duke of poland


The Cambridges competing in boat races (& being adorable) - 2011, 2014, 2017

I love how competitive Kate & Wills are!!! It kills me every time we get to see them enjoy a good bout of competition between each other to see who reigns supreme (get it? REIGNS?! HA), but even more than that, I love that after each race, they can come together and playfully tease each other without being sore losers. The love is real, y’all ♡♡

Majdanek extermination camp, Lublin, Poland, June 16, 2016

(The mound in the foreground of this image is comprised of human ash and bone. The Nazis and their collaborators killed some 360,000 innocent victims at Majdanek.)


Royal 4!  William, Catherine, George, & Charlotte arrive in Poland for a 5 Day Tour.  Truly love this little family!!! 🇵🇱

Duke and Duchess are on a five-day tour of Poland and Germany. The Couple are accompanied by George aged three and two-year-old Charlotte.

Families stroll through the Auschwitz II-Birkenau extermination camp, Oświęcim, Poland, June 19, 2016