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  • Chandler: Oh, no! No one’s mingling! It’s like there’s some kind of underlying tension that could bubble to the surface at any minute!
  • McNamara: It’s the fruit punch, isn’t it? I *knew* I used too much grape juice!
  • Chandler: It’s *not* the fruit punch! It’s us!
  • Duke: But the punch is awful, too.

These are characters from my 2 favorite animations and I resently discovered they both have something in common they share 3 voice actors :D

Alan Tudyk voices criminal Duke Weaselton from Zootopia and also villian Ludo from Star vs the forces of evil

Nate Torrence voices loveable Benjamin Clawhauser from Zootopia and Marco Diaz’s good friend Furgeson from Star vs the forces of evil

Jenny Slate voices conniving Dawn Bellweather from Zootopia and party girl Princess Poney Head from Star vs the forces of evil

Решила нарисовать ОСа Семпая.
Канон полетел к чертям и поэтому Дюк не похож на  Дюка Т_Т
У меня ещё Нейли на подходе. Как  закончу её, выложу в группу! :3 

Decided to draw the main character of a Sempai.
Canon went to hell and therefore Duke is not like the Duke. Т_Т
I have another Nellie on the way. After I finish it, will post in the group! :3

“….Excuse me, sir. Are you Duke Blueblood?”

The duke looked up, meeting Moondancer’s gaze. He smiled in a way that was pleasant, if a little aloof. “Indeed. What can I do for you, young pony?” Blueblood’s eyes fell upon Moondancer’s frayed cloak. “….Are you lost?”

“N-No.” Moondancer’s voice shook with excitement, and he swallowed to steady it. “I mean…not anymore. I…I’ve been looking for you for so long, sir. My name is Moondancer, and I’m…” Moony felt an exhausted smile float to his face.

“I am your son.”

Blueblood’s reaction was one of dull surprise. “…That’s an awfully bold claim to make, my good fellow.” Blueblood’s smile was gentle and pacifying, like one a teacher might give a foal who’d asked a particularly stupid question. “Where is your proof?”

“I…” Moondancer had assumed his very existence was proof enough. He and this stallion shared the same mane, the same long fetlocks, the same spire of a horn. “S-Seventeen years ago. The Grand Galloping Gala? That’s where you met my mother….Trixie Lulamoon.”

“…Ah.” Blueblood said lightly. “Yes. I see.”

There was a lengthy pause between the two, and Moondancer shuffled on his hooves. Out of all the things he’d imagined his first meeting with his father would be, awkward had not been one of them.

“What is your business here today, Mister Moondancer?” Blueblood looked at his son sharply, suddenly suspicious. “If you’ve come looking for a hand-out, you’ll find that you’re sorely-”

“What? N-no!” Moondancer startled, indignant. “I am no charity case! I just….wanted to meet you-”

“And so you have.” Blueblood said boredly. “Are we done?”

“No, we’re not done! That can’t possibly be it!” Moondancer cried.

“Why not? You are nearly grown, dear boy. Whether it’s money you’re after, or something else, I’m afraid there’s nothing for you here.”

Blueblood’s rejection echoed in Moondancer’s mind, like rainwater in a cave. “So….that’s it?” He said weakly. His hooves shook underneath him, and he felt as though he were going to vomit. “You…aren’t even going to acknowledge me as your son?”

Blueblood sighed. “Dear boy.” He began, in a tone that was entirely devoid of true affection or warmth, “Please, you must understand my position. I am a Duke of Equestria. Ponies depend on me. If word got out that I’d…allegedly sired an illegitimate foal with a commoner, why…my reputation would go down in flames. This situation has the potential to become quite messy for me…and for you too.” He added, as Moondancer leapt to interrupt.

“Use your head, boy. Your dear mother. Her name isn’t much worth already, but if word got out, it’d be utterly drug through the mud. The things ponies might say about her, the things ponies might do-” Blueblood placed emphasis on the last word, letting the implication set in. “And you. Do you think you could withstand the scorn of the entire Canterlot Elite?” He flicked his hoof against Moondancer’s tattered cloak. “…I think not. No, I think it’s best that you go back to where you belong, good fellow.”

“I…” Moondancer was deeply ashamed to feel tears beginning to prick his eyes. “Please. I’ve…I’ve wanted to meet you for so long…”

Blueblood took in the young colt before him for a long time. He watched Moondancer’s gaze fall down to the carpet, and watched the slow roll of tears down his face.

“…You’re a thin fellow, aren’t you?” Blueblood murmured, breaking the silence. When Moony blinked up at him, the duke cleared his throat.

“You are welcome to enjoy a hot meal down in the castle kitchens, and spend the night in one of the Upper chambers, out of the rain. I will see to it that a bag is packed for you, and that you are given a good amount of bits.” Blueblood placed a hoof on Moondancer’s shoulder.

“Then I would like you to go away.”

Moondancer gaped in disbelief, but Duke Blueblood was already turning to go. “Father-” He tried, voice choked- “Wait, Father, please-”

“And if you would, dear boy-” Blueblood turned his head and met his son’s eyes one last time.

“Don’t come back.”


whoa hey big surprise moondancer’s dad is Blueblood
i waffled on whether or not to reveal that cuz he isn’t a present figure in Moony’s life either way
also i wasn’t too sure about if it’d be in character for Blueblood to be so cruel as to reject his own kid, in the show he’s never deliberately cruel, just a jerk
it clicked for me when i characterized him as a pompous stuffed shirt that wasn’t overtly malicious, rather he’s just not very concerned about others. Blueblood sees Moondancer and Trixie as potential threats to his way of living, and commoners to boot, so they get aptly rejected. Poor Marshmallow. Trixie warned Moony it’d go this way…

When Olive and Greywinter reached Rainbow Falls, It is not the Ball that catched the eye of the mare but the cascades, rivers and lakes all over the place.

Grey, as a true gentleman, took some sweet food and accompanied his friend near of the multicolored water.

Under the warm light of the setting sun, the two unicorns eat in a companionable silence, observing the colour variations of the river at their hooves.

Maybe later, when the moon would shine in the starry sky. They will go dance and enjoy the party.

So … hmm … Yeah ! I wrote the lil’ story above all by myself … It was a try eh ! Because yah know, english is not my maternal language … !

SO YEAH ! I designed the outfit of Grey and @modeowstic did Olive’s dress !

And pffrt ! Grey is more making sure Olive don’t fall than observing the water XD

Speaking of water ! Lil Bonus :

I hope you like @duke-greywinter ! 

( Olive and Greywinter are at @annualponyprom ! )

Okay, because I wasn’t able to get around to the trick or treat thing from October, I ended up just putting together this party picture at Dizzy Dame’s house. This is of everypony who sent me the trick or treat message then as well as Duke, who was the only pony who sent the mistletoe message over to the celestialguidance blog. And… Okay, this is going to take me some time to put down all the links of people who actually sent me the message XD

Thank you all for supporting me for this long :D And I hope to be here for a long while!

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Duke Pony Knight Star

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