365 Challenge
Day 55: Passage from a book that touched you
Well Ive read alot book, I mean ALOT of books but I dont really think any of them really touched me. So I picked a movie that touched me.
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.
I know its a book but Ive only seen the movie. This story touched because it showed the innocence of 2 children who become friends in the most unlikely standards living in a world full of cruel ignorant bastards. At the end when Bruno dies helping Shmuel look for his father, it really helps his father realize how cruel & inhumane that camp was because now not only did HE kill a bunch of Jews but HIS OWN SON dies along. All because of the ignorance of his country. Just the ignorance of the Nazis makes me mad & angry. I hope I never have to experience something like that in my lifetime.

365 Challenge
Day 25: A friend that you lost that you’re better off without/one you wish you had back
My best friend from last year. Im better off without her but at the same time I wish I had her back. Im better off without her because honestly she was/is a horrible person. When I say horrible, I mean just god-awful. She always said the meanest, most horrible things to people. And she did some awful things. But I do miss her. We were so involved in each others lives. We were like sisters. Its all for the best I guess though. She left my life for a reason.

365 Challenge
Day 91: Name a book you read in school that wasnt entirely awful.
In 7th grade i read The Giver & i really liked it. No one else liked it. Something about this book really intrigued me. Might’ve been the ridiculous community they lived in or the strange-ness of this dystopia. I dont know, I really liked it. Plus Im pretty excited theres gonna be a movie.

365 Challenge
Day 24: 10 favorite people right now
(left to right, top to bottom)
Lizet: Shes my absolute best friend. I love her to death, shes always there when I need her & she couldnt be replaced.
Rulan: He can always make me laugh. We come up with the dumbest shit & laugh for days.
Lana: Her music always puts me in the best mood no matter what.
Takoda: Hes such a good friend & is always there when you just need to talk or need a good laugh. Hes also my dragon baby mama
Willis: My little sister, she always makes my day better just by being her weird little self
Vicki: Shes like my music soul sister. Shes the only other person who loves ALL the same music as me, its just perfect
Tyler: His music is so weird yet so good. His album Wolf came out at the MOST perfect time cuz IFHY was EXACTLY what I was feeling when it came out
Alejandra: Shes always there when I need to talk. We come up with the dumbest things cuz we’re such awkward human being. We may be forever alone but we got each other
Christy: She was really there for me this past month, the time I needed someone the most & understood everything.
Raffy: Last but not least, my Raffy! He always makes me laugh with the ridiculous perverted things he says. That picture pretty much describes him.

365 Challenge
Day 187: Post a picture of yourself taken today and five random facts about yourself.
This is from 2 days ago.
1. Im a Janoskianator & today was an exhausting day in our fandom
2. I am currently listening to White Arrows
3. Ive been watching old seasons of Project Runway all winter break
4. Im probably staying home alone on New Years Eve
5. Im craving fries & chicken nuggest rn