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Barrio Industrial, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Feb. 17, 2016

Lt Ralph ‘Kid’ Hofer was described by Col Don Blakeslee as ‘unmanageable’. Nevertheless, he became one of the 4th FG’s top aces, but it was almost impossible for him to keep his allocated station in formation. He not only ran up a score of 15 aerial victories, but destroyed another 12 on the ground, most of which were scored at the end of May 1944. One of the most flamboyant characters to fly with VIII Fighter Command, Hofer had joined the Royal Canadian Air Force prior to America’s entry into the war. He was amongst the first 4th FG pilots to 'make ace’ with the Mustang in the ETO, scoring six of his eventual fifteen kills in the is particular P-51B-15 (42-106924), which he named Salem Representative in honour of his home town in Missouri. He is seen here with the 334th FS’s orphan dog 'Duke’, which adopted Hofer. Note his non-regulation long hair and lucky college football jersey, which he religiously wore on every sortie. This official USAAF photograph was taken at Debden on 14 May 1944. Killed on 2 July 1944, details of Hofer’s final demise have only recently emerged. He was shot down by flak whilst making a lone strafing attack on an airfield in Yugoslavia

Photo & caption featured in Osprey Aircraft Of The Aces • 51 SPECIAL 'Down to Earth’ Strafing Aces of the Eighth Air Force by William N Hess

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Headcanons on what sport the members of the batfamily would have played in high school?

Bruce: baseball

Dick: lacrosse

Jason: probably wouldn’t have played any sport, he didn’t like the guys on the team

Tim: probably would have opted for a less physically based activity (like chess club or maybe the theatre)

Damian: fencing (rich people schools have fencing right?)

Cass: tennis or field hockey

Babs: gymnastics

Duke: football

2017 Top Games of the Week Recap: Week 5

Another week in the books! There’s lots to discuss so let’s get to recappin’.


Top Ten Games of the Week

10. #4 Penn State 45-Indiana 14

This game wasn’t quite as the score indicates. Indiana actually had nearly as many yards as the Nittany Lions and the Hoosier moved the ball pretty well for certain stretches. They did commit four turnovers, which kept the game out of reach. Penn State is still undefeated and climbing the rankings.

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My life
  • Gym teacher: Whats your favorite football team
  • -goes around room-
  • -points at me to answer-
  • Me: JMU, go dukes.
  • -later in class-
  • Me: How do you do the football
  • Teacher: I thought you said you had a favorite football team
  • Friends: -die laughing-
  • Me: -dies laughing-
  • God: -dies laughing-
  • Satan: -dies laughing-
  • Me: I don't watch football for football, I watch marching band and the football team interrupts.

Barrio Industrial, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Nov. 12, 2016

The Duke, as President of the @FA , will visit the Sporting Chance charity on 12 September.

HRH will see how they are working with The FA to support those affected by non-recent cases of childhood sexual abuse within football. The Duke of Cambridge will also visit the McLaren Production Centre on 12th Sept to meet the team behind the British automotive company. HRH will also meet some of the company’s young apprentices training to become the next generation of car designers, engineers & technicians.

Kensington Palace

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This is a drabble (or as close to a drabble as I can get…) I’ll have you all know I started writing the other AU fic request and I tried to make some of them drabbles. But considering I haven’t posted any. It hasn’t worked (Gah, I suck). 

This one is knocking on the wrong door AU request by wickedlittlebirdlacee

Disclaimer: any recognizable characters belong to JK Rowling and Warner Bros. Basically this is fanfiction, I’m not making money out of this and I have no money, don’t sue me. I need to pay for post-secondary.

Hermione groaned wearily as she was awaken by someone banging at her door. 

Who the hell was that? 

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