumed cast members as if they’re the character they dressed up as. It’s not only magical for me, it makes it magical for any kids who might be watching and listening.

@smashingstigma Here ya go, some of my anti-A$ selfies for this year. 

Have fun! :)

I have a red Tangle in my hand and a black chewable Dulcimer pendant around my neck. That shirt is the best shirt I ever bought. LOL!
(My sign says “Blue awareness highlights symptoms. Red acceptance highlights personhood.”)

Yes, I chose that sign to go with my Godzilla T-shirt and slippers.
(My sign says “Stomp out stigma! #REDInstead”)

A shot with my Wile E. Coyote plushie, who has been my main comfort object since I was 5 years old. I’m 36 now, will be 37 in July 2017. I dressed Wile E. in a little red nightgown my grandma made for him when I was a kid.
(My sign says “Love, not fear.”)

Finally, a shot in sensory heaven. Major stimming going on here, I have a gif of what it looks like in motion. I was listening to “Africa” by Toto on repeat. I enjoy stimming like this in corners because corners offer proprioceptive input.
(My sign says “#AreYouAwareOfMeNow”)


I give you these verses, that if in
Some future time my name lands happily
To bring brief pleasure to humanity,
The craft supported by a great north wind,

Your memory, like tales from ancient times,
Will bore the reader like a dulcimer,
And by a strange fraternal chain live here
As if suspended in my lofty rhymes.

Je te donne ces vers afin que si mon nom
Aborde heureusement aux époques lointaines,
Et fair rêver un soir les cervelles humaines,
Vaisseau favorisé par un grand aquilon,

Ta mémoire, pareille aux fables incertaines,
Fatigue le lecteur ainsi qu'un tympanon,
Et par un fraternel et mystique chaînon
Reste comme pendue à mes rimes hauntines;

Charles Baudelaire (b. 9 April 1821), “Je te donne ces vers…(I give you these verses…),” in Les Fleurs du Mal (translated by James McGowan)


@ratashionista sent me this video of Scarborough Fair on the hammered dulcimer and *_______*