Awkward things that happened during claps that the fab four doesn’t want you to know about:
  • Kobra bringing everything to a standstill because he lost his contact lens. Had everyone, including Dracs, looking for them.
  • Party losing his pants and refusing to put them back on.
  • Everyone pointing at Korse and yelling ‘Bald!’ because the sun was reflecting just right and it blinded them.
  • Jet tripping over his own feet because he couldn’t see through his hair.
  • Party trying to jump over the hood of the Trans Am dukes of hazard style and hitting himself right in the balls.
  • Ghoul torturing a Drac by reciting vegan brownie recipes
  • Kobra punching out an exterminator so hard they were flung back like ten feet but no one seeing it.
  • Kobra karate chopping a blaster in half when no one was looking
  • Poison’s gun jamming and him throwing it at a Drac before freaking out and trying to get it back
  • Jet ‘accidentally’ suplexing Ghoul
  •  Ghoul ‘accidentally’ kicking Korse in the balls so hard that Party felt so bad he called off the fight
  • Kobra pantsing Korse during the middle of a clap and no one knowing what to do
  • Ghoul and Kobra accidentally making out
  • Jet stopping the fight because he found someone’s finger and needed to make sure it wasn’t any of the guy’s.
  • Party and Jet getting into a fight with a group of maggot babies because they kept touching their hair
  • Ghoul forgetting to fill the Trans Am with gas so their ‘dramatic’ escape took several hours.
  • Party being so sleep deprived he started fighting the cacti instead of the Dracs

Lettres Memoirs et Negociations de Monsieur le Comte D'Estrades
Bruxelles Henry le Jeune 1719

Gilt armorial binding bears the coat of arms [and bookplate] of the Duke of Hamilton
Duke of Hamilton is a title in the Peerage of Scotland, created in 1643. It is the senior dukedom in that Peerage (except for the Dukedom of Rothesay held by the Sovereign’s eldest son), and as such its holder is the Premier Peer of Scotland, as well as being head of both the House of Hamilton and the House of Douglas. The title, the town of Hamilton in Lanarkshire, and many places around the world are named after members of the Hamilton family. The Ducal family’s surname, originally “Hamilton”, is now “Douglas-Hamilton”. Since 1711, the Dukedom has been held together with the Dukedom of Brandon in the Peerage of Great Britain, and the Dukes since that time have been styled Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, along with several other subsidiary titles.

anonymous asked:

Assuming something drastically changed and France went back to being a monarchy, who would be the legitimate heir of the throne of current day France?

Well, doesn’t that depend on who you ask. What it comes down to today are essentially three competing branches: the Legitimists, the Orleanists, and the Bonapartists. Each branch saw at least one of its line rule France for varying periods of time, and consequently each thinks its descendants are the rightful rulers of France today.

The Legitimists are the followers of the senior male line of the Bourbon dynasty. The Bourbons had ruled France from the time of Henry IV to the French Revolution, in which Louis XVI died. In 1814, when the monarchy was restored, the dead king’s next-youngest brother took the throne as Louis XVIII (recognizing Louis XVI’s young son, who had died in poor conditions in prison, as “Louis XVII”). He, having no children, was in turn succeeded by his younger brother, who ruled as Charles X until the July Revolution of 1830 finally ousted the Bourbons from power. Charles himself had two sons - the extremely short-reigning (a disputed 20 minutes!) Louis XIX and the younger, the Duke of Berry - and while the elder had no children, the Duke of Berry’s wife had a posthumous son, acclaimed by Legitimists as Henry V. The Count of Chambord, as he preferred to be known, was the last legitimate, male, male-line descendant of King Louis XV of France; unfortunately for the hopes of the Legitimists, Henry died childless in 1883.

This is where things started to get rather more complicated. For the Legitimists, the new heir was Juan, Count of Montizón. If he sounds Spanish, that’s because he was: Juan was the younger son of Carlos, Count of Molina, second son of King Charles IV of Spain. His French connection came from Juan’s great-great-grandfather, Philip V of Spain, who had been born a French prince and grandson of Louis XIV. Charles II, the tragically inbred last Habsburg King of Spain, had nominated his great-nephew to be his heir, and the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 confirmed him as King of Spain. For the Legitimists, the unwritten fundamental laws of the French crown meant that the next legitimate male-line male heir of the Bourbon line had to be the King of France, no ifs, ands, or buts about it; with all the eligible heirs of the first son of Louis Le Grand Dauphin (only legitimate son of Louis XIV) gone, the next king had to come from the line of the second son - that is, Philip V. Juan, as the senior male male-line descendant of Philip V, was therefore the heir (and, according to some, the heir to Spain as well, but that’s Carlism and that’s it’s own separate complicated subject). The Carlist pretenders to the throne of France continued until 1936, when the last male of the legitimate male line, Alfonso Carlos, died without children. The French claim then passed to the deposed Alfonso XIII of Spain, the heir of Charles IV’s third son, and then to his second son, Jaime, Duke of Segovia. Since 1989, the heir along this Legitimist line has been Jaime’s grandson Louis Alphonse, the self-styled Duke of Anjou (and, if he were to reign, Louis XX). 

For the Orleanists - descendants of Louis XIV’s younger brother, Philippe, Dule of Orleans - the Spanish branch of the Bourbon family should never have come into the equation. Under the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht, Philip V was required to surrender his rights to the French throne as a condition of keeping the Spanish one. To the Orleanists, this meant that Philip and his descendants had surrendered any right to claim the crown later, what’s more, in the eyes of the Orleanists the Spanish Bourbons become foreigners, with no intention of returning to France or subjecting themselves to the French king’s laws, and therefore unacceptable as candidates to the French throne. They, the next heirs of Louis XIII after the line of Louis XIV died out or was excluded, would be the rightful kings of France (and indeed, the Count of Chambord seemed to agree, calling the Orleans princes “my sons” and recognizing himself as the last of Louis XIV’s line).

The Orleanists had themselves briefly enjoyed the rule of France when, in 1830, Louis Philippe, Duke of Orleans, was acclaimed King of the French and accepted the crown after Charles X had been overthrown. Louis Philippe’s father had been the infamous Philippe Egalite, the First Prince of the Blood whose eager support for the French Revolution led him to vote for the death of his cousin Louis XVI (which didn’t in the end save his own head from the guillotine). For these two deeds, as you might suspect, die-hard Legitimists would never forgive the House of Orleans, and while early in the Third Republic the Legitimists and Orleanists in the Assembly were willing to come to a sort of compromise (the Orleanists recognizing the Count of Chambord as King of France, with the childless Count then naming the Count of Paris, the head of the House of Orleans, as his heir), the Count’s own refusal to assert his rights on anything but his own terms (particularly the restoration of the old royalist flag over the revolutionary tricolor) meant that true fusion between the two lines foundered. Still, when the Count died, the majority of Legitimists recognized the Count of Paris as the rightful heir to France. The current Orleanist pretender today is Henry, Count of Paris, the great-great-great grandson of Louis Philippe.

The third branch of French pretenders today are the Bonapartists, whose founder needs no introduction. Napoleon’s only legitimate son, the King of Rome, died childless, a prisoner of his Austrian cousins, but the Emperor’s nephew Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (yes, he who had possibly the most farcical invasion attempt in French history) eventually restored the “imperial dignity” of France with himself as Emperor Napoleon III. He was in turn overthrown in 1870, the last monarch France ever saw, and when he died three years later his son Louis was acknowledged by Bonapartists as Napoleon IV. Unfortunately, “Lou-Lou”, as his father had affectionately called him, died childless after a skirmish with Zulus in 1879. His will named his second cousin Victor - the son of Prince Napoleon and grandson of Jerome Bonaparte, the youngest of the General’s brothers - as his heir (infuriating Prince Napoleon in the process). More disputes arose when Victor’s son, the so-called Napoleon VI, died in 1997 and his will revealed that he nominated as his successor his grandson, Jean-Christophe Napoleon, over his son Charles - despite the latter’s furious protestations that he is still the rightful successor to the “moral heritage” of the Bonaparte line. 

If this all seems a lot of flummery, given that France hasn’t had a monarch in almost a century and a half and doesn’t look to be welcoming one anytime soon … well, it is. But monarchists need something to keep themselves occupied when there are no more kings around.

considering how the mystery masters like to subvert initial expectations i’m calling it now, Shiro in those shots isn’t blushing because of schoolgirl dokis, it’s because she’s overcome with embarrassed outrage after

a) getting her head knocked clean off (again)– this time not even by an OP wraith with an elemental advantage– by a *human* in sock feet with a baseball bat or

b) getting mowed the h*ck down by our favorite outlandishly decorated van or lewis’ impossibly tacky truck or potentially both, in rapid succession


OMG …I’M FREAKING OUT…. *_________*
David Bowie is the most sensual human being (even if I’m not totally confident he is 100% human) on earth. <3

I’m going to re-watch Velvet Goldmine ASAP.
You’re all nice people (most of you).
Lots of Love. S.

sugarscape - this is for your consideration :P

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it s a good mf day ! i’m sue and i’ll be playing lucius malfoy ( austin butler ) ; reed bluebell parkinson ( harry styles ) ; kirley duke ( noah centineo ), learn a little about them under the cut and honestly ?? i love plotting so hit me up and we can plot !! u might recognize that blonde piece from the main n that’s bc that’s me !! i’m  the slackiest admin which is hwy i’m actually going to be hopping on the main after posting this so that mari can go write her intros but i’ll be back to message erryone in a few

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I just saw a picture on twitter...

…of a woman who went to PHXCon and was dressed rather provocatively. She has a long rant about the comments she got which were “nasty” because she was dressed in shorts that barely covered her ass and a wide bare midriff for the con on Sunday. She claims this was necessary because it was - get this - hot in Phoenix in June. She says that the comments were hurtful (no doubt true) and have made her not feel welcome in the SPN Family. Well, honeybunch, welcome to real life. Sometimes, people judge you. Actually, at all times people judge you. You’re middle-aged and you should know this by now. Your friends know your sad story about your self-confidence, and I guess I’m glad you feel better. No, I am glad you feel better. Truly. Be down with your bad self. Just be honest. You claim you didn’t dress for attention. You did. No adult woman dresses like that “because it’s cooler”. First, you’re in an air-conditioned hall all day. Air-conditioning means it was no warmer than 72 degrees in the place you actually were for the entire day (I’ve done Sunday con days, you’re busy and indoors all day if you’ve got photo ops, as she did). Jensen, who is next to you in the picture, is wearing jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. Either he was about to literally fry on the spot, or the outfit was not necessary for “cooling” factors. Second, you’re not actually cooler in tight Daisy-Duke-style denim shorts than you would be in knee-length looser-fitting non-denim shorts: scientific fact (which, btw, I learned from my Indian friends in undergrad - there’s a reason people in hot climates do not wear denim! The weight of the fabric is more important than its length in coolness). Third, and what really caught my attention, your pose next to Jensen looks way too coquettish for me to believe you weren’t showing off your “bod” which leads to my fourth point, Jensen looks a bit uncomfortable with you up on him like that. He looks more comfortable in your “old you” picture where you’re just nicely posed next to him with his arm around you. So, my real point for posting this - though a few people will no doubt think it was to “hate” on this woman for being herself (like I said, be down with your bad self - I’m all for honest self-confidence) - is why in hell do some fans think it’s cool to use photo ops for “flirty” poses with married men? That screams desperation for validation to me, not self-confidence. What decent married man really wants to be taking pictures with a scantily-clad woman all up on him (no matter how good she looks) who is not his wife? Sure, you run into him at a waterpark or the beach, even ACL which is outdoors, these things happen, but at an air-conditioned con?