Now and Then. 

The previous year has brought to the headlines images of protest, unrest, questions about race and the reminder that despite the progress made over of the last century, America is far from a whole nation.

Schools have been integrated, the workplace has laws to fight bigotry, the FBI keeps track of hate crimes, a biracial couple can eat Cheerios on a TV commercial, and a biracial man was elected twice to the highest post in the country.

Progress has been made, but as the events of 2014 have reminded us, in many ways as it was, it still remains with many skin-deep issues still lingering under the surface.

Sit-ins at Woolworth lunch counters have been replaced with die-ins in New York’s Grand Central Station. #BlackLivesMatter tweets have replaced “I am a Man” sandwich cards. The national guard in Mississippi has been replaced by the national guard in Missouri.

Through these diptychs, we can measure time and progress. By looking to the past, we glean insights toward the future, perhaps avoiding the pitfalls the next time around. – Shaminder Dulai

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During the 1984/5 strike of the National Union of Mineworkers, – the longest in British history – a gay and lesbian group from London collected and donated more money (£11,000 by December 1984) to the miners from the Dulais valley (South Wales) than any other fundraiser in the UK, along with a minibus emblazoned with the logo LGSM: Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners. The film Pride tells their story.

20 somethings//the older i get, the less i know [a playlist]

love me/the 1975 || sofa song/the kooks || a new england/billy bragg || kids/childish gambino || still take you home/arctic monkeys || bad blood/bastille || there’s always someone cooler than you/ben folds || no. 1 party anthem/arctic monkeys || the lazy song/bruno mars || naïve/the kooks || all over/cruisr || inbetween days/the cure || unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed/david bowie || shores of california/dresden dolls || everyday i write the book/elvis costello and the attractions || young volcanoes/fall out boy || whistle for the choir/the fratellis || at least i’m not as sad (as i used to be)/fun. || cassy o’/george ezra || someone new/hozier || community college/jan dulay || blame game/kanye west feat. john legend || i like you better when you’re not around/kate miller-heidki || i don’t care/fall out boy || sister/kate nash || sexotheque/la roux || ribs/lorde || sex yeah/marina and the diamonds || i’m not okay (i promise)/my chemical romance || dear god please help me/morrissey || don’t you want to share the guilt/kate nash || walk of shame/p!nk || the love club/lorde || campus/vampire weekend || are you satisfied?/marina and the diamonds || are you fucking kidding me?/kate miller-heidki || we hate it when our friends come successful/morrissey || i think ur a contra/vampire weekend || heaven knows i’m miserable now/the smiths || sex/the 1975

karen-dulay said: I love you and would like to invite you go on please?

Oh gosh okay I’m assuming you mean about Tosh and Owen and Jack?

First off I love how gentle and careful Jack is with Tosh. He always reads when she’s uncomfortable in social situations and shows up to rescue her and she just looks at him like he’s made of starlight. Considering what he saved her from when he recruited her it’s not hard to see why. Jack just really loves Tosh and takes care of her and enables her to be as amazing as she is and it’s wonderful because Tosh deserves all the good things in life. Plus she can’t see her family in Japan so in a way Jack is all she has.

And then there’s Owen, who’s like this prodigal son who screws up over and over but Jack just can’t let him go. He can’t take care of Owen like he takes care of Tosh because Owen always fights him, but at the end of the day no matter how furious they get with each other, Owen can’t help but want forgiveness and Jack can’t help but forgive him, even when Owen doesn’t deserve it. I fully believe that in Captain Jack Harkness he was just as desperate to save Jack from the rift as he was to save Diane, because he needs his captain.

It’s also implied Owen barely knew his father and his mother was an alcoholic that kicked him out at 16, so I just feel like it’s so important that he has a father figure in Jack who loves him unconditionally and refuses to give up on him. The one time he does, in End of Days, it nearly breaks Owen.

But then Jack forgives him and ugh. My little heart. Just look at these idiots okay.

Like literally how am I supposed to deal with these two they just love each other so much in such an irritated way and it makes me so happy.

This was gonna be a coherent analysis and then I dissolved into a puddle of Torchwood family feels sorry

make it // jan dulay (2016)

Make It is a song about wanting someone to get everything they ever want in life because they deserve it and how you’ll make sure that they get it all (and how along the way, you fell in love with them too).

I hope the sun rises where you want it to/I hope you get everything you want to
I hope the sky falls into your eyes/I hope your back meets mine
I hope you know exactly where I stand/I’d follow you to the ends of this land
and farther off into the moon/where I can hold your hand

When the rain falls I hope its cos you asked it to
when the world stops its cause you looked at me too
if I make it/if I make it/if I make it through
its cos darling I held on to/I held on to thoughts of you
so when my head falls/I hope it’s into… into you

I hope the night falls gently onto you/and oh the sky tells you it needs you
I hope you know that into your eyes/is where I fall when I’ve got no disguise

You/you/you I’m into you (3x)

When the rain falls I know its cos you asked it to
when the world stops its cause you looked at me too
if I make it/if I make it/if I make it through
its cos darling I held on to/I held on to thoughts of you
so when my head falls/Its cos you asked me to

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things to consider:

  • the fact that Mark has to wait for Mike’s approval before he goes through with his bucket idea, ‘it’s a really good idea isn’t it? isn’t it?’, his little face in that scene
  • after the phone call to Dulais when everyone is hugging and singing, Mark taking Mike’s face in his hands and holding them there once they’ve broken their hug
  • Mark and Mike sleeping so their faces are side by side on Dai’s floor when everyone else is top-to-toe
  • the 'have some pride!’ scene, where Mark’s fucking beanie is almost identical to Mike’s, it’s the only time we ever see him wear it, when he’s desperately missing away from him 
  • when he calls through the megaphone for Mike and the second time he calls his name, 'Mike’ and he’s really getting scared that he’s not going to answer, the way his voice just kind of trails off at the end, and the real fear on his face in the street, that this time Mike’s finally had enough of his shit and he’s lost him

Mark needs Mike so fucking much and this whole film is killing me

LGSM insisting upon doing a Christmas party in Dulais with a mini panto. All the kids forming a choir with Jeff at the helm and singing really cringey pop songs instead of carols. Jonathan convincing some of the men to dress in drag much to the delight of most of the village. Mike being adorned in horrible Christmas sweaters that he secretly loves (and Mark stealing them when he’s just woken up and it’s chilly out). Gethin’s mother coming down from Rhyl and getting dragged into the festivities. Bromley taking hundreds of pictures (it’s his first Christmas away from but he doesn’t have time to feel sad). Adorable babies at Christmas time.