duke of derse

Royal AU where the Alternian Empire invades Prospit and the Empress offers to take the two young heirs to raise as her children. And Jane, sweet Jane, is frightfully desperate to protect herself and Jake so she pledges to be a good daughter, a good heiress, but Jake, honest Jake, is still haunted by visions of his grandmother burning and can’t stand to be the son of such a murderous batterwitch.

So he refuses, at the cost of his life.

Only a Duke of Derse, struck by an uncharacteristic bout of empathy that will keep him contemplating for several nights, offers to take the estranged prospitian prince into his quarters. The Empress misinterprets this as a sexual desire, and allows Dirk to take what she considers to be an expendable boytoy back to his mansion, which scares the hell out of Jake for the duration of a solid five hour carriage ride until they arrive at Dirk’s estate and a very, very overwhelmed Dirk just kind of leaves Jake in a wing of the place like. Don’t touch anything. Don’t look at anything. Just stay here and. You know. Don’t get yourself killed.

Which eventually blossoms into some beauty and the beast hijinks but I digress,