duke hastur

Okay I’m seeing a lot of Az and Crow HC but consider really overly dramatic Hastur like if it was a human AU he would be the the theatre kid because
1) He waits until Crowley in a false sense of security and the is like
“SURPRISE!!! It the Anti-Christ!”
2) Also he makes super dramatic lighting to burn down the hospital and stands all edgyTM on the hill
Just overly dramatic Hastur.


Brace yourself, Flash Bastard, for I am Hastur, Duke Of Hell.

I find Hastur oddly fascinating. He’s just so inhuman in every way that it made me physically sick at one point of the book (maggot Hastur freaked me out big time). He’s a man-shaped creature in its most fundamental meaning: if you’d stare at him long enough, you’d see that he’s not flesh and bone and human – but something ancient, terrible and misshapen. I don’t think he’d resemble an angel anymore, either.

I just really like his character and I wish there was more meta and analysis about him (especially comparing him to Crowley), not to mention fan art.