For a while, serial killer Ed Gein lived alone in his farm house (Above) with his mother Augusta, until she died in 1945 after a stroke. Lonely and disconnected from society, Gein boarded up the rooms that had been used by her, including the upstairs, the downstairs parlor and living room. He spent all his time in a single small room connecting to the kitchen and became obsessed with reading death-cult magazines and adventure stories. Some years later, he started visiting the cemetery near his house. He dug up corpses, and took them to his farm where he made various odd things, including cutlery made out of bones and a mask made of human skin. Eventually, he began targeting the living in hopes of producing ‘human artifacts’ that would be preserved for longer.

Soldiers drill holes into the ice to place explosives and begin the massive task of digging a tunnel under enemy lines. In the Dolomites, the Austrian Corps of Engineers dug an entire “ice city"—a complex of tunnels, dormitories, and storerooms—out of the glacier.


From the collection of the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Hematite - Cumberland, England
Pyrite - Lograno, Spain
Opal - Queensland, Australia
Kolwezite - Mupine, Shaba, Zaire/Democratic Republic of the Congo
Malachite - Utah, USA
Azurite - Bisbee, Arizona, USA
Calcite - Utah, USA
Krohnkite - Chuquicamata, Chile
Pyrite - Randolph County, Illinois, USA
Limonite - Isle of Elba, Italy


She shook her head, though her shoulders trembled and her nails dug into her palms. “You are ridiculous, Khalid Ibn al-Rashid. I am just one girl. You are the Caliph of Khorasan, and you have a responsability to a kingdom.”

“If you are just one girl, I am just one boy.”

Shahrzad closed her eyes, unable to hold the fierce light in his gaze. 

 T H E WRATH A N D THE D A W N by renée ahdieh

My dad once gave me a reusable coffee cup, u know the ones that are ‘environmentally friendly’. Well he wanted me to take it in the morning to get my coffee. like omg dad I have established a very cool classic white girl image with the Italian barristers I was not about to destroy that. But then I did and the barrister totally dug it and we have been dating ever since. NEVER UNDERMINE THE ENVIRONMENT hehe, he just made me a cappuccino ;)

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The tmnt boys meet their s/o when they were tutrtle tots :3

*incoherent screaming*


Leo: He’d be so scared, yet super excited!A human friend! He’d stare at her with wide eyes and she’d stare back, her ice cream dripping on the ground and as she tried to move closer, he’d go backwards into the alley. 


He stopped, giving the human girl a look and gulping loudly, “Do you…do you like ice cream?” she asked, holding out her waffle cone at him, “I-It’s cookies and cream!Chocolate chips!A-And I have…” she dug her hand on her back pocket, “I have a pack of laffy taffy!”

Leo blinked, looking at her extended hands before slowly grabbing the pack of laffy taffy, “I never had ice cream.” he says shyly, kicking the ground, “But…I-I need to go back…sensei is…not going to be happy I am out here.”

She frowns, “Oh…hey!Listen,I…can I see you again?What’s your name?”

The small terrapin smiled, looking at his feet “I am Leo.”

Raph: The ball rolled back to his feet again and again he kicked it back, he was having fun for the first time in forever and that girl kept sending him looks. He wanted to make himself known, but she’d scream, he knows she would.

“Are you like,Batman or something?”

His eyes snapped up at the mention of the superhero, his face heating up, “No!I-”

“Cause you are in the shadows or something!Are you like…a ninja?” she walked closer and the mention of ‘ninja’ made him step forward and he winced at her gasp, expecting a scream but she stepped closer and poked his still forming plastron.

“Oh my gosh!You are a turtle?You have a shell?Can I see it?” he blinked in shock before turning around, smirking to himself at all the attention he was having, “You are so cool!Oh my Gosh!You are like,like a turtle kid!Amazing!”

“And I live in the sewers.”

“You are joking!”

“I ain’t…but ya can’t tell anyone ‘bout it.”

She nodded quickly, “I won’t!I won’t!” she blinked “Do you have a name?”

“I am Raph.”

She smiled and his stomach fluttered, “Nice meeting you,Raph.”

Mikey: He kept watching the little girl play with her dog near the park where they often walked to get scraps of metal and other stuff. Her parents were close, he shouldn’t be there so early in the morning but he smelled pancakes.

The dog rushed to his side and he smiled as it sniffed his toes, giggling to himself before picking it up, it was a puppy and it was fluffy and warm.

“Where are you boy-” she gasped, holding the dog’s leash and blinking owly at Mikey, “You-that’s my…dog…sir…”

He laughed, “I am not a sir!I am Mikey!” he placed the dog on the ground and smiled more, “I am Michelangelo!The best dancer in the world!” he said, noticing that like him, the girl lost her front teeth, giving a windowed view of her little smile.

“You dance?Wait…what are you?”

“I am a turtle!”


“Yep!A super cool one too!”

The little girl giggled, placing a hand in front of her face “How old are you?”

“…I dunno…how old are you?”

“I am…” she counted on her tiny fingers before holding them out to him, “I am six!”

“…oooh,I don’t have a lot of fingers, see?” he chuckled while showing up his hand to her, making her laugh as well. He’d hear the bells chime and frown, “I need to go home.”

“Where do you live?”

“The sewers.”

“Oh…that means I won’t see you again?”

“You want to?” the little girl blushed a bit, shrugging her shoulders. Mikey’s face split in a smile, “Okay!Okay!Sure!Can we meet here again like…tomorrow?”

“Fine by me!”

Donnie: The girl always waited the bus on the same spot with her father, her little legs dangling as she read a book snugly propped on her lap, while she listened to music.

Donnie watched from a distance, hiding behind the trashcans as she talked ot her dad, who nodded at her to spit out the gum so they could leave.

She approached the trashcan and Donnie panicked, trying to leave as fast as he could but ended up tripping on his feet, glasses scattering away from his face “Oh no,oh no!” he patted the ground in panic, tears starting to form on his eyes ”Where is it?”

A small hand touched his shoulder and he jerked because of the touch, but then he felt something slid up to his face and his vision became clearer. 

She was staring at him with wide eyes and her jaw hanging open, “A-Are you okay?”

Donnie widened his own eyes, trying to stand up only to fall again, “I-I am sorry if I scared you!I didn’t meant it!”

“What?” the little girl tilted her head, “Why would you scare me?”

“B-Because I-”

“Mama said everyone is different and shouldn’t be trated bad.” she offered him a hand and a smile, helping him stand up, “You are cool looking. What’s your name?”

He blinked “D-Donatello.”

“Cool name!I am-” they heard her father calling her and she isghed, “Sorry I got to go but…here-” she handed him a small rounded pink bubblegum, “For you,Donnie…see you around!”

She walked away and Donnie felt his cheeks heating up, before he smiled dumbly and walked backwards towards the lair.

i guess i am destined to never grow sunflowers

some stupid squirrel or bird or some birdsquirrel or i don’t know, alien baby or sunflower seed aficionado dug up all the seeds from my garden & had a snack

a graveyard of shells, cracked open like broken smiles, mocking me

Famine rows are everywhere around County Mayo.  This is where farmers dug potatoes during the potato famines of 1847 and 1852.  Believing that the blight was in the ground, farmers would not plant where the bad potatoes were. What you see in the picture above are the actual rows of potato plantings from that period.  They have not been touched since then and have become grazing land.


I was tagged by the dear kuroakikitsune for the 20 Beautiful People tag. I honestly rarely take pictures of myself as I’m not very fond of the camera but since this is not the first time I’ve been tagged for this, this is what I dug up. Top ones more recent (as in this year), last one taken by a friend last summer.

I’m going to tag nikiikornalalockhartcaffaeinatedresidenthoe, and shorthyun, but if you guys don’t want to do it, that’s okay.

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Ruby rescues a stray cat from being picked on by a pair of dogs while on her way home from shopping and goes to Blake for help in taking care of it.

“Hey! Heeeey!” Ruby shouted. “Quit it, you meanies! Ugh, I wish I’d brought Zwei with me! He would’ve bitten your butts till you ran away with your tails between your legs!” She waved her arms and ran at the dogs that had cornered the cat against a building. The poor thing was petrified and mewling in terror at all the deafening noise and snapping jaws.

In the end, Ruby dug out a bit of chicken from her grocery bag and hurled it with all her might. The dogs tore off after it, yapping loudly.

As soon as they were gone, Ruby bent down to scoop the cat into her arms.

“It’s okay little guy! I’ll take you to Blake! She’ll help you!” Keeping the animal close to her chest, Ruby hurried off toward Blake’s residence. Once there she knocked frantically, praying Blake would answer.

Luckily, she was home, and quite surprised to find Ruby holding an unfamiliar cat on her doorstep. Blake ushered her inside and brought Ruby to a small room beside the kitchen.

“I’ve got plenty of extra cat food,” Blake reassured. “I do have four cats of my own, after all.”

“That’s great!” Ruby beamed, passing the cat to Blake. “So you’ll keep him until the owner shows up?”

“…To be honest, I might keep him even after the owner shows up…”


Ruby nudged her playfully and chuckled, reminding her that she couldn’t keep every cat she found, as much as Blake might’ve liked to try.

By the time word had gotten around about where this cat was being held, Blake had grown very attached to it. Ruby was at her side to hug and comfort the crying Blake as she handed the cat back to its rightful owner. 

Blake cried for a few more minutes after they’d left, until Ruby brought all four of her own cats over to her. She sat on the floor beside Blake and played with the cats, snuggling up to Blake’s side and patting her head before wiping away her tears. Blake smiled and leaned against her, and Ruby honestly couldn’t say for certain if the purring had been coming from the cats or not.

*I would have read this before I published it but I was just too lazy so there is bound to be a couple errors Im sorry. xx Haunted You swore on multiple occasions that your house was hunted. There was a cemetery over a hundred years ago that was once next door but they dug up the bodies and moved them some place else. Every night when Ashton was gone you would wake up to cabinets slamming and water being ran but there was never anyone there. Only this time you swear you actually saw something. “Y/N, there’s nothing here. It’s just an old house.” Ashton told you for what felt like the millionth time. “Ash, I’m telling you that there is something in this house. I-I saw someone.” you finally told him, you knew he’d call you crazy but you were serious. “What do you mean you sawsonething?” He sighed pulling you into him as he leaned against the counter. “I saw someone come into our room, I thought it was you so I was going to go back to sleep but then I realized that you were still on the plane. I sat up and no one was there.” You looked around the kitchen, paranoid. “Y/N it was just a dream, we’re fine. I’m hear and I won’t let anything happen to you or our little boy.” Ash rubbed your swelling bump. You were eight months along. “I don’t want to stay here Ashton, i-I can’t, I feel like I’m losing my mind. CaN we please just go to Luke’s for a while?” You usually weren’t one to beg but you were scared out of your mind. Your once perfect house was now a nightmare. He sighed giving in seeing that you were convinced that you were in danger. “Let’s stay here for one more night, if you still want to leave in the morning we will go to Luke’s no questions asked. I nodded not wanting to stay another minute but for Ashton you would try. “Good, c'mom let’s go to bed. It’s late and you’ve been on your feet too long.” Ashton took your hand and led you up to your bedroom. “Promise me you won’t fall asleep until I do?” You always did that with your sister when you were kids. “Promise,” he told you. You laid down allowing Ash to hold you. “I’m leaving the light on.” He chuckled at that. “I’ll buy a nightlight tomorrow.” You felt safer with Ashton here so you fell asleep slowly and then all at once. You were startled from you sleep by a steady creaking. You kept your eyes close but you were full awake now. Ashtons arms were still around you and still secure but your hair was standing on end and you had chills. You had lead in your bones and couldn’t find your voice. The creaking of the rocking chair across from the bed was getting louder and louder. The rocking become more wild until the backc of the chair was slamming against the wall. Your lamp was put so the complete darkness made it even scarier. Ashton finally woke up and the chair just stopped. It all just stopped. “Y/N?” Ashton flicked on the lamp to check on you but you were silently balling your eyes out in your hands. “Baby, what happened?” He tried to pull your hands away from you face but you fought him. “Y/N,” he said calmly. “We have to leave.” You manage to get out. “Okay,” he didn’t try to convince you or argue anymore. You sat up slowly moving your hands away and staring at the chair. “Ashton, l-look.” The chair had chipped the blue paint and even some of the whitworld that was under it. “Okay, come on, get up baby.” He grabbed the house phone and dialed a number. “It won’t go through.” He frowned getting up and putting on his shoes as you did the same. “okay, I’ll call Luke when we get on the road.” He breathed heavily grabbing his still packed suitcase, the diaper bag and the duffle bag you packed the night before when you were scared out of your mind. “A-Ashton I’m having contractions five minutes apart.” You took a deep breath and grabbed your jacket. “Should we go to the hospital?” He helped You up and led me to the door. You weren’t due for another couple of weeks this was to early for the baby. “Let’s just wait it out.” You gritted your teeth as you walked down the stairs and straight to the front door. Ashton grabbedhis phone and keys from the table by the door. You didn’t even get off of your block before your water just broke. “The baby is coming.” You muttered in some sort of shock. You’d had enough trauma tonight.

“Digging for potatoes” from the London Illustrated News, 1849:

“‘Searching for Potatoes’ is one of the those occupations of those who cannot obtain outdoor relief. It is gleaning in a potato field, and how few are left after the potatoes are dug, must be known to everyone whohas ever seen the field cleared. What the people were digging and hunting for, like dogs after truffles, I could not imagine, till I went into the field, and then I found them patiently turning over the whole ground, in the hopes of finding the few potatoes the owner might not have overlooked. Gleaning ina potato field seems something like shearing hogs, but it is theonly means by which the gleaners could hope to geta meal.”

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Moan (For Anarthior)

 My muse buys yours a shot

 They were waiting that someone would answer the distress call. Suddenly Gigi remember what she had with her. She dug something from her satchel and took out a small bottle. “Do you want a some?” She asked while pouring something on a cup she had with her always and offered the bottle at Anarthior. “I think we both need a drink.” She said grinning.