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Voltage men and their favourite foods/beverages

The reason why I did this is that I love food… and Voltage men, of course. ;)

These characters belong to Voltage inc. And so do the quotes (except for the lyrics xD). I hope this post does not violate any copyright terms.

I wish I could have done more of these, but I could only choose the routes I have already played. :(

Dominating Him When You’re Jealous (M) (SCM Version)
  • Featuring: Leon, Scorpio, Dui, Huedhaut and Karno from Star Crossed Myth
  • Warnings: Mature

You wrapped your lips around one of the little pink nubs, sucking hard then biting into the stiff nipple and soothing the sensitive skin with the flat of your tongue.
“Having fun down there? Punishing me?” Leon panted heavily, glaring down at you as you feasted on his body. You hummed your contentment, smiling at how he tried to sound displeased despite the tremors you could feel running through his body every time you sucked at his chest.
“Like you wouldn’t believe.” You ran your fingernails down his sides, making his spine arch, and you trailed your lips down his rippling abs, poking your tongue into his belly button. “Beg me.” You demanded.
“I’m a god.” Leon snapped, cheeks still flushed and pupils dilated from your ministrations on his nipples. “I don’t beg for anyone.” Glancing upwards, you saw the hickeys covering his chest, his throat and one on the underside of his jaw that would be impossible to hide.
“Ah yes, you prefer making others beg.” You bit into the god’s belly button, sucking it into your mouth. “Like those slutty goddesses.” You snarled as you lowered your face even more, his happy trail tickling your nose. Leon growled through gritted teeth as you tugged at the thickening hair at his hips, the sensation being painful but slightly pleasurable. “They all swarm around you and you just let them. I’d almost think you enjoyed it.” You looked up at him and saw him staring down at you, eyes hard.
“I do not.” He denied. “Where did you get these things, anyway?” Leon breathed, jangling his wrists above his head again.
You had wanted to restrain him, to let him know who was in charge. But he was a God. So the normal handcuffs you’d get at a porno store, even a police station, wasn’t going to cut it. Fortunately for you, Karno was willing to help. Happy, even.
“Karno.” You told him, knowing Leon would find out sooner or later.
“That conniving son of a…!” Leon’s spine arched in shock as you nibbled on his ball sack, sucking the swollen globe into your mouth and biting down softly.
“Don’t call Karno conniving.” You scolded, running the tip of your tongue over the painful hickey you’d just left on the juncture between balls and cock. “Karno is kind, thoughtful… handsome.” Leon’s head snapped downwards.
“Don’t talk about another man when you’re on my cock.” He grunted, wrapping his legs around your torso and crunched his torso, lifting his legs and forcing you upwards. “Ever.”
You stared at him, ripples of excitement rushing through your body.
“My, my, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were… jealous.” You asked, reaching down to push aside your panties. “I thought you were only jealous over my tears.” You challenged, taking his length in your hand and rubbing the head of his cock over your lower lips.
“Your tears are mine.” Leon jutted his hips upwards, timing it perfectly to slip inside you. You gasped but allowed the intrusion, sinking down to make it easier for Leon to rut inside of you. “Your love is mine.” He thrust upwards again, pubic hair scratching against your clit in a way that made your eyes water but your toes curl. “And this tight little pussy… mine.” He rolled his hips and you cried out, loudly.
“You are mine, Leon.” You informed him as you began to ride him, slowly, torturously slowly. “Your mouth, your chest, your arms, your love, your legs, your cock… all of it. You’re mine.” You leant down, pressing your lips to his nose as you began to grind against Leon’s hips, making him rub against that sweet spot within you that made you sweat all over. Leon gave you a rare, sweet and genuine smile. He craned his neck upwards and planted an even more rare chaste kiss to your lips, whispering words against your mouth.
“I know I am.”

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Honorifics by MC in SCM

I made this post so everyone can know how actually MC calls the Gods. This kind of details couldn’t be brought properly in English after all ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

I might have missed some change since I don’t read all the MS so if anyone knows any changes or details you can tell me and I will fix it!



Teorus-san —> Teo

Dui-san —> Dui-kun (MS chapter 1), Dui-san (for Shadow Dui only) —> Dui

Huedhaut-san —> Hued-san

Ichthys-san —> Ichthys-kun (MC calls Ikky with -kun in everyone’s route too)



Aigonorus-san —> Aigo-kun (MS epilogue)

Krioff-san —> Krioff



Another interesting thing to note; MC is speaking formally to everyone but only changed to casual with Dui, Teo, Aigo, and Krioff in their route. I was surprised she’s still talking formally to Ikky despite calling him in friendly manner tho O.O