duke the duck

January 15

Destroyer Duck was an anthology comic book published by Eclipse Comics. It was first published on January 15, 1982. The main story of the comic told of Louis “Duke” Duck, a resident of a typical anthropomorphic comic-book world, who had witnessed his best friend, identified only as “The Little Guy” or “TLG,” vanish into thin air before his eyes. Some years later, TLG reappeared only to die at Duke’s feet—but not before telling the tale of how he was exploited and destroyed by a thoughtless conglomeration, “Godcorp.” Swearing revenge, Duke vowed to take down Godcorp no matter the cost. Written by Steve Gerber and featuring artwork by Jack Kirby, the book was published as a way to help Gerber raise funds for a lawsuit he was embroiled in at the time, in which he was battling industry giant Marvel Comics over the ownership of the character Howard the Duck, which Gerber created for the company in 1973.

Duke, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (5 y/o), Salty Dog Kennels, Ardoise, Nova Scotia, CAN • Retrieval of duck • “He’s on his way to getting his master hunting title – he just requires two more passes.“