duisburg landschaftspark


industrial remains by Frank Henkemeyer
Via Flickr:
Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

Let’s have some fun, Cap.
- Tony / Charles

Photo: @shadowwalkercosplay

Models: @machinefairy & @livingdreaddoll

Somehow people thought we were the same person..whut..? so to clear things up a bit, we did this shoot. It was a beautiful day at this gorgeous location with awesome friends!  So just to be clear: me on the left..no..right…or was it left…I dunno, you figure it out ;) 

Me and my boyfriend. We traveled to this awesome location in Germany, called landschaftspark duisburg-nord for a photoshoot. It’s a big industrial location, really beautiful. Really worth a visit. 

picture by: Maarten de Boer
Menerik & LivingDreadDoll