Headcanon: The Galra have an array of instruments meant ONLY to be played with claws, similar in form to koto or dulcimers. It produces a much more delicate sound than played with fingertips, especially if the player has metal caps on their claws to keep the strings from fraying the keratin.

i don’t want to clog yr dashes with a long string of caps, so all the highlights of yesterday’s NYC q&a with Rebecca Sugar that i posted on twitter!! (and here’s the video i got of her performing at the event!)

  • when asked if Sugilitie or Sardonyx is stronger: ‘DEFINITELY, definitely Sugilitie’ 
  • her animation inspo as a kid was looney tunes + simpsons, ‘a lot’ of anime, and canadian animation
  • when asked if she considered Rose Quartz to be a tragic hero in the classical sense: ‘NO. but more on that to come.
  • when asked about the possibility of an Adventure Time/SU crossover ep: ‘they take place in completely different universes!’ the crowd aww’d and someone yelled out ‘what about Uncle Grandpa?’ Rebecca responded ‘uncle grandpa crosses dimensions and realities! he can facilitate these things because of his interdimensional qualities!’
  • Rebecca learned about music playing irish music on the hammer dulcimer as a kid- she then said that she took piano lessons after that, but her teacher ‘hated her; because she would always switch out the classical sheets with irish music because she was used to playing it. she picked up the ukulele after that because she felt she just wanted to play SOMETHING, and the ukulele was easy!
  • someone asked what she had for dinner. she said pizza, because she’s in NYC. the crowd cheered for NYC pizza. 
  • people asked questions ‘will there be an episode about Lion’s origins/what exactly IS Lion’, and ofc she responded ‘i can’t tell you this!!’
  • a question that she said was ‘very specific’- in onion gang, Pearl is a contact on Steven’s phone, so does that mean that pearl got a phone? Rebecca said ‘that will be addressed in detail later.’
  • of SU’s characters, she said that she identifies with Ruby and Pearl the most. (and then, ‘does that seem weird?’)
  • with regards to future projects- Rebecca said that yes, there are things she wants to do, but she’s very focused on SU right now. 
  • with regards to future books based off of episodes, like ‘The Answer’, she said that there is another one she wants to do in the ‘far far future!’
  • a teacher, who was writing a lesson around ‘The Answer’, asked if there was any message that Rebecca would like to introduce the book with. she said that it would be ‘to consider what is considered good/bad/normal/expected- about the things that everybody thinks are normal, and how they don’t really work for everyone. and then how to make that different.’
  • as the last question, someone asked how it felt to be redefinig kids’ cartoons, and she gave an answer my notes don’t really do justice. i wish i had gotten it on video, but basically- Rebecca said that it was an honor to be referred to that way, and it feels really surreal. SU was the kind of cartoon she needed as a kid and she’s astonished at its success. she told us that she had felt very alone when she was younger; but it was hard to feel alone [with everyone] in this room now.

@ratashionista sent me this video of Scarborough Fair on the hammered dulcimer and *_______*

“They went into their country of Benoye, and lived there in great joy.”
Watercolor on paper.
21.5 x 29 cm (8 ½ x 11 ½ in.)
Illustrated by William Russell Flint for Thomas Malory’s “Le Morte d'Arthur”,
London, Philip Lee Warner for The Medici Society.


The Appalachian or Mountain Dulcimer is the core instrument of Appalachia. Its origins date back to the late 1800s, but the instrument gained most of its popularity in the 1950s folk revival through the playing of Jean Ritchie of Viper, Kentucky (pictured top). 

Second, Jean Schilling, well-known Dulcimer player and producer of the first Dulcimer festival, The Cosby Dulcimer Convention, in Cosby Tennessee.

Third, Elaine Irwin Meter with “the most beautiful dulcimer ever viewed.”

Fourth, George Allen Johnson (front), dulcimer maker and player.

Fifth, Mrs. Carrico with the family dulcimer (that has no fingerboard).

Last, Earl Mullins playing his mother Dora’s dulcimer with a mule-tail bow. 


Starlight shimmering in the heavens
won’t you be tonight my compass true
take me home again to Appalachia
to rekindle a memory I once knew 

To again hear the haunting melodies
while the Hammered Dulcimer plays
reliving the ancient beauty and wisdom
reminiscent of our Olden Celtic Ways

Blue Ridge, Smokies, Shenandoah 
the mountains breathe within my heart
a whispered prayer, I’m almost there 
though now long years and miles apart

Streams crystal clear, cold and racing
for your pine fragrance my heart yearns
Appalachia ever please remember me
a river flows to the sea yet rarely returns