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hey sweetie, do you have any baekyeol or kaisoo fluff fics? i need a cute bedtime story ;u; thank you!

Hi cutie^^ Yas I do~ bedtime stories are always needed ;_;

So first kaisoo~

Hospital Blues (Fluff, husbands!kd. Nini had to get surgery and wakes up afterwards having no memory of his husband, but in a fluffy way so no worries)

Just Say (I Do) (Wedding planner!au, fluff, romance, side!baekyeol. seriously one of the fluffiest and bestest fics I’ve ever read, Kyungsoo is planning baekyeol’s wedding but after they ditch him to go on vacation instead, Yeol’s best man, jongin, steps in to help ;) heheh)

If You Call, I’ll Come To You (College!au, fluff.  Kyungsoo finds a lost dog and somehow, well, he kind of ends up with another.)

Take Care (Domestic!au, fluff. So Nini has injured himself but doesn’t want his loving husband to find out. Just tons of fluff and cuteness in this one and kd being domestic af T__T) 

Some Assembly Required (University!au, fluff, smuttt. Nini works at ikea, and Soo needs help to assemble his furniture and tons of fluffy romancy smuttty things yas yas)

This Is Love (Fluff, romance, smutttt. So kd sleep together during a drunken night after meeting each other for the first time, but they want more of each other after that ;;;)

Pebble Hearts (Friends to lovers!au, fluff, romance. Soo really loves penguins, and kd are friends but wants to be more than that)

I Love You, Just Like This (Highschool!au, friends to lovers!au, fluff, slight!angst. Soo is being bullied by ppl, but Nini is always there to take care of him and show him how much he loves him CUTE)

Then baekyeol~ 

Almost Like Being Love (Fluff, riends to lovers!au. So baekyeol are a couple, but they’re not really a couple, although they do everything a couples does T___T)

The Particular Complexities Of Friendship (Fluff, humor. “Just friends” becomes a rather unconvincing excuse after you’ve been living together for some time, doing who-knows-what.)

• Savage, SSadistic, SSSensational (Domestic!au, fluff, smuttt, a lil top!baek yas, friends to lovers!au. So again, baekyeol are living together and acts like a couple but are not really a couple)

A Little Change of Heart (Fluff, friends to lovers!au <– I mean, can you tell I love this au? After years of being mistaken as a couple, Baekhyun and Chanyeol are determined to prove that they most certainly are not a couple. Not at all.)

Pastel (Fluffy morning smuttt, that’s it.)

Accidentally (College!au, fluff. Yeol gets sick and Baek takes care of him)

No Boundaries (It Started With A Kiss) (Fluff, friends to lovers!au, non!au. In which Baekhyun wanted to know what a real kiss was like, and Chanyeol helped him.)

It’s Always Been You (Friends to lovers!au, fluff, romance. Baekhyun doesn’t know exactly when he fell in love with Park Chanyeol.)

• You’ve Ruined All My Favourite Songs (Friends to lovers!au, roommate!au, fluff. Chanyeol makes a bet with Baek, who loves partying, that he can’t last a month without going out, they notice after spending more time together, that some old feelings are coming back.) 

For Better Or For Worse (Fluff, romance. Baekhyun is a wedding singer, Chanyeol is the best man at a wedding—and this is where their paths cross.)

Under Construction (Domestic!au, single parent!baek, fluff, romance. For years, Chanyeol had been longing for a place to call home, not knowing that what he’d been searching for all along was right next door.) 

Thunder And Lightning Ain’t Shit (Fluff, friends to lovers!au. Yeol dates someone else, but his mind is always filled with Baek.)

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i tag baekiya, vanillabyun, baekhyuntella, co-kai-ne, grinding-on-baek, byunchen, yeolhighness, softseoks, jonmyecn, junyixinqs, 1adyluck, dulcetyeoll, starsehun, dayafterdae, chaichanyeol, baekhyuneeeee-exo ♡ you mean so much to me and i feel blessed to have met you. thank you for making everyday better 💗💕

@baekiya @vanillabyun @baekhyuntella @co-kai-ne @grinding-on-baek @byunchen @yeolhighness @softseoks @jonmyecn @junyixinqs @1adyluck @dulcetyeoll @starsehun @dayafterdae @chaichanyeol @baekhyuneeeee-exo

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Hiiiii! I want to tag @grinding-on-baek, @krisyoels, @baekkxong/@lookaftermelou, @rolexchanyeol, @baekpedia, @velvetpcy, @infiresjimin, @chimchimsjam, @lovjk, @airplanses, @byunists, @ultmongryong, @jagiyeol, @dulcetyeoll, @starsehun, @baekhyunsama, @latteseokjin, @vanillabyun, @taevoid, @babyuns, @hime-04 and @kollection! I'm sorry if I forgot someone! Everyone I've tagged here is an amazing person and I'm really glad I could get to know them 💗 also I love them all veryyyyyyyyyyy much 💞😭

@grinding-on-baek, @krisyoels, @baekkxong/ @lookaftermelou, @rolexchanyeol, @baekpedia, @velvetpcy, @infiresjimin, @chimchimsjam, @lovjk, @airplanses, @byunists, @ultmongryong, @jagiyeol, @dulcetyeoll, @starsehun, @baekhyunsama, @latteseokjin, @vanillabyun, @taevoid, @babyuns, @hime-04 @kollectionn

💙 💚 💛 💜FOLLOW FOREVER💜 💛 💚 💙

So I, me: a messy, dramatic, bias hopping hoe, got 1,000 followers a few days ago and I’ve been really excited to make a shitty gif (if it can even be classed as a gif???) and to finally get to mention all you beautiful followers and friends of mine.

I’ve not been apart of this fandom for long, but you’re all honestly the nicest and most caring people I’ve came across. I feel like such a mother to you all because you’re all such cute little babies and I just want you all to be safe and loved. I truly appreciate and love every single one of you, even if we’re not in the same fandom and you still put up with my annoying extra ass, thank you, I love you with my whole heart.

I’m not going to put much more because I’ll never shut up about how precious you all are. So I’ll try to make it simple and in order but knowing me, it’ll be messy. So once again, thank you thank you thank you, I love you all so very much ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣

P.s. if I marked you wrong or didn’t tag you, or you don’t want to be tagged, please let me know so I can fix it, thank youuuuu.

♡ Mutuals
Favourite none mutuals
💘 - my loves

# - C

@070508@1aeil @1yeolie@1marmello@305heaux @88gf♡💘 @88swife@aceshua @adoregyus @annoyingexotrash♡💘 @anonymoussong13@arizonaa-love@ashawol @baekhyunsbuttplug @baekpedia @baexkhyun @bbhsthighs @bbhtiddies @beautifulshuas @bleahew@blondejongin @brbcrawlingtokorea@breathingblue @bubbl3tae@byunlucid @byunyeyemin@castlemoji @ceceliajsy @chaesprincess@chambaeq @chanhyun @chanssoo @chanyeolcide @chanyeolsrapping @chanyoel♡💘 @chogiwa-yehet @chogiwarrior @chttaphonten @cinnamingyu @curlypcy@cypher127

D - H

@darklordkyungsoo @dazzlynini @deararchimedes @death-by-jongin @dholic@diyeols@dontmindme-4t-all♡💘 @dorkyksoo @doublebam1a@dulcetyeoll@dyo-alone @dyodyo-kyungsoo @dyoful @dyorable @exordiam♡💘💘 @fengarifood@ftjooheon@fuckchanyeol@fxlunas @glorious-soobooty @got7-skyway@haechaa@hanwooz @healingsmiles @helloflowerboykai @hoedere♡💘 @honeyjongdae♡💘 @honeyjongin @honeymyeon♡💘 @hyungwnie♡💘 @hyunniebyun

I - M

@iluvpcy @im-kpop-trasheu@inasyousaythemud♡💘 @indigyu @intokai @jackismyson@jaebumsbb@jeulgi@jewonu-archive @jjonghyun @jonginaer @jonginence @jonqins @junmie@junyixinqs@kaibility @kaiguk @kaizzzi @kawaiibadass@kgsoo@kiiibum@kimothyminseok@kimseongs@ksoosgirlfriend @ksooup♡💘 @kyungception @kyungkong @kyungporn @kyungso @kyungsohs @kyungsoo-kim@kyungsoo-shi@kyungsoosearmoles @kyungsooyah @kyungsuhos @kyunseu @ladysuho @lawlliets @lilbeansehun @littlechefsoo @loveyeollie@lovyugyeom @markrees @milky-waee @milkyy @minghowcute @mingyou @minhyukie@minseoksmelaningoddess@minyoongijjangjjang♡ @myminseok@myshownu

N - R 

@namkwan@nerdtasticawkwardpenguin@ohsvhuns@ohunshine♡💘 @okaybaekhyun @oohsenun @oshsgf@oswaldpotter♡💘 @pcyeoliee@pcyeolmae@pcypink@pcytrbl @peachmyeons♡💘💘 @poodleyeol@prettyshuas @prince-chanyeol @princejvhnny@princeksoo♡💘 @qyixing♡💘 @renhyucks @royalyeol♡💘💘

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@saintksoo @sehunflowerr@sehunsraani @sehuntiful @sehunxng@sehwun @smhsehun @smileysoo @smilingvernon@softcbx@softxingsoo @solodae@sooyoulater@sprinq-day@squishy-do♡💘 @squishyssoo @starlightkai @starryjunhui @starsehun @staygoldenbunnyboy@suhocheeks@sunflowersoo @sunshinechan @sunshineyeols♡💘 @sweaterkyungsoo @swimmingkoalaprincess@theparallelline♡💘💘💘 @this-is-entertainment@tiny-myeon@unpopularblackgirl @untouchabyeolman @veriloquentmind @wispywonpil@wonforwoo @wonhosgf @wonnhao

X - Z

@xihuan-xiumin@xiulayallday@xiulays♡💘 @yeolhighness @yeollovemebaek  @yeolosaur@yeolsflower@ylxnie@yvesaintluhan


make me choose:
five or remember era for @dulcetyeoll

hello my fellow mullet fans :))) 

ok this is technically my like 4th follow forever but my first with this uRL so yaaa i recently hit another goal which astounds me cuz my blog is beyond garbage lol BUT i want to thank all of you who have been following me for the past couple of years!! and i am so grateful to have kept such amazing friends and made amazing new ones along the way as well~ I hope you know i cherish all of you and i adore seeing all of you on my dash every single day! I’m really bad at expressing my feelings and I know im bad at keeping in contact sometimes but thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart, I love you all 💛💛💛💛 p.s i hope u like my trashy edit :)) graphic design is my passion lol 

[ bolded= mutuals][ italicized  = faves whom i adore and have talked to at least once lol  ]

# -
@04gf 💛 @88gf 💛 @174cents 💛 @1wyf 💛 @9209-21💛 @92-pcy💛 @94-hun💛 @94exo 💛 @305heaux 💛


@aerilu 💛 @aishbaek 💛 @alphaksoo 💛 @angel-in-slow-motion 💛 @angelaeri @angelksoo 💛 @arigataou 💛 @artistzyx 💛 @assbuttbaek 💛 @asshun 💛 @asslord 💛 @awbaek 💛 @awkwardksoo 💛 @ayy-pcy 💛 @babydontpcy 💛 @babyminseok 💛 @babyun 💛 @baehkkyun 💛 @baekeve 💛 @baekhny 💛 @baekhyun-ah 💛 @baekhyuneesbutt 💛 @baekhyunoppar 💛 @baekhyunsbabe 💛 @baekhyunslightsaber 💛 @baekhyunstolemyeyeliner💛 @baekhyuntella 💛 @baekiya 💛 @baekseok 💛 @baektastic 💛 @baekthyun 💛 @bbhismycorgi 💛 @bbhsavocado 💛 @bbhsthighs 💛 @behkhoon 💛 @bhyunq 💛 @blondejongin 💛 @byunchen 💛 @byuni 💛 @byunlucid 💛 @byunvoyage 💛 @chaichanyeol 💛 @chanhyun 💛 @chanshine 💛 @chansoosluv 💛 @chanueol 💛 @chanyeolcide 💛 @chanyeollipop💛 @chanyeolsalpha 💛 @chenchilada-s 💛 @chenrrerorocher 💛 @crong-in 💛 @curlypcy 💛


@dayafterdae 💛 @dazzlingkai 💛 @deararchimedes 💛 @derp-yeoll 💛 @dokaixing 💛 @dontholdbaek 💛 @dulcetyeoll 💛 @dyodorant 💛 @dyoful 💛 @ethereal-baek 💛 @etherealbbh 💛 @exoturnback 💛 @flawlessohsehun 💛 @fluffyhunnie 💛 @frustrachen 💛 @funny-bunny-myeon 💛 @fyeahchanyeol💛 @fyncten 💛 @goddess-jinah 💛 @harmonixing 💛 @hunandonly 💛 @iluvpcy 💛 @jenolees 💛 @jongdaesjaan 💛 @jongin-trash 💛 @jonginplease💛 @jooheonsnovio 💛 @joonkais 💛 @junmie 💛 @kaihub 💛 @kaiternity 💛 @kaizzzi 💛 @kimjongdaesgf 💛 @kimjongintomyheart 💛 @kimjoonmyun 💛 @koko-ksoo 💛 @kokobaeks 💛 @kokobopwheresyixing 💛 @kokohoe 💛 @kokojunmyeon 💛 @krisitup 💛 @ksooslipring 💛 @kwon-dean 💛 @kyung-soo 💛 @kyungbooo 💛 @kyungsoosupperlip 💛


@lawlliets 💛 @laycult 💛 @lhoe 💛 @littlebyuns 💛 @littlechefsoo 💛 @ljygf 💛 @luflute 💛 @luhaven 💛 @melonhun 💛 @mniseokk 💛 @mochibaeks 💛 @mochyixing 💛 @my-bobohu 💛 @nerdtasticawkwardpenguin 💛 @nicejimin  💛 @ohdearchanyeol 💛 @ohhsenshine 💛 @ohsehunpai 💛 @ooxehuns 💛 @oshean-s 💛 @park-chan-yoda 💛 @park-gogi💛 @parkjiyoons 💛 @pathkode 💛 @peachybyuns 💛 @petitbaek 💛 @princechaewons 💛 @princewangeun 💛 @progamerbyun 💛 @promixing 💛 @protectzhangyixing 💛 @queenbyun 💛 @r-velvets 💛 @radiantbbh 💛 @ravyeolie 💛 @realchanyeol 💛 @riverflowsinyeol 💛 @rolexchanyeol 💛 @rosybbh 💛 @royalnini 💛


@saintksoo 💛 @sebaeked 💛 @sebaeksgirl 💛 @sefuns 💛 @sehunicorne 💛 @sehunnified 💛 @sehunoh 💛 @sehunskokonipnops 💛 @sehuntiful 💛 @sehunyi 💛 @seulkai 💛 @sexologywithbaekhyun 💛 @sexologywithkai 💛 @shadysoo 💛 @slayeol 💛 @sleepingxiumin 💛 @smhsehun 💛 @smolbaekchen 💛 @softbaeksoo 💛 @softjohndae 💛 @sonicdae 💛 @spark-chanyeol 💛 @squishyssoo 💛 @squynhty 💛 @starboyksoo 💛 @starsehun 💛 @suavesehun 💛 @suhosbby 💛 @suhosleftbuttcheek 💛 @sunflowersoo 💛  @sunseokd 💛 @taec-yeol 💛 @taell-me 💛 @taemaninmypants 💛 @the-ooverdose 💛 @tipannies 💛 @topfied 💛 @vanillabyun 💛 @whatiskanye 💛 @witchyeol 💛 @wufanqin 💛 @xiuadore 💛 @yeolhighness 💛 @yeollaybaektome 💛 @yeollovemebaek 💛 @yixingeol 💛 @yixings2017 💛 @yixingsosweet 💛 @yourbiaslikesitrough 💛 @zelovevo

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can I ask you who your good friends whose blogs you recommend are? If possible only EXO blogs? I want to follow some nice blogs/people ㅠㅠ

anon i like so many blogs T^T only exo tho? okay so in random order:

@ohhsenshine @daenso @kaibility @yeolhighness @byunvoyage @baekhyuntella @littlebyuns @chanhyun @suhocean @glorious-soobooty @dulcetyeoll @angelaeri @angel-in-slow-motion @byunlucid @baekshitbyun @baekiya @absolutehun @baehkhun @bhyunq @galaxychen @sebaeked @r-velvets @babyun @ohxing @wuboxian @mochibaeks @wuyifanxing @chanys @viruspcy @prankchanyeol @beautyeol @baehkkyun @princewangeun @sehunsi @shypcy @derp-yeoll @jngn-km @irpsychotic @minniedeer @chanssoo @queenbyun @sehunoh @laycult @laygion @chanyoelpark @jonginism @shining-petal @luhan-vevo @deararchimedes @huntertainment @yvesaintluhan @ethereal-baek @intokai @byunchen @baek-a-licious @sehunnified @dayafterdae @chenrrerorocher @v-dyo @sehurn @dyoful @sehduce @byunult @aishbaek @prince-chanyeol@nohsehun @92-pcy @sehuntiago @94aries @mniseokk @slayeol @dazzlynini @progamerbyun @byunspuppy @suhokai @ohsehons @su-lay @xiundeer @yeollovemebaek @dorkyksoo @exheaux @monsieur-kimjongin @ohsehunpai @iyeolie @sekaisoosgirl @kyungso @cbxo @baekhyunsama @assbuttbaek @174cents @smhsehun @chaichanyeol @untouchabyeolman @purejongins @flawfreesuho @kingbbh @solobaek @exeauxs @lottomp3byexo @callmeminseok @byunutella @getlayd @lovinthesoo @duckyhun @sehunned @chanshine @asleepykid @topfied @krisinsanity @krisitup @aerilu @lunber @kyungsuhos @whenxoxosmilesunshines @sehuntiful @dearhan @chanyoel @xiuminel @kaizzzi @chanyeof @exo4lyfe @kamikoy @tiny-myeon @baixeans @fyncten @chokerbyun @jonqins @toomanyfeelsexogdi @ilovepcy @babyuns @layshands @tellmewhatislove @ohwondae @sebyun @dearbyun @silencesneeze  @squynhty @305heaux @yixingsosweet @baekhyunlipchain @my-bobohu @grinding-on-baek @killeryixing @exoturnback @hitchiking @cbxrise @subaek @byeolks @myeoneandonly

wow thats a lot….

Hey there! It’s me Jonah; Ksoo’s fave girl! ;) I just hit 1k followers so I’m doing my first follow forever!!! I don’t know why you’re following me but thank you so much! I wanna thank all the people below for making my dash a lively and interesting one!! I really appreciate each and every one of you!! ♥

bold - mutuals, i wanna put hearts on my fave blogs but i love all my mutuals ♥ (even tho i haven’t talked to more than half of you lol) (you can talk to me anytime about anything i swear i don’t bite :D)

# - C

@305heaux @actualprincepcy @adoringdo @angel-in-slow-motion @asleepykid @baekchensoo @baekhyuh @baekhyunlipchain @baekhyunsama @baekhyunsthickthighs @baekhyuntella @baekshitbyun @berrisu @besternatexo @bigspoonkyungsoo @brbcrawlingtokorea @bunmyun @byunlucid @byunvoyage @chanhyun @chanshine @chansoo4life @chansoosluv @chanssoo @chanyeolandkyungsoo @chanyeolsoo @curlyheaux @cytaoplasm

D - H

@daenso @darklordkyungsoo @dayafterdae @deararchimedes @dohkyungcutie @dohlicious @doitlikethis123 @dokyungsoonet @dorkyksoo @duckhymne @dulcetyeoll @dyo-alone @dyodorant @dyodyo-kyungsoo @dyoful @dyokyuu @dyorable @elluts @exoshpcy @exotic-by-night @exoturnback @exoyeol @firstlovemp3 @flowerprincesoo @galaxychen @glorious-soobooty @grinding-on-baek @hunniedae

I - L

@ibyun @ilsanshulk @iluvpcy @imgonnasooyou @in-exo-stable @irpsychotic @jonginssoo @kahaengchu @kaislover @kaizzzi @ksooup @kyungbooo @kyungception @kyungiebunny @kyungkong @kyungrier @kyungso @kyungsohs @kyungsoo-in-love @kyungsoo-thirst @kyungsooseyelashfreckle @kyungsooyah @kyungsuhos @kyungsuoo @kyunseu @kyvngsoo @kyvnqzoo @lawlliets @littlebyuns @littlechefsoo @loafsoo @lovedo-3

M - R

@mochibaeks @mongdo @monkeecamsie @my-bobohu @myeoneandonly @myungsooismydestiny @myungsussi @nerdtasticawkwardpenguin @notweirdbutunique @ohparkyeol @ohsehunpai @onlysuhos @parkkchanyeoll @pcyapple @penguinsoo0112 @petitbaek @porkdo-bi @prince-chanyeol @prkchaeyoung @raindyops

S - Z

@saintksoo @savesuho @sefuns @sehunkais @sehunoh @sehunsi @sehuntiful @sekaisoosgirl @sftdks @shypcy @slayeol @smileysoo @softbaeksoo @squishy-do @squishymyungsoo @squishyssoo @squynhty @stardustksoo @suhocean @suhocheeks @suhosheaven @sungyeolsrap @sungyours @sunshineyeols @sunshiningdae @sweater-soo @sweetmoonlightdreams @tadaeshi @takeachansoo @tokyo-inn @topfied @untouchabyeolman @v-dyo @veriloquentmind @vogueksoo @walkonmemoriesmp3 @winnaeri @woohyns @woohyunbiased @xiuminel @xoxo-parkbyun @yeolhighness @yupkyungsoo @zayn-jmalik @zcinab

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend any blogs?

@baekhyuntella ; @baekiya ; @grinding-on-baek ; @305heaux ; @sefuns ; @tipannies ; @yeolhighness ; @sehunoh ; @petitbaek ; @baekhyun-ah ; @littlebyuns ; @byunlucid ; @chanyoel ; @ilovebbhsomuch ; @vanillabyun ; @byunchen ; @byunspuppy ; @baekdaedream ; @beigebaek ; @mochibaeks ; @lovinthesoo ; @topfied ; @kaizzzi ; @my-bobohu ; @myeoneandonly ; @junyixinqs ; @dazzlingkai ; @jonginssoo ; @honeyjongdae ; @byunspuppy ; @sehunicorne ; @starsehun ; @galaxychen ; @slayeol ; @iluvpcy ; @sehunnified ; @ohsehons ; @ohhsenshine ; @ksooup ; @chanshine ; @chansoosluv ; @dulcetyeoll ; @baekhyuneeeee-exo ; @aquaxing ; @geminixingmi ; @1sone ; @chanyeolsabs ; @saintksoo ; @chanhyun ; @rose-byun ; @jongdae-andnight ; @dayafterdae ; @chenrrerorocher ; @majestdae ; @daenso ; @daezzling ; @porkdo-bi ; @baeksilisk ; @baekshitbyun ; @baekpeach ; @baeksupreme ; @baeksicbitch ; @suhocean ; @suavesehun ; @oohsenun ; @baehkhun ; @exotine ; @exoturnback ; @untouchabyeolman ; @angel-in-slow-motion ; @lawlliets ; @queenbyun ; @wuboxian ; @prince-chanyeol ; @royalyeol ; @co-kai-ne ; @tellmewhatislove ; @jonmyecn ; @1adyluck ; @yourbiaslikesitrough ; @loeypapi ; @smolbaekchen ; @chanyeolcide ; @chanyeollipop ; @sehurn ; @sehunsgirl ; @sebaeked ; @hydranoel ; @lullabyun ; @luhan-vevo ; @luedeer ; @laygion ; @laylord ; @xiundeer ; @xiubyuns ; @mintybaek ; @mniseokk ; @callmeminseok ; @canadianbaekhyun ; @cheolyans ; @noxarcanax ; @ethereal-baek ; @flawlessbaek ; @fyeahchanyeol ; @red-shidae ; @92-pcy ; @9209-21 ; @94-hun ; @174cents ; @angelksoo ; @velvetpcy ; @deararchimedes ; @sistarheaux ; @squishyssoo ; @squynhty ; @squishy-chanyeol ; @softseoks ; @tiny-myeon ; @blondejongin ; @sxhuns ; @absolutehun ; @wooyoung ♡♡♡

also check out: @kimjongdae-net & @baekyeolnet !!

these are the ones I could think of right now and I feel terrible because I’m forgetting so many but all are people who’ve made every day on Tumblr so much better 💗🤧

Hello and welcome to my ??? appreciation post! I seriously cant remember if this is my 3rd or 4th time doing this. I’m doing this because my blog will be turning four years old next week and I’m also kind of near to my ultimate follower goal ;;;; I’m doing an appreciation post because i’m including some of my followers and my special anons in this post. I’m really thankful to all the people who made this site bearable for me for the past 4 years. To my followers who have been with me since my pre-crack days (if some of you have been really following me for that long) then i’d like to thank you for bearing with me ;;; I won’t bold the mutuals because I hate it when tumblr does the thing and every thing gets messed up then everyone get untagged.

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The squad, my beloved capsquad

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