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RPDR S7E1 / S7E2

So after the first two episodes, here’s what I think:

1. Max: She’s incredible. I had my doubts going into this season whether she was a tough enough cookie to pull through but she definitely proved that she is. While Max might appear to be one fragile flower, she’s extremely capable, immensely talented and has more than a couple of Aces up her sleeve! I’d love to see her win.

2. Violet Chachki: Let me tell you that I wasn’t the biggest stan of Violet before the season started. I thought that she often came across as arrogant and overconfident, and generally just ‘over it’. However, she completely wooed me with her amazing fashion sense and undeniable sex appeal. 

3. Pearl: Another one who seemed 100% over it pre-season; however, she seemed to make an effort in the first 2 episodes so I can only hope that she keeps up her work ethic. Then – and only then – I think she might go far.

4. Katya: There’s just something refreshing about Katya. To all of you who wrote her off as Willam 2.0 – you couldn’t have been more wrong. She’s silly, original and not nearly as confident as I initially thought she was. Oh, and she does actually speak a bit of Russian! Keep it up, девушка!

5. Trixie Mattel: Her drunk stewardess shtick was absolutely hilarious, she seems to have a brilliant sense of humour. She’s no filler queen, na-ah, honey! Also, her friendship with Miss Fame is totally adorable, it’s nice to see that Trixie cares so much about her. 

6. Ginger Minj: Debatable fashion sense but some true talent there! I dig the fact that she can make fun of herself one moment and have her game-face on the next. I can only hope that the others do not underestimate her.

7. Miss Fame: Amazing looks, amazing face, amazing body but there’s something missing. No, Michelle, it’s not vulnerability, she’s shown plenty of that so far. Her character desperately needs a touch of flavour if she’s serious about winning the Race.

8. Jaidynn Diore Feirce: Oh man, she’s no.8 and I don’t even like her all that much! She’s just the best out of the remaining queens, to be honest. She’s lively and has a positive attitude but she’s so full of… excuses! And when it’s only the second episode of the season but you’re already making excuses, you know that it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

9. Jasmine Masters: Nothing special but she made me smile a couple of times. She appears to have a really positive attitude and you can tell that she’s a genuinely nice person.

10. Sasha Belle: Her boy persona is kinda cute and it’s obvious how much she wants it. Au contraire, she’s anything BUT polished which would be excusable if she was Adore Delano – but Miss Sasha’s no polish remover! As much as I wanted it to work, she’s just not Top 5 material.

11. Kandy Ho: Womp-womp-wooomp… She was one of my favourites pre-season but she’s not delivering thus far. She’s kind of the opposite of Miss Fame – she appears to have flavour but not much else…

12. Mrs Kasha Davis: Who? I completely forgot about her for the most part. (However, her portrayal of a stewardess was fairly entertaining, to be fair.)

13. Kennedy Davenport: Filler. I’m sorry, I wish I had something nice to say about her but I really don’t.

14. Tempest DuJour: 'So how old are you?’ I was just not feeling her. Not at all.