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I got a snowflake for youuuuu. Could you please do this prompt - “Stop with your self-righteous bullshit!” :D

I hope this is along the lines of what you wanted. Hope you like it!

“Stop with your self-righteous bullshit!”

Derek merely grit his teeth and narrowed his eyes at Stiles, not willing to budge an inch. He’d already made the decision. He and the betas would go after the wendigo and Stiles would stay at the loft. End of story.

“You can’t just tell me what to do and expect me to obey!” Stiles yelled, his cheeks blotchy and flushed bright red from all the yelling he’d been doing that night. “It doesn’t work like that!”

“Why the hell not? I’m the alph―”

“Yes, you’re the alpha! Whoop-de-fucking-do!” Stiles angrily cut him off, throwing his hands up in the air for emphasis, half of his argument expressed through his wild gesturing. “Get over yourself and stop treating me like a child!”

They’d been at this for hours: Stiles screaming, ranting and raving, at Derek at the top of his lungs and Derek trying to maintain his composure and calmly respond while the rest of the pack looked on in a mix of amusement and exasperation.

A wendigo had come into town a few days prior, attacking hikers and campers on the outskirts of the preserve, leaving only their mangled, half-eaten remains behind for the sheriff’s department to find. They pack had started to track it after the first bodies had been discovered, the Sheriff officially reporting it as a tragic mountain lion attack.

They had finally narrowed in on where it was hiding in the preserve. Of course that was when the wendigo decided to venture into town in search of a late night snack.

And of course that had also been when Stiles was walking toward the entrance of the loft’s building and had gotten attacked. Derek shuddered to think what would have happened had Peter not gotten there when he did.

After getting Stiles safely up to the loft, the wendigo limping away back into the forest, wounded but not completely incapacitated, Derek had laid out the plan. Stiles hadn’t agreed, obviously, and had begun demanding to go with the pack after the wendigo. Derek wasn’t having any of it.

“Look, I’m done arguing with you, Stiles,” Derek told him, pinching the bridge of his nose and sighing heavily. “Just do as you’re told.”

“I don’t have to listen to you, Derek!” Stiles exclaimed, practically snarling―as much as a human possibly could anyway. “You’re not my fucking alpha!”

It was a stab to the guy hearing Stiles so callously reject him, inadvertent as it was. He didn’t know whether to growl or whine. Instead he did neither and sternly acknowledged, “I know. But you won’t be any help out there.”

“Why?! Because I’m just the weak, stupid little human?!” Stiles snapped, curling his hands into fists. “Huh?! Is that it?!”

“No!” Derek hurriedly tried to explain, tried to soften the unintentional blow of his words. “I didn’t mean it like that―”

But Stiles merely rushed on. “Do you really think I’m that fucking useless?!”

It was the slight crack in Stiles’ voice, almost imperceptible but heartbreaking nonetheless, that broke down Derek’s carefully maintained resolve and he finally raised his voice. “No! I’m just trying to protect you, damn it!”

“I don’t need you to protect me, Derek!” Stiles growled indignantly. “I can protect myself!”

“I know you can but I don’t want you to have to!” Derek retorted, losing the tight rein on his frustration and anger. “I don’t want you to get hurt!”

“Why not?! Why am I any different from anyone else in the pack?!” Stiles demanded, waving his hand around to indicate the others in the room. “Huh?!”

“Because I love you! Because I can’t see you hurt!” Derek howled. The loft went dead silent, the only thing audible his panting as he tried to control himself, softly whispering, “Not again.”

He closed his eyes, running a hand through his hair and turning his back to Stiles, not wanting to see the rejection in his eyes. He prayed the floor would open up and swallow him whole, feeling everyone’s eyes on him, wide and shocked.

He felt vulnerable, bared open for the whole world to see, for Stiles to see. And he was sure Stiles was disgusted, was shocked and angry that Derek would dare get his messy feelings all over him, taint him like he had tainted so many others.

He waited for Stiles to leave, to yell and scream, to just reject him already and get it over with. He waited, waited for the inevitable.

And yet the only thing he heard was Stiles’ voice quietly ask, “Derek?”

He held his breath, hands flexing anxiously at his sides.

“Derek?” Stiles said again, voice just as soft as the first time.

Steeling himself, Derek opened his eyes and turned around to walk back towards Stiles, keeping his eyes glued to the floor. When he was only a few inches away from Stiles he stopped, waiting for the unavoidable harsh words that were sure to come.

He winced when Stiles raised a hand, bracing for the slap that never came. Instead, Stiles tenderly brushed aside a lock of hair from Derek’s forehead, running the flat of his palm down over Derek’s stubbled cheek afterwards, softly reassuring, “Hey, it’s okay.”

“Derek, look at men,” Stiles urged gently, running his thumb over Derek’s cheek. Reluctant but eager to give Stiles whatever he wanted, Derek lifted his chin to look at Stiles, meeting his eyes for a split second before staring down at the floor. He basked in the warmth that spread through his chest when he saw the small smile Stiles had offered when he’d met his gaze, fleet though the moment had been.

Stiles slid his hand down lower, over Derek’s neck to lay his index and middle finger in the hollow of his throat. Derek could feel his pulse thunder against the cool pads of Stiles’ finger, the touch, innocent as it was, lighting a fire deep within him. It was an urge to protect, the shield Stiles from anything that could possibly hurt him, to hide him away from prying eyes and ears, to make him as deliriously happy as the mere touch of his hand made Derek.

“Say it again,” Stiles requested, his voice sounding oddly like a plea.

There was no need to ask what it was. Derek took a deep breath and confessed again, “I love you.”

“Oh my god,” Stiles gasped under his breath. Derek could hear his heart begin to beat faster and faster as a rush of happiness flooded his scent. He absolutely beamed up at Derek, his eyes sparkling. “You do. You mean it. You’re not lying.”

Derek looked up sharply to look at Stiles in confusion, brow furrowed deeply. Of course he meant it, of course he wasn’t lying. How could Stiles think that?

He didn’t get a chance to ask because the next thing he knew Stiles was wrapping his long arms around his shoulders and hugging him tight, pressing his face into Derek’s neck and breathing, “I love you too, you big idiot!”

“What?” Derek asked, awkwardly looping his arms around Stiles’ waist to return the hug. He couldn’t decipher the mix of emotions he felt. There was fear and apprehension and a good deal of confusion, sprinkled with some bittersweet sadness he couldn’t quite understand, but it was all overshadowed by the most spectacular sense of elated astonishment.

Stiles pulled back a few scant inches to look up at Derek, still grinning from ear to ear. “Why do you think I wanted to go with you so bad? Yeah, to help the pack but because I can’t see you hurt either. Not again. Not anymore.”

He lowered his eyes to Derek’s chest, voice much softer as he whispered, “It hurts too much.”

He moved closer to bury his face in Derek’s chest again, squeezing him tighter and laughing for no reason at all, just because he could. And because Derek was hugging him back, resting his cheek on the top of his head and squeezing his eyes shut, reveling in the feel of Stiles in his arms, in the scent of him, warm and happy.

“Uh, guys?” Isaac asked, eyes flitting between Derek and Stiles as they embraced, having seemingly forgotten about the situation at hand. When they very reluctantly parted, arms still wound around each other, and turned to Isaac who reminded them, “Wendigo?”

Stiles turned to Derek. “I’m going.”

Derek smiled widely. “I know.”

“As absolutely touching as this is, we should probably go before it kills some other poor idiot,” Peter quipped as Erica made over-exaggerated gagging noises. He rolled his eyes and stood from his seat, leading the others to the door of the loft.

Stiles loosened his arms from Derek’s neck, Derek’s face dropping as a low unbidden whine rose from his throat. Stiles immediately picked up both of Derek’s hands, intertwining their fingers and leaning up to press a kiss to the tip of his nose.

“Ooh! I’ll go get my bat,” Stiles remarked excitedly, letting go of one of Derek’s hands and turning to make for the door.

Derek tugged him back by their still joined hands and cupped his cheek to lay a quick, gentle kiss on his lips. He softly breathed, “I love you.”

“Love you too, big guy,” Stiles returned immediately as though it was the easiest thing for him to do. “Now c’mon, we’re gonna kick that wendigo’s ass.”

Derek let himself be towed out of the loft by his hand, smiling brightly as he looked at the back of Stiles’ head. Yeah, that wendigo wasn’t gonna know what hit it.

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I don’t get it when someone says that Natsu is to overplayed and doesn’t have enough weaknesses. Before the big reveal, I could understand this but nowadays, it’s understandable why he’s so powerful. He’s a demon in human form who was raised by a dragon. No duh he’s going to be powerful. And not enough weaknesses? The dude’s very life force is connected to a book! If that should go up in flames, Natsu would be gone a second time!
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Disney-Inspired AUs

After binge-watching Disney, I decided this was important.

  • Person A is Cinderella, and B is the prince. Least favorite characters are Cinderella’s step-siblings and step-parent.
  • Put person A of your otp and a small group of their friends in the same situation Duchess and her kittens were in, (meaning they were lost and couldn’t get back home). Person B is Thomas, who helps them.
  • Put your otp in The Little Mermaid. For bonus points, add another creative reason for them not to be together.
  • Like in Tarzan, A has been in isolation until B, (+group if wanted), finds them.
  • Person A is Snow White, their friends/not-actually-related-family are the Seven Dwarves, and B is the Prince. Antagonist is the Evil Queen (duh).
  • Ratatouille related, C is the friend who helps A achieve everything, but B gradually starts teaching A as well. 
  • Person A is the optimistic underdog, and B is the assumed bad guy who can’t catch a break. (Zootopia) 

Part 1?

duh!! didn’t you guys hear? trans people aren’t allowed to make jokes or have fun. if we do anything but Weep for the Tragedy of Our Condition it makes the transphobes upsetti


Somewhere nearly half-way between Appaloosa Plains and Bridgeport, 8.53 pm

Roy: You have to wonder why people who drive minivans bother putting stickers of their stick-family on the back. Like, duh. You have six kids, really? And here I was thinking you drove a minivan because you were a friggin’ off-duty pornstar. Dipshit.
He snorts to himself then goes back to sleep. Joël is enjoying driving through the countryside at night. The traffic is minimal and there’s little to disturb the peaceful landscape except for the occasional deer or rabbit framed in the headlights. Brutus snuffles and whimpers, dreaming of the welcome- home bacon extravaganza that Mia is going to have waiting for him. The boys snooze, their faces bathed in the soft glow of their iPads. The moon bobs along beside them, a silent and staunch companion.
Roy punches Joël hard on the upper arm. Joël yells, the vehicle veering to one side.
Roy: Oh, stop your bleating. You’ll wake the boys.
Joël: Why did you punch me, you psycho? You could’ve gotten us all killed!
Roy: I dunno. I just didn’t like the look on your face. You were thinking about my sister, weren’t you?
Joël: No I wasn’t.
Roy: What were you thinking about, then?
Joël: Nothing. I was just minding my own business, driving. Maniac. Punch me like that again and you’ll be out of the car. And you’ll be crawling back to Bridgeport. Because you won’t be able to walk. Got it?
Roy: Oh, shut up. Anyway. It wasn’t even a punch. It was like a little tap.
Joël: You shut up.
Roy: You shut up.
Joël: YOU shut up. Arsehole.

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hAs one of the boys ever tried to dance w their lover in the rain???

Shu- That troublesome woman made me…

Ayato- Tch, duh! Its fun!

Laito- But Cordelia always threw a hissy fit because we’d get dirty.

Kino- Uhh… Does running around and performing various gymnastics count as dancing in the rain? I love the rain… The maids don’t though.

My bff doesn’t even watch wynonna earp, but she went to the panel today then stood in line to get this photo just for me. I picked a winner. Also, she promised she’d start watching the show for me and because Kat and Dom are “super nice”. I was like “duh bitch but thank you I love you so goddamn much”.

Update: bestie told me these two were being all cute right before she snapped this. They were whispering in each other’s ears and giggling, but by the time she got the camera out they had gone back to signing things.

Duh I’m so dumb.
A while ago I was asked why Vanitas no Carte was translated as The Case Study of Vanitas since 手記 (shuki, from ヴァニタスの手記, which is the kanji read “carte”) doesn’t mean anything like that. At the time I was under the vague impression that “carte” was a French word meaning something like “letter” (being used to latin roots as I am, that was my guess), so I couldn’t give a proper answer because I had no idea why something that meant “note” or “letter” would have been translated as “case study”.

Now I realize; it’s not “Vanitas no Carte” but “Vanitas no Karte”. カルテ is an expression that the Japanese have adopted from the German “Karte” and it means “clinical record”, “patient’s chart”. Or, as it was translated this time, “case study”.
Now though I wonder what made everyone think it was spelled “Carte” all this time. It’s not that it’s wrong I… guess? Karte was only the original word that the Japanese took, so if one were to write it in romaji I guess? I think? that both versions (Carte and Karte) should be correct.

engineer!Shepard and Tali (and sometimes Legion) headcanons bc why not:

  • They occasionally work together in engineering and exchange knowledge about the drive core and just ships in general.
  • They tinker w/ their combat drones off missions and occasionally have  friendly arguments over which one is better. Legion also joins in on this bc drone squad.
  • If Tali needs help w/ her suit repair, she asks Shepard for help since they’re less likely to mess her suit up. (also bc she has a hardcore crush on them duh)
  • Back to the drone thing, they will usually host “drone olympics” in the cargo bay. They put their drones through numerous trials to see which one is superior. Some of the Normandy crew comes to watch it and they place bets on which one will win. Legion was originally allowed to participate, but then it won so many times that they just assumed it was cheating and banned it. (Fun fact: it did) If Tali and Shepard are in a relationship and the olympics ends in a tie, Shepard offers a tie-breaker in their quarters. (wow I wonder where they heard that from…)
  • They basically be huge fucking nerds together. :’)

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Rilaya duh

·         shops for groceries

They do it together. 

Maya walks around calmly with the stroller, grabbing her favorite soda and cereal in between getting all the important stuff while Riley jumps all around, grabbing a hold of anything that contains sugar.

One time one of the workers found the two of them making out in the cheese aisle but they agreed to never speak of that day…

·         kills the spiders

They both kind of just stay in bed until they forget it’s there…

One time, Maya was sitting in their living room, playing a video game, while Riley was in their room, reading a book. Okay but then Maya saw a spider on the coffee table and she ran to their bedroom and told Riley that there was a spider out there so they were both kinda arguing over who should go kill it so eventually Maya was like “Fine!” And then instead of walking out, she pushed Riley out of the room and leaned back against the door saying, “You can’t come in until you kill it!” So Riley sighed and grabbed a slipper and went to go kill it but by the time she got back to the living room, the spider wasn’t on the table, so she started freaking out and tried to run back to her room, but the spider was on the door, okay? So Riley screamed really loudly, resulting in Maya swinging the door open just as Riley threw her slipper at the spider and long story short, Riley threw a slipper right at Maya’s face. Yeah, Maya went to the hospital because of a bloody nose and the spider now rules over their apartment….

·         comes home drunk at 3am

Riley does.

She lazily stumbled through the door, holding her heels in her hand, hiccuping repeatedly and her make up is smeared over her face and she always expects Maya to be asleep by then, but Maya knows Riley and so she always waits for her to get home so she can get her some aspirin and water and tuck her in and tell her that she’s still beautiful no matter how terrifying she may look in that moment.

·          makes breakfast

Maya does.

Riley can’t cook, she can get the spaghetti out of the fridge, but she can’t use the stove or she’ll burn down their home. However, Maya always wakes up really late so they eat breakfast at noon. Maya makes a mean pancake though!

·         remembers to feed the fish


Maya once overfed them and so they died (EXPLODED) and Riley never truly forgave her. Plus, ever since Goldie number-(well, who really knows how many Goldie’s there were?) Riley told promised herself she wouldn’t ever let another fish die. 

·         decorates the apartment

They do it together.

Maya is an artist after all, she’s got an eye for these things, and Riley has always been good at planning and designing and making everything look presentable.

·         initiates duets


She adores Maya’s voice but the blonde is always hesitant to sing and so Riley always starts them off and pushes Maya to join her.

·         falls asleep first


And then after she does, Maya just kind of looks at her and smiles and wonders how she ever go so lucky.

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Snb sinbad reaction to when his s.o moans ja'far's name in their sleep (well duh they're sleeping so it's hard to talk in your sleep but sinbad being the pervert he is takes it differently )

By Admin Kadia

Sinbad: Immediately, he sits up looking over at you with a darkened face. Sinbad couldn’t believe his ears, was something happening with you and Ja’far behind his back? Had he given you a reason to cheat? Was this your payback for him flirting with other women? All these thoughts run in his head till he tries to calm down, saying he would ask you in the morning. 

As the sun came up, so did you and the company. Slowly you sit up rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. Glancing over to your S/o, you see him looking at you with conflicted feelings. “Sinbad?” You muttered. “What’s wrong?”

“Are you sleeping with Ja’far behind my back?” The future king blurts out. It was too early for this shit.

“What?” You questioned, checking if you were still asleep. “Why would you think that?”

“Because you moaned his name last night!” 

“How does that conclude to me sleeping with him? That could have been a slip of the tongue.” Sinbad’s face went blank.

“So you’re not sleeping with him?”

“No, you pervert! Oh my gods, I can’t believe you right now!”