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Sakamaki Subaru x Reader [Lemon]

[Author’s Note: I was really truly enthusiastic to write this one (because Subaru’s my tsun bae,duh) and I took slightly longer to make it as good as possible. I hope he’s in character,though…Well,just enjoy the hot sex there,I guess. XD ]

You took in a deep breath as you slowly turned the doorknob,trying to calm your racing heartbeat. Peeking in first,you looked around to see if he was around.

“Stop hiding there and just come in,damn it.”

You jolted at the voice. Subaru was sitting on the bed,his back turned towards you. Swallowing your hesitation,you entered the room and locked the door behind you.

It certainly felt awkward,especially after the afternoon’s incident. You were just about to call Subaru down for dinner,but you had happened to walk in while he was…masturbating.

Just recalling that moment made you embarrassed,but at the same time it got you turned on. You remembered the sight of him facing the side,vigorously pumping his hard length as he swiped a thumb over his tip that was wet with precum. He had his eyes closed in concentration as he bit his lip to hold back the sounds that had threatened to escape from his lips.

The very image of that moment caused you to throb between your legs and your cheeks turned red slightly. You knew what you came for,but the memory only made you embarrassed.

“Uhm,Subaru-kun. A-About earlier-”

“Just pretend that it never happened,"Subaru immediately cut in. You blinked at his sudden interruption before looking down,staring at your feet.

"But I was thinking of letting you see me in return for what happened.” As soon as you blurted it out,your face turned bright red. Now he’s definitely going to tell you off and get you out.

You looked up at him and your eyes widened to see the same expression staring back at you. Subaru was blushing a deep shade of red and his eyes were wide with shock and embarrassment,his mouth opening and closing in an attempt to retort.

You took the moment as an advantage and opportunity to make the first move. As you stepped closer,you slid off your panties and threw it to the side. Slowly getting onto the bed,you sat close to him,your legs wrapping loosely around his waist.

Subaru seemed to finally snap out of it. He grabbed your wrists to prevent you from going further.“I-Idiot,what the hell are you doing?!”

The response was expected,so you knew what to do. You scooted closer and moved your hips against his,letting your exposed sex meet his clothed one. Subaru almost groaned at the action and you did it again.

“I’ve gone all this way,so it’ll be bad if you just suddenly stop. It’s embarrassing,you know,"you pouted,looking at him while attempting to make the most cutest puppy-eyes ever.Subaru only grumbled in response while averting his glance down,so you took it as a sign of defeat.

As soon as he let go of your hands,you reached down to start rubbing yourself. You were slightly surprised by how wet you already were. You teased yourself by tracing the opening with your fingers as your thumb moved to rub your clit.Your other hand pulled off your shirt and bra,exposing your breasts.Immediately,you teased your nipples and let out a soft moan.

Subaru was just staring at you,his entire face red. He was unsure of what to do. Was he just supposed to watch? Or should he stop you? But that would be awkward. What if someone walks in? He glanced at the door to see that it was locked. He was itching to at least do something,but he didn’t know what. He wanted to stop you,but this situation was somewhat pleasant.

You smirked as you saw that the bulge on Subaru’s pants was getting bigger. He was definitely aroused from this.

Deciding to take things to the next step,you thrusted a finger inside yourself,moaning at the sensation. You wished it was Subaru’s cock inside you though.


“…Damn it. Don’t call out my name like that.”

Before you knew it,Subaru had unzipped his pants,lowering it slightly along with his boxers. He let out his erection free,shuddering from the sudden exposure. He started stroking himself,letting out a small groan.

You felt your climax approaching at the whole situation. Here you are,letting Subaru watch you masturbate as he himself was jerking off from the show. However,you didn’t want things to end so quickly.

You removed your hands from your own body and reached out to gently cup Subaru’s balls,rolling his testicles between your fingers. He immediately slipped out a low moan,jerking forward from the sudden action.

To your surprise,Subaru used his free hand and immediately thrusted his fingers into you. You wanted to tell him to stop,but it was too late as your muscles clamped around him as you hit your orgasm.

It took you a short while to recover from the orgasm. Subaru brought his fingers to his lips,licking off the clear fluid on it.

Tch,he was the one who was against this earlier. Now he was being so into it.

You pushed him back slightly and placed your hands on his shoulders. It only took a moment before Subaru realised what you were planning.

“H-Hey,[Name] - Don’t - W-What are you-”

He moaned as you sunk down onto his cock. Your body tensed up at the piercing sensation. You had loosened yourself up earlier but it seemed like it was still not good enough to fit Subaru’s size. After all,it was your first time.

Subaru’s eyes widened.“…I-Idiot,you’re…”

His expression was now only filled with worry and panic. It felt pleasurable to have his cock inside of you but he was more afraid of hurting you further. You stroked his cheek lovingly to make him relax,planting a gentle kiss on his forehead.

“It’s really fine. I’ve always wanted to do this with you.”

He knew that it was definitely not fine. But since you insisted on continuing,there was little that he could do. He kicked off his pants and boxers slowly and removed his top,discarding them to the side.

He held your hips and guided you at a slow pace. It still hurt,but the sounds Subaru made at your slightest movement only turned you on further.

You suddenly let out a whimper as a lance of pleasure shot through you. You felt the need for more,so you started to move your hips by yourself. Subaru bit his lip as a moan tried to escape with the sudden movement. He let go of you as you moved at your own pace and instead he wrapped his arms around you,thrusting his hips up to meet yours.

For a moment,both of you locked gazes. With his naked body enveloping around yours,you felt your heart flutter. His warmth and scent enveloped you,giving you a sense of peace and security,and something else. You hoped it was what you thought of but it was definitely impossible.

“S-Subaru-kun,I-Aah-I love y-you,"you cried out. Subaru’s eyes widened for a moment before his lips roughly crashed into yours in a passionate kiss,your tongues battling for dominance.

He suddenly moaned in the kiss as he felt you clenching around him. His cock hardened and got slightly bigger as he felt his orgasm approaching.

Both of you pulled back and panted against each other’s lips. Subaru closed his eyes,his brows furrowing. You moaned right beside his ear. "S-Subaru-kun,I’m going to-”

Your sentence was cut off by your own cry as one more deep thrust from Subaru made you reach your orgasm first. Subaru halted in his movements and gasped at the immense pleasure from you tightening around him. It didn’t take long before he continued to try reaching his own release.

Subaru thrusted harder into you,losing his rhythm as his movements grew more erratic and desperate. “F-Fuck,I’m close…”

It didn’t take long for him to meet his own climax. You felt him twitch inside you and soon hot liquid filled your insides. Subaru gasped and moaned as he shuddered in pleasure,his cock throbbing and his balls contracting suggestively.

After a while,Subaru lifted you off him and let you lie down on the bed before he joined your side. You glanced at him to find that he was looking at you. When your gazes met,Subaru immediately turned away,causing you to notice how red his ears were. You giggled at his adorable behaviour,earning an embarrassed glare from him.

“After all we did,and you’re getting embarrassed only now?"you teased him. Subaru grew redder as he suddenly grabbed you,pulling you to his chest. You grinned at his action. He was definitely trying to hide his flustered expression.

"Shut up,"he growled. He leaned down and tucked your hair behind your ear,looking into your eyes. Suddenly,he moved down slightly and sunk his fangs into the side of your neck,licking and sucking your blood. You tensed and closed your eyes at the mix of pain and pleasure,moaning out his name softly. He then moved from the spot slightly,nibbling at your skin before sucking on it,causing a red mark to appear.

When he was done,Subaru kissed the two marks lightly before looking at you again. This time,he wore a gentler expression."Go to sleep.”

Smiling,you leaned into his chest,letting him embrace you. You closed your eyes as Subaru pulled the blanket to cover both your bodies.

Just before you fell into a deep slumber,you heard him whisper the words you had always wanted to hear.

“I love you.”

Your eyes snapped opened and you tried to move away from him. However,Subaru’s hold was too strong and prevented you from moving. You couldn’t even look up to see his face,which was definitely the reddest it had ever been.

“Subaru-kun,let me go!I wanna get my phone to record it!Say it again!”

“Huh?!No way in hell am I going to say that twice!Just shut up and go to sleep!”


“Keep whining and I’ll take back my words.”

“Aww,you’re such a tsundere.”


Knowing that Subaru would not budge,you let out a sigh and leaned as much as you can towards him,trying to get as much of his warmth as you could.

Subaru held you tightly close to him and waited for you to sleep before he finally closed his eyes and fell into a peaceful slumber,aware that he would see the love of his life first thing in the morning.

@lavenderbyun my sister is actually watching fight my way rn and shes telling me that its boring?? i do trust her opinions so idk. ive also actually been contemplating my only love song but just havent gotten around to it in fear of not liking yet another kdrama.