So…I heard that Wonder Woman had a villain named…

the Duke of Deception.

And right there I was just blown away, right? What a fantastic name for a villain. So of course I had to check his wiki page, and…

This is what he looks like.

I mean, really? Holy cow, for a guy with a name so ostentatious, it’s astonishing how goddamn plain looking he is. Up your game, Dukey.

hellyeahtitans67  asked:

If WB was to make a Wonder Woman sequel, what villain can we use since...well we've used Ares, her only BIG villain asides from Cheetah and Cierce?

I’d honestly say Cheetah, Veronica Cale, and Phobos/Deimos in a pretty straight take on Rucka’s most recent run would probably be their best option, though I wouldn’t object to Doctor Psycho with Simone’s characterization, or some of the flat-out weirder villains like a 52-model Chang Tzu or the Duke of Deception if they were willing to mine some of the more oddball fantasy that comes with her.

The second Wonder Woman film trailer is out! After watching it, I think we can be 99% sure that this baddie is none other than Doctor Poison! How cool is it that after years of being told “Wonder Woman has no good villains,” that we’re seeing not one but possibly two of her rogues on the big screen?

The male villain in the film is rumored to be the Duke of Deception, but the jury is still out on that one. Hopefully in the coming weeks, we will get confirmation at last!