duh because i made it

me on a date

me: so…have you ever read Lord of the…

date: Rings? Oh my god, that series is absolutely amazing, the characters are so on point and the land building is extraordinary. Ooo, not to mention the movies are fantastic and I am such a big Tolkien fan, I am such an elf at heart…

me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: sorry I just remembered that I left the fire on at my house and the entire place will catch in flames and I will sharpen a stick at both ends just for you sucks to your assmar


AU: Panic! at the Disco sitcom

Follow the many misadventures of Panic! at the Disco when they get signed under the label of Pete Wentz, the bassist of iconic emo band Fall Out Boy, after sending him their demos online.


Hello everyone :) So, last 2 days I worked on this video and I really hope you’ll like it, because duh. As you guys know I’m tronler af and I made videos about Tyler (this one and this one) and about Troye (this video) and I thought, ‘I made videos about this two princess so I need to make a video about Connor too’. So, here we have, watch it, like it, subscribe on my channel and all this stuff. I love you guys a lot. Bye ☺

btw, thanks Connor for this song, I love you a lot 

*shows up at your door roughly a month after posting related meta* AND ANOTHER THING


we all know the quote because we enjoy hurting ourselves

“no girl’s gonna trade in a red, white and blue shield for an aluminum crutch”

and of course there’s a fuckton of symbolism in that - there’s supposed to be

but I was thinking about peggy today (what’s new, lmao) and I realized a thing.

time and time again I (and we, as a fandom) compare steve and peggy because, duh 

and I’ve made various metas and commentary and stuff on how part of how peggy is trying to honor steve is to continuing being how he was (how both of them were). she says to howard that she’s forgotten her pledge to the country, to justice (which isn’t true, it’s just her being a bit self-deprecating but nbd). 

her response to losing, really, the only person around her who was as justice-focused as she was, as willing to give their absolute all with a concerning lack of discretion…is to push herself even fucking further. she puts not just her life (not that that’s a small thing, lbr) but her career on the line, something she has strived for and fought for and taken pride in.

in being such a strong woman, she’s constantly on the receiving end of messages telling her she’s doing this whole being-a-woman thing wrong. and as much as she fights against it, it’s pervasive, and she does internalize some of it, so she needs the reassurance that all of this is worth something - especially after losing steve. 

but a little while ago I made the point that in howard’s hallucination, peggy was the one who handed him steve’s shield. a couple of days ago I also talked about how peggy made immense impacts on steve, on s.h.i.e.l.d., and physically, with bullets, on steve’s actual shield. 

she makes a life-changing impression on the shield, the representation of steve’s fight for justice, and then - she takes up the shield / jesus is dead (sort of), long live mary / all very “nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes" (we protect those who cannot protect themselves) - taking up the cross, taking up bows and arrows, honoring the dead by protecting the living. above and beyond the call of duty - whether credited or not. 

it’s not a coincidence myriad fanartists and fanfiction authors have contributed to the theory/headcanon/vision of peggy becoming captain america. but indubitably, she doesn’t need to carry the shield or wear any particular garments - besides, haven’t you seen her wardrobe? badass and beauteous - to embody that.

most of those fat-head male coworkers can’t see it, but peggy herself embodies the shield, embodies the spirit, the fighting style, the modus operandi of enemies-are-absolvable-until-proven-inexorable, that defines captain america. 

for peggy to “trade in” the shield, she would either have to die, or lose every last trace of her sense of self. the same goes for trading in steve - she honors him every day of her life, by continuing in her work.

and so we come back to the point of protecting those who cannot protect themselves. in a way, this is daniel’s proverbial middle name. yes, we know that peggy can protect herself. so does he. and when she asks him to, he does his best (most of the time) to stand down. 

but notwithstanding his own second-class denomination, it’s reflexive for him to challenge other men’s opinions of women, even when he knows they will throw it back at him. some people are of the opinion that his demonstrative - often, visceral - response to office misogyny is a result of his, um, fondness for peggy, but I beg to differ. (not that that’s not part of it - I just don’t see it as the driving force behind it.) the very fact that his reactions to his coworkers’ comments is so reflexive evinces the alternative: that he is - as is shown even in that first conversation; “you’re an agent, they treat you like a secretary” - aware of and in staunch disapproval of the inequality that surrounds him. 

he knows that peggy won’t be - and isn’t - taken seriously when she speaks up about how she’s being treated, so he takes it upon himself to use his privilege to manipulate their coworkers and try to change the dynamic. even though they usually don’t listen to him either, that’s such a part of who he is that he just does it. although, again, he stands down when peggy tells him to - because he does indeed respect her immensely; his vocalization is not for his own benefit - he isn’t doing that because he wants to be listened to. the reaction is entirely on her behalf. 

people most often use crutches because they have been injured to some extent which limits their mobility but does not require the use of a wheelchair. the crutch is there to support its use, even though it does not need to do so constantly. and, in the way that we often anthropomorphize things, it acknowledges that it is not always needed, and that its user will at times favor walking on their own rather than using the crutch for its given purpose. 

does that sound like anyone? it should, because that’s precisely the role daniel is playing in peggy’s life: being present to hold her up and help her move forward, but also being entirely aware of how much she is capable of on her own and honoring that.

peggy is the red, white, and blue shield, and daniel is the aluminum crutch.

there’s no trading involved. 

[tune back in at a later date for a discussion of how awesome it is when partners of any sort are complementary!]