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I don’t think you stole or copy any Sims. Your Sims looks always realistic and similar to the original characters. there are less simmers who can really do it like you do. I love them and like seeing them on my desk always <3

thank you lili, this really is one of the nicest and sweetest message i’ve ever gotten.

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Neither of you have reasons at all to steal from any one else. Anyone following both of you can clearly see from your posting histories that you both are exceptionally talented and do beautiful work.

thanks for the compliment :)

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They don’t look identical, but there is a normal resemblance. They are both based on the same actor, so it’s normal. Is this situation part of the reason why Jelly left?

thanks for making it clear that they don’t look identical. If she left, i dont think its because of me. she said something about cc creators and im not one of them. but if it is about me, I didn’t post any comment against her or attack her in any way, in fact i respect her and have no intention to ever hurt her feelings. All i wanted is to defend myself and to prove these crazy Anons wrong which i think any normal person would do when they are being falsely accused of stealing something they didnt..

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Keep doing what you do!

Thank you <333

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Well answered. :) I thought this topic was already buried..

Thank you, i thought it was too but hopefully the last one will shut him up for good XD

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Mature way of fixing things. Me likes. I never got both sides of the story,…quite…

BASICALLY… what happened was traelia said that tahno was overly feminine looking, so i asked her what she meant by that. after that, i was a bit peeved (not just by her) but by a lot of people in the lok fandom who were emasculating tahno and calling him a faggot.

so i made a post about it. while the post wasn't necessarily directed to her, i think she interpreted it that way. can’t say for sure, because well i’m not her. but she deleted her tumblr and told people on fb that a fan was upset with her for having an opinion. so people got mad and started blaming me. the person who took traelia’s url blamed me but then back tracked.

i think traelia noticed people were attacking me, so she talked to me and apologized. i accepted her apology and apologized to her for being a bit abrasive. everything has been cleared up and hopefully we can move on from this event.

a lot of people are like oh it’s just a show don’t be a cry baby over it. no, i understand it’s a show and traelia has her right to dislike a character. however by saying a character is overly feminine suggests that femininity is bad. while you don’t intend for it to come out that way, in the end that’s what it sounds like. 

but traelia explained to me what she had originally meant, so it’s cool. i hope that cleared things up for you w/o sounding bias.

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Did you figure out what was causing the lag?

No, not really but thank you for asking. I thought it was a couple of duplicates and a handful of conflicting mods that Dashboard found because the lag seemed to have completely disappeared when I played on Friday but yesterday it was a bit laggy and the more I’ve played today, the laggier it got! :-( Now I’m getting lots of scripterrors too so I’m going to try a complete town reset with Master Controller tomorrow to see if that does anything. Fingers crossed! :-)

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I feel your pain, because I’m in the same situation. Using Master Controller and right clicking on the thumbnail in CAS can give you the instance number though. Then you can find it using s3pe.

It’s awful, nuking my whole hair folder and just starting over is becoming a more and more attractive option; I think there are more hairs I want to delete than I want to keep at this point. 

I had no idea you could do it that way! That’s good to know for future reference, especially for a scatterbrain like myself.