Fantasy Guide to Addressing Nobility

It can be hard to remember how to properly address your noble or royal characters when writing a fantasy court. Here is a quick guide:

1. King/Queen:

Usually addressed as either “Your Grace” or “Your Majesty”. Consort (married to a ruler and not reigning in their own right) can be addressed the same. Sire or Madam can be used also.

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2. Prince/Princess:

They are addressed as “Your Highness”. They are NEVER addressed the same as a King or Queen

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3. Duke/Duchess:

These are addressed with “Your Grace”. This was a common term also used by royalty before Henry VIII got to big for his codpiece.

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4. Earl (Count)/Countess:

Are almost never referred as the “Earl of Narnia” but “Lord Narnia”.

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5. Lord/Lady:

An easy one. They are called “My Lord” or “My Lady”.

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6. Emperor/Empress:

These may be equal to a King/Queen for status but the have a grander title. They are only addressed as “Your Imperial Highness/Majesty”

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I hope this helps when writing your court or fantasy novel.

Trying to explain parents in Yu-Gi-Oh! like...

This is the protagonist, Yugi.

His Dad is always out on business and is never home. This is his mother.

She showed up in a total of one episode and doesn’t seem to have much involvement in his life aside from proving Yugi wasn’t formed in a test tube somewhere.

Yugi is really raised by his Grandpa, Sugoroku.

He used to be an avid gambler in his wilder days (but he won all the time, so everyone treats it as a healthy hobby). He seems to have a liberal policy regarding child rearing, so that’s why Yugi can go on adventures with no real consequence to his home life. Why so many adventures? Well, it’s because he’s inhabited by a Pharaoh.

This is Atem. You get to see him as a baby in the show, but his mother is not shown, so we just assume his father had relations with the hedgehog-headed goddess of fertility off screen. This is his dad, Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen.

He left Atem a legacy and gave him some kingly advice before his passing, but he also (unknowingly) gave the order to massacre an entire village in order to create magical jewelry. This massacre was initiated and led by his brother, Priest Akhenaden.

He is the father of this guy, Priest Set.

Akhenaden took control of his son’s mind and forsook his own humanity to serve Egyptian Cthulhu.

Oh, and that entire massacre I mentioned earlier? It led to the creation of this guy.

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Ed Sheeran has announced his engagement to girlfriend Cherry Seaborn. The record-breaking singer-songwriter posted the news on his Instagram account, saying: “Got myself a fiancé just before new year. We are very happy and in love, and our cats are chuffed as well”.

The 26-year-old has been dating Seaborn since July 2015, although the pair kept their relationship out of the public eye for several months – it was only on their first anniversary that Taylor Swift made the couple known after sharing her best wishes to them on Instagram.

Seaborn, 25, and Sheeran met at school in Framlington, Suffolk, where they both grew up. They weren’t, however, teenage sweethearts. As a fellow school friend told Female First: “There was always something there between them. Ed had a crush on Cherry at school, but she had a boyfriend then.”

Sheeran had several prominent relationships before settling down with Seaborn. In 2012 he was with singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt, who inspired the songs Nina and Photograph from his second album, x. He then dated Jamie Oliver employee Athina Andrelos for a year until February 2015. He has never shied away from writing songs about his romantic exploits, with many fans believing his song Don’t was inspired by a fling with pop star Ellie Goulding.

Seaborn, too, has apparently inspired some major hits: song of the summer Shape of You is thought to be indebted to Sheeran’s new fianceé while Perfect, his latest single, is dedicated to her. The lyrics include: “I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know, she shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home.”

Seaborn and Sheeran have lived together for over a year, and moved in during Sheeran’s year out of the spotlight in 2016. He told Radio 2: “I’m really secure now. We live together and we have cats. I think when you have cats that’s kind of it.”

Seaborn left Suffolk to study in America, at Duke’s University in North Carolina. She took the Master of Management Studies programme, and is rumoured to have worked as a consultant Deloitte & Touche LLP in New York before returning to England.

She has been the victim of some online criticism and bullying from Sheeran’s fans. Others, however, are enchanted by their favourite star’s wife-to-be, and are dedicated to celebrating their joint appearances on social media.

Seaborn has not been tempted to share Sheeran’s spotlight: in comparison to his 18.9 million Instagram followers, she has a decidedly normal 332. She does, however, have a photo of the Glastonbury headliner kissing her cheek as her profile picture.

(Congratulations to the happy couple and kudos to her for her Master’s degree from Duke. So refreshing to see two high achievers finding happiness together. To see more photos and the official Perfect music video: