365 Challenge
Day 55: Passage from a book that touched you
Well Ive read alot book, I mean ALOT of books but I dont really think any of them really touched me. So I picked a movie that touched me.
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.
I know its a book but Ive only seen the movie. This story touched because it showed the innocence of 2 children who become friends in the most unlikely standards living in a world full of cruel ignorant bastards. At the end when Bruno dies helping Shmuel look for his father, it really helps his father realize how cruel & inhumane that camp was because now not only did HE kill a bunch of Jews but HIS OWN SON dies along. All because of the ignorance of his country. Just the ignorance of the Nazis makes me mad & angry. I hope I never have to experience something like that in my lifetime.

365 Challenge
Day 25: A friend that you lost that you’re better off without/one you wish you had back
My best friend from last year. Im better off without her but at the same time I wish I had her back. Im better off without her because honestly she was/is a horrible person. When I say horrible, I mean just god-awful. She always said the meanest, most horrible things to people. And she did some awful things. But I do miss her. We were so involved in each others lives. We were like sisters. Its all for the best I guess though. She left my life for a reason.

365 Challenge
Day 91: Name a book you read in school that wasnt entirely awful.
In 7th grade i read The Giver & i really liked it. No one else liked it. Something about this book really intrigued me. Might’ve been the ridiculous community they lived in or the strange-ness of this dystopia. I dont know, I really liked it. Plus Im pretty excited theres gonna be a movie.

365 Challenge
Day 24: 10 favorite people right now
(left to right, top to bottom)
Lizet: Shes my absolute best friend. I love her to death, shes always there when I need her & she couldnt be replaced.
Rulan: He can always make me laugh. We come up with the dumbest shit & laugh for days.
Lana: Her music always puts me in the best mood no matter what.
Takoda: Hes such a good friend & is always there when you just need to talk or need a good laugh. Hes also my dragon baby mama
Willis: My little sister, she always makes my day better just by being her weird little self
Vicki: Shes like my music soul sister. Shes the only other person who loves ALL the same music as me, its just perfect
Tyler: His music is so weird yet so good. His album Wolf came out at the MOST perfect time cuz IFHY was EXACTLY what I was feeling when it came out
Alejandra: Shes always there when I need to talk. We come up with the dumbest things cuz we’re such awkward human being. We may be forever alone but we got each other
Christy: She was really there for me this past month, the time I needed someone the most & understood everything.
Raffy: Last but not least, my Raffy! He always makes me laugh with the ridiculous perverted things he says. That picture pretty much describes him.