duklyon: clamp school defenders

what your favorite CLAMP manga says about you

chobits: casual scum

cardcaptor sakura: probably the only clamp manga you’ve read

tsubasa reservoir chronicle: either casual scum or ultimate clamp trash no in-between

x: you hate yourself

tokyo babylon: you hate yourself, you are gay, and you have good taste

angelic layer: you like retro stuff and mecha anime

miyuki-chan in wonderland: you enjoy lying to yourself and also me

xxxholic: you like psychological horror and/or you want yuuko to destroy you in bed

clover: fucking hipster

legal drug/drug and drop: fujoshi garbage

gate 7: you don’t know yourself

rg veda: you love to die

clamp school detectives: tamaki was your favorite character in ouran

duklyon clamp school defenders: still fujoshi garbage but not as bad

magic knight rayearth: you are gay and love old school shoujo

wish: you are 12

suki dakara suki: no one read suki get out of here

kobato: you are a fun person to be around


CLAMP 30 day challenge: Day 2
Number of CLAMP series you’ve read/watched


Day 3 of our September CLAMP school theme. And so far so good, right?

Today we have our favorite classmates under the CLAMP Campus logo dressed in their Spring uniforms as our color image, and plenty of other slice of life images from different moment in time in our favorite school.

If its not apparent yet, this post is dedicated to CLAMP Campus itself ^.^

The setting in its own right is practically a character in and of itself, the campus appearing in five (six if you count novels) different mangas: CLAMP School Detectives, Duklyon-CLAMP School Defenders, Man of Many Faces, X, Hagun Seisenki, and CLAMP School Paranormal Investigators. The CAMPUS is divided up into 5 divisions: The Kindergarden Division, The Elementary Division, The Middle School Division, The High School Division, and the University Division. The campus also has many recreational areas, such as a botanical garden and a shopping district. Not to mention its own hospital and fire department; the campus also has apartments that are available for students and families alike to rent. Indeed the campus is practically a town to itself.

Each grade in the school divisions have classes labelled from A all the way down to Z, with the Z class being solely for specialized students (think geniuses in their respective fields). With Class A coming after Class Z in rank. However, that is not to say that classes B and below are for lower leveled students. Quite the contrary, each Class represents a particular aspect of the academics (I.E. athletic students are more likely to be in class G and so on).

Our three Detectives here are each in their respective grades class Z, implying quite the advanced intellect.

The Campus itself is run and owned by the Imonoyama-zaibatsu; a conglomerate that owns and funds multiple companies all over Japan. The Campus is also publically and privately funded by the Government and a few donors respectively; with the Imonoyama family being the major share holders and founders of the campus.

During the CLAMP school detective days the campus was chaired by the then head of the Imonoyama conglomerate, a woman who is heavilly implied to be Nokoru’s own mother in the X franchize. And as we are aware, Nokoru himself grows up to be chairman when we reach the X storyline.

The shape of the campus was also changed to its now famous pentagram shape by the time the X storyline begins. The campus went through heavy construction in order for the shape to come to perfect fruition as per the request of Kamui’s mother, Tooru Magami, to the then Chairwoman of CLAMP Campus in order to seal away the Shinken (sacred sword) for the Promise Day. The resting place of the Shinken is located at the very center of the Campus, hidden away under a fountain with a very…ahem…unique statue. The campus also serves as a spirit shield in both its shape as well as with its use of tram (the train runs in one constant direction in the speed of an average runner).

Some of their famous students and Alumn are:
Nokoru Imonoyama (CSD)
Suoh Takamura (CSD)
Akira Ijuyin (CSD)
Nagisa Azuya (CSD)
Utako Ohkawa (CSD)
Takayuki Usagiya (CSPI)
Mifuyu Mizukagami (CSPI)
Yuki Ajiadou (CSPI)
Rion Ibuki (CSPI)
Koji Takamura (CSPI)
Tooru Magami (based on an image in the CSD manga where a student that is identical to her is sitting with a student identical to Saaya)
Saaya Monou (X)
Kentaro Higashikunimaru (Did I spell that right?) (D-CSD)
Takeshi Shukaido (D-CSD)
Eri Chunsonji (D-CSD)
Kotobuki Sukiyabashi (D-CSD)
Kamui Shirou (X) (poor kid was put in class Z XD)
Yuzuriha Nekoi (X)
Arashi Kishu (X)
Subaru Sumeragi (X)(in the University division, though didn’t he drop out of high school in Tokyo Babylon? 0.0)
Sorata Arisugawa (X)
Yuuto Kigai (Hagun Seisenki/X)
Seishiro Sakurazuka (X)(can someone fact check me with him please XD his uniform in a flashback from X looks like the male CLAMP campus uniforms…)

The rare and elusive Takeshi Smile, forever immortalised in photographic form, much to Takeshi’s eternal embarrassment~

Happy New Year, @riotatttherite I was your CLAMP Secret Santa! I really loved all of the prompts you gave and I honestly would have done all of them if I could ;;;; but the Duklyon wedding one called to me the most. I hope you like it!