Geekstinkbreath.net, a Green Day fansite, was the first website I actually became a huge part of. Can’t believe I joined it almost 8 years ago. I was 12.  Mah, myspace is still linked on there. Dear Lord. This site functioned almost like Tumblr. Fanfiction and Blah Blah were how I spent most of my days after school. 

I still remember when we were all wondering what we should name our selves and we settled on GSBians. 

Dujo was our David. 

I fucking miss this site. 

How long is Mibba going to be down? How long has it been down? Um. No. This is not acceptable. I’ve finally gotten something written worth sharing with the world (i.e., the Mibba community, whatever), and Dujo decides now is the time that his two-year long two-weeks is finally over. 
Um, no. I will not have this.