I feel like society overuses the words “self centered” or “greedy”. 

I mean you say something nice about yourself, they call you self centered.

You say you want something good, you’re greedy.

But the thing is that society wants you to say nice things about yourself, and society wants you to have good things. 

So why do they even complain?

Its almost like they want you to only say good things about others or want others to have good things and not yourself, but in a way so that they don’t sound self centered or greedy themselves. 


Hey ya’ll so I dug up a bunch of old selfies!

  1. Summer 2013 - first time I dyed my hair! This was A Look
  2. Early 2014? - Red w/ black brown underneath
  3. Early 2014 - Same hair, my attempt at a goth look ft. Morgan doesn’t know how to do eyeshadow on himself
  4. Spring 2014 - Went all dark brown with crooked blunt bangs, this selfie was the only time this was A Look, I just looked silly the rest of the time, got engaged around here
  5. Fall Semester 2014 - Growing those godforsaken crooked bangs out ft depression and the beginnings of a gender crisis, relationship is starting to fall apart
  6. January 2015 - Short hair for the first time ever ft definite gender crisis
  7. Spring Semester 2015 - Same hair, me ft major depression and a full blown gender crisis, somehow still engaged???
  8. Summer 2015 - The Summer That Shall Not Be Named w/ my not quite rainbow hair, relationship is in shambles, basically constantly suicidal ideation, unemployed, shitty times
  9. Summer 2016 - Your Fluffy Pink Overlord, imo my best look yet, still depressed but less so, very very queer and exceedingly single

Yeah I don’t have pics of me from 2006. I was like…12.

anonymous asked:

hey, I think a while back you made a post (for a playlist meme or something?) of songs to listen to during finals and college stress but I can't seem to find it and I was just wondering if you, like, remembered it or some of the songs on it or something bc that would be great right now if you're not too busy

hey there!

dug this up from the archives, hope it helps!

good luck, drink water, and take deep breaths <3

me: There are just so many amazing female musicians in this world and they are just so beautiful inside and out.

taylor swift: aww thank y-