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Who wants transparency when you can have magic? Who wants prose when you can have poetry? Pull away the veil and what are you left with? An ordinary young woman of modest ability and little imagination. But wrap her up like this, anoint her with oil, and hey, presto, what do you have? A goddess.

Smoke and Mirrors


Today is the 30th Birthday of one ugly mother$&%*er! On June 12, 1987, PREDATOR was released theatrically!

I still can’t believe that Jean-Claude Van Damme was the first choice to suit up as the PREDATOR! Footage of the Belgian actor performing in costume does actually exist. Rumor has it, the original alien suit was hotter than a Mickey Mouse costume in July in Disney World. Stan Winston was called in to re-design the creature. Kevin Peter Hall replaced JCVD and the rest is history!

Okay so like I know there are already semi-canon Penumbra designs but shush. If you wanna use these designs that’d be amazing and I’d honestly cry go ahead, as long as you credit/tag me!

Alternate looks below the cut!

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“In the first years of the 20th century, Duke Peter of Oldenburg, a Russian aristocrat, built a palace (above) and a hotel in Gagra, and put Gagra on the map as a holiday destination for the wealthy. Both buildings were designed in art nouveau style, though many of the finishing touches have since disappeared from the dilapidated edifice.

The Soviet government nationalized the palace built by Duke Peter and converted it into the Hotel Chaika (Seagull), which maintained the air of an aristocratic refuge. However, during the war between the Abkhaz and Georgians, the Chaika was looted and has never been repaired.“ - Photos & text from this Wired article

We’re on the edge of a brave new future, Juno. It’s exciting, isn’t it?” -Peter Nureyev, Juno Steel and The Final Resting Place

For my graduation cap, I knew I wanted a quote from the Juno Steel series, but it was hard to narrow down. I re-listened to the entire series and it wasn’t until I heard this line and I just knew. This was the line that I want to embody graduation day.

I could write a whole speech about the impact the Penumbra Podcast has made on my life, but suffice it to say: Thank you. Thank you to the cast and crew of The Penumbra for giving me the stories I never knew I needed.

Now, I’m off to start my brave new future!

‘You’re yet another arrogant knight on a quest to slay a dragon and I’m the dragon you’re supposed to slay except I’m mostly harmless really and you’re more interested in talking to a dragon than killing one and we end up charming the socks off each other… if dragons had socks that is, which they don’t, but I read it in a book once and- what do you mean shut up and start roasting the knights that your sister the queen sent after you for stealing half the treasury to give to a dragon in exchange for knowledge’ AU

stuff from the original heathers ending

i have been obsessing over this little snippet of the original heathers script ((pls daniel waters,, i’m begging you,, release the whole thing)) and there are just so many things that fell out of place just because so much changed between the script and the movie and i feel the need to share them

  • heather mcnamara Also hooks up with david from the remington party
  • there are five suicides. obviously three are heather chandler, ram, and kurt, but since this scripts was written under the assumption that the reader has already read all of the script leading up to this point, it does not expound at all on who exactly the five suicides were. we can only speculate (and i’m guessing heather duke and peter because there are some lines that suggest it)
  • martha dunnstock is paralyzed up to the legs
  • it’s implied that veronica killed people because she wanted the other students to learn something
  • ms fleming attempted suicide five times
  • instead of the doll, jd hangs the bedsheet noose,, which has even more of an “and then there were none” vibe
  • jd makes it very clear that when he was planning to kill veronica, he was going to make sure it was quick and painless
  • veronica’s mom slaps her for faking suicide
  • jd sits nude while holding a family portrait and admiring the bomb he built and in the next scene veronica sits nude while holding a gun
  • jd sets up thermals all throughout the school and at one point a hall monitor stops him and asks for a hall pass so jd shoots him and hides the body in the boiler room after stuffing a thermal down his pants
  • veronica decides to blow herself up after witnessing the typical horrible things that go down in a hallway during a passing period, but what stands out to me is that she also witnesses betty finn holding hands with a guy and heather mcnamara “in melancholic but eerily heroic contemplation” which to me seem like things that would make her not want to die
  • in her final moments, veronica helps a beetle that got stuck on its back
  • betty finn and heather mcnamara simultaneously find veronica’s suicide note while everyone else is freaking out
  • then the prom in heaven sequence starts and shit gets weirder
  • i think peter and some character that was not in the final movie named shannon have a baby?? (might be worth mentioning that she was a member of the yearbook staff)
  • there are so many more characters that i feel like i’m supposed to know some of them have descriptions but most do not and i am Confused
  • there are so many reconciliations between characters going on in this scene and then kurt has his prom picture taken with the cow he tipped
  • Also! mr. dawson is mentioned in this script and if you keep up with the reboot cast list there is a character there by the same name that i was wondering about a while back. it’s possible that the reboot my draw a bit from this original script (although i doubt jason micallef has the whole thing but he does please share jason)
  • jd does a guitar solo
  • leaders of the united states and the soviet union come on stage with big fun and fly their flags 
Day Five | Part 5

Summary: You have a crush on Peter, but Peter has eyes for someone else. Will you ever get the boy of your dreams or will you have to remain friends and move on?

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,508

A/N: It’s done!! I hope you guys enjoy this. I really loved writing this series and everyone’s feedback on it. I hope to do more of these quick series in the future. Thank you to everyone who has supported me these past few days! Part four can be found here.

You were still in shock about Peter, Friday morning. You didn’t know if you should tell him that you knew or just keep it to yourself, but you also then remembered that you did in fact tell Spider-Man, well Peter, that you liked him, that you had a crush on him. You told him how you felt. You didn’t know how you will face Peter at school today. You even decided to get up earlier and head to school before he did with your mom just to avoid the possibility of seeing him. However, you knew you couldn’t avoid him in Chemistry. Also, Homecoming was today to make things even more stressful. You had to get home immediately and start getting ready. You were starting to get nauseous at everything you had to face today. It was going to be a long day.

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Greek Tragedy (Peter Parker)

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

Pairing: Peter Parker x Actor!Reader

Warning: None
Summary: Y/n is in the school play and Peter is on the tech crew, that is, until the main lead gets in a bit of an accident and Y/n tries to convince Peter to take his place, since Peter had been the one helping Y/n go over lines for so long
Author: Dizzy
A/N: You guys, I’m back! I have missed you all! I have been totally swamped with school stuff and personal issues, but now that I’m on summer break, I am back in action! This song is inspired by “Greek Tragedy” by the Wombats

Masterlist Request a Prompt

“Y/n, slow down, please.” Peter begged as he placed a hand on your shoulder.

“Blaine, he broke his leg after falling off his motorcycle yesterday and we don’t have anyone to play the roll of Oedipus.” You stammered while you tried to finish your make up. “Crap! I’m late for rehearsal!”

“But you’re half ready!” Peter replied. 

“Just grab my purse and shove all my make up in it! I’ll do it in the cab. Let me just get my dress on.” You said quickly, not caring to cover yourself as you tore off your shirt and shorts before you put on the sleek white dress you always wore to rehearsals.

You looked back at Peter and were surprised when his eyes met yours while you zipped up your dress. You couldn’t help but feel a blush rise to your cheeks as you tore your eyes away from Peter and you felt his eyes still linger, sending your heart into a turmoil of fast beatings.

“Are you ready?” You asked quietly, pulling your shoes on and heading towards the door. 

“Y-yeah. You?” 

“I’m ready as I’ll ever be. Bex is gonna be pissed that we’re late though.”

“Who cares? She’s always pissed off about something.”

You laughed, the cheerful sound like a happy tune in Peter’s ears. “You’re right. But, she’s incredibly pissed that we don’t have an Oedipus for our Greek tragedy.”

“Why don’t you guys just get Duke to do it?” Peter asked before hailing a cab.

“Because Duke couldn’t even be a good tree if he tried. Plus, he doesn’t even know the lines and can’t learn them in under a week.” You explained, a bit exasperated as you climbed into the cab, Peter following close behind.

“Don’t you guys have an understudy?”

“We used to, but Lucas dropped out of the production last month. If only we could find someone that knew the lines…” You trailed off as you tapped a finger dramatically against your chin. 

“Y/n… don’t you dare ask…”

“Peter,” You started, placing a hand on your friend’s, “will you be a dear and please play Oedipus? You know all the lines since you helped me practice for Jocasta.” 

The look you gave Peter, the little puppy eyes you always gave when you wanted something made his stomach turn and his head turn loose. He couldn’t say no to something like that. Could he play Oedipus? Or could he chicken out and play the Spiderman card to duck out of it? It had meant so much to you, and he didn’t have the heart to say no. 

That was went a light sting set his skin on fire as you slapped his face lightly, knocking the sense out of him. 

“You have two seconds to say yes or no, cause we’re here.”

“I’ll do it.”

You gasped and grinned brightly, a grin that seemed to cause Peter to have an arrhythmia. “You’ll do it?! Oh, darling, you’re the best!”

You quickly threw your arms around him before tumbling out of the cab, dragging Peter behind you. You pushed open the doors to the theater and let out a sigh. 

“Sorry I’m late! But, it seems as though I found us a new Oedipus!”

“Seriously, Y/n?!” Bex, your director, exclaimed, approaching you and Peter. “I was gonna be pissed that you were late, but this news cleans the slate. Who’d you find?”

“Peter.” You stated, motioning towards the boy as you released his hand from yours. 

Peter took a quick glance down at his now empty hand before looking up at Bex. “I know I’m not the acting type, but I know all the words, if that helps anything.”

“God, kid, you’re a life saver. I honestly could kiss you right now, but for now, that’s Y/n’s job because we are just going over a kissing scene with Oedipus and Jocasta.” Bex explained as both you and Peter turned red. “Don’t just stand there! Let’s get to it!”

As you and Peter made your way to the stage, he gave you a look. “I can’t believe you made me to do this.” 

You looked at him innocently, using a matching tone. “What do you mean? I didn’t make you do anything.”

“Oh, don’t play that game with me, Y/n.” Peter stated. “You know your magic eyes got me to do this.”

“Oh, magic eyes you say? I didn’t realize I was that beautiful.” You said jokingly. 

“You don’t realize a lot of things.” Peter replied, getting into his position.

You raised a confused brow and opened your mouth to ask what he meant by that when he started to rehearse the scene, inch by inch getting closer before you even realized that his lips were on yours. 

The chemistry between you was the first thing that shocked you, not how soft his lips were or how strong his arms were as they wrapped around you. Your character was strong, but your knees had gone weak and your head had gone loose and all the while, Peter was going over how much he hated his part and loved the ecstasy your shared kiss had given him. 

Time may had slowed for you, but it went on for the world as you two pulled away, and your crew erupted into heartfelt applause. 

“Amazing! Just amazing!” Bex exclaimed. “I’ve never seen any couple of people play the parts with that much emotion as you two just did. 

You blushed and nudged Peter, who was too busy coming down from the high that he was on to notice. “Well, Peter and I are glad you liked it. We’re really happy to be part of this production. Right, Peter.”

“You got it.”

“Well, why don’t you two take five, go over some notes while the crew and I set up the next scene?”

“Sure thing, boss.” You smiled before turning to Peter. “So, what’d you think? This acting thing isn’t so bad, now is it?”

“It’s not so bad when I get to kiss the girl of my dreams.” Peter stated before he turned red and stammered. “I-I mean, yeah, acting’s not so bad when I get to share the stage with my friend.”

You gasped quietly before your smile turned into a grin and you let out a laugh. “That was a terrible save, Peter. But, a cute attempt nonetheless.” You took a step towards the boy so that only an inch of space was between your chests. “How about we practice that kiss some more, maybe over dinner?”