I actually finished coloring this a while back, but I was so busy with all the bugs that I never posted it.

Dug Jedi Master Aulë, here with his purple-and-gold Extend-O™ lightsaber and trusty cyborg arm, both of which he made himself.

I mostly like the colors here but if I were doing it over again I’d probably ease up on the saturation of his skin color. Might also add some purple to it, make him look less sunburned.

(And make it easier to see those arm, neck, and shoulder muscles I took such care to give him! I didn’t spend all that time figuring out Dug anatomy for him to just look flatly, uniformly red LOL.)

Also I might’ve made his right arm longer than his left. Oh well! His lightsaber is definitely going whoosh though!

For Xenia @rex-sidereus‘s Silmarilli Wars AU, which I have not forgotten


so uh, about aizawa,

remember when the foxes first flew somewhere after neil found out about andrew’s fear of heights? just imagine andrew. he’s terrified and trying to play it off as always. meanwhile, his crush is sitting near him, watching and analysing his every move, and he’s very well aware of it. he can’t move a fraction of an inch without neil knowing. just imagine him walking calmly onto the plane and fidgeting with his pen while feeling the constant glances neil shoots his way. knowing what neil must be thinking when suddenly he goes still. just imagine being andrew and having somebody know and knowing that they know and aaahhhh