duke alumni

So today I had my last college alumni interview. Duke, Yale, and finally Penn. I heard that for internationals getting interviewed is a good sign (except for schools that try to reach out to every applicant like Penn). Sure hope that’s the case. Anyway Penn went well, my alumni interviewer was awesome, and I got to see the view from the 24th floor of a Magnussen-esque corporate headquarter building (if you’ve seen Sherlock you’d know what I’m talking about)

Mes parents et moi went out for dinner after the interview and we went to buy this reading lamp from Muji. I assembled it myself and exchanged the included 12W bulb for a 14W one. My reading nook used to be poorly lit but now it’s v good. My dad walked in on me reading We Need to Talk About Kevin and he got jealous (ha, dude has a nice reading spot as well and a freaking library of politics/history books) so he snapped this picture of me.

I also rearranged my room lately and crammed my bookshelf with 26 new books from the book exhibition (50NT apiece…like 1.70 USD per book? Can you believe that?). May or may not be posting pictures.