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I'm not the same anon as last time but music therapy isn't replacing food, music & food are needed for different reasons. you can't live without food, duh, everyone knows that, but without proper therapy, you could live a terrible life. many people don't have the resources to receive any kind of therapy or mental health care, PLUS there are already so many people helping with hunger, so musicians without borders is a very important organization.

hey not the same anon here’s a fact for you:

  • millions of people a year are dying from starvation and dirty water, despite the “so many” charity organizations working in those areas

here’s an opinion:

  • clean water and food are more important things than being able to strike a tambourine

music therapy donations literally IS replacing food/water donations if you consider that there is a limited amount of money that is donated to charities every year.  your only counterpoint to that is that some people would only feel comfortable donating to music charities, not food charities, so as a whole it’s better for those charities to exist to cater to that type of person.  i would respond, yes, you’re right, but those people are incredibly ethically challenged if they cannot understand the fact that food/water is more important than music.  in my opinion, donating to charity should be about doing the most good (keeping people alive) not a trendy “i support blank so im giving money to blank” feel-good event. 


the child i started sponsoring last year c: decided to take another one under the wing today 8D

hello megan welcome 2 the crib c: 

Seriously guys, this is Sasuke where talking about. He would never cheat, like duh. And even if the ending was NaruSaku, it’s highly improbable that he’d even consider Karin. He’d probably live his life as a single hermit for life while letting the clan die with him lol

callisparrow - I think we share a fondness for that photo shoot for Paperlate/the one where Phil is wearing that black vest…I want to put them all together, but I’m having trouble tracking some down…want to help?

Also, if anyone else knows what I’m talking about, I’ve opened up submissions for the time being!


Getting my tablet back on Monday! So one last art dump. I don’t believe I’ve posted these before anyway, but if I have apologies for the re-post.

We got, of course, Luna booty. Duh.

A lot o’ Scootablob. Shout outs to ProfessorAnon. But for reals, go read his stuff if you haven’t: http://pastebin.com/u/ProfessorAnon

Sweetie Belle and AJ for good measure. Why is there so many cart pones going around now?

And caloriescorner The script said “Whale cum” but censorship and all that. Was chatting on a stream and apparently some BG pony in the S5 opener kind of sort of, has a slight resemblance to him…maybe. So just a quickie dumb sketch. :p

Enjoy! If I’m lucky and my tablet comes in as expected on Monday, may do a quick Pre-Finals Week Stream! :D

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Hi! I loove your blog, it's so funny! I would like to request EXO's reaction for: it's christmas and you give them a present that they didn't want. How would they hide it (or not hide it lol)? Thankssssssss <3 luv ya *-*

Even though it is not Christmas, I will still do this. Sorry for the huge wait. Love you too! Please forgive us for the wait. But that is sort of mean of them to hide it though. So I will do mostly not hiding it lol.

Xiumin: Why did you think giving me a picture of Luhan was a good Christmas present? (Xiuhan for life duh)

Luhan: What do I do?

Hiding it will make me feel like a bad person though

You: It is not what you wanted right? *gets sad*

Kris: *starts to panic* No no I love it. I really love it. I always wanted to get a book on how to draw.

*in his mind* I can already draw well seriously. I don’t need this. (Yes you do lol)

You: I know it isn’t what you wanted but I really wanted to get you something. Merry Christmas!

Suho: It’s fine. All that matters is if you love your present.

Lay: *loves it anyway because the present came from you* I shall cherish it forever!

Baekhyun: This is not the limited eyeliner collection I always wanted?

You: Hey, the limited eye shadow collection is just as good.

Baekhyun: *keeps repeating eyeliner to annoy you* Eyeliner eyeliner eyeliner

You: *catches Chen hiding it* What are you doing with my gift that I bought with all my love?

Chen: Well I ummm…*runs away*


Chanyeol: It’s well…different.

D.O.: Maybe I should hide it under Baekhyun’s bed? *evily smiles to himself*

You: *finds the gift under Baekhyun’s ned* BAEKHYUN! WHY DID YOU STEAL D.O.’S GIFT? I AM GOING TO GET YOU!

D.O.: And my plan worked

Tao: This is not Gucci?

You: But it is just as good.

Tao: GUCCI FOR CHRISTMAS FOR LIFE! *and than he sees your sad face*

Kai: You know it is not all about the gifts. Christmas is all about spending time with you family so it doesn’t matter if I didn’t want that particular gift.

Sehun: *decides to be straight* How many times have I told you?

I just want a huge photo collection of myself. Is that too much to ask?

- Admin J (Sorry for the long wait again)


So papayagan lang daw akong magyosi kapag kasama ko siya. Like duh. Hahahaha. Pero ayon. Hindi ata makakayanan ng sikmura ko eh? Tapos pinangako ko pa man din sa sarili ko na never akong magyoyosi. Hayzzzz. Turning 18 na ako but I never tried smoking. Swearrrrr. I’m so proud of myself. Heh.


“Right say cheese for the camera, I’m gonna send this to daddy! Ready? 1, 2, 3…”


Anna looked at the photo and smiled, before sending it to Jackson she set it as her new screensaver. 

They absolutely love the dresses, make sure you show Soph, she’s been dying to see them! Text me when your on your way home, so I can start dinner; is Elliot okay? Give him a big kiss from me, I can’t believe he’s having his first sleepover. Our babies are growing up too quickly honey :( But how beautiful do our girls look!? Where the hell do they get it from?!

Anna heard her phone pin, notifing her that she had a new message. 

Duh silly, they get it from you of course! Soph says they look adorable, and she must come over soon to spend a girly day with you all. Me and Elijah have planned a day at the stadium with the boys instead. Elliot is having a blast with his cousins, I’ve actually left like two minutes ago, I said goodbye to El, and he completely ignored me- he’s having too much fun, so you shouldn’t spend half the night worrying that he’ll miss us. I might meet Harry at his, because the game is on, so I’ll be home in half hour? If your worried about our babies growing up too quickly, we could always make some more ;) Just kidding, I’ll see you soon x