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1. fav colour? blue

2. thing you would really like to learn: drawing idk.

3. why didn’t you learn it yet: IDEK

4. ever been to a 1D concert? Nooooo…  :(

5. do you like gummybears? Yep

6. one celebrity or person you strongly dislike: my crush

7. one thing you can’t stand from people: when they don’t listen to what I say.

8. one turn on: being athletic!!

9. biggest fear: dogs.

10. what’s the biggest tragedy in your life? my grandpa died when I was only 3 and i don’t know anything about him.

11. any siblings? Younger brother.

1. your sexuality? straight!

2. are you in a relationship?  nope and never been

3. your opinion on justin bieber? <3 

4. your biggest weakness? idk boybands hehe.. 

5. ever had any problems with autocorrect idk? not really.. 

6. do you have any posters in your room? yep 63 of them!! 

7. fandoms you are in: i’m a belieber, directioner, larry shipper, mixer and jcat :) 

8. who’s your celebrity crush? GEORGE SHELLEY I SHIP CEORGEY SO HARD OMG

9. would you rather be single or in a relationship with someone you don’t love? single.. 

10. what type of music do you like most? soul.. 

11. meaning of your url: styles - shire lol idek. 

bullshts-deactivated20130618 asked:

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthdaaaaaaay, Stephanie! :D I hope everything goes well. I hope you get everything you need and want for your birthday. You deserve the best and I hope you don't change. :) We don't really talk but I love you ok (love me back omg) haha. :D Hope you have a rocking time! :D Ilysm and Happy Birthdaaaay. <3

thank you bby i love you so much this is the sweetest/best thing anyone has said to me today i just love you so much okay? thank you