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Saw a picture today of the Duggar's with their pro-life shirts. What really irks me, as someone who loves trash tv and used to watch their show for a good ol' laugh, is Michelle actually had an abortion. When her fetus died at 12/13 weeks or whatever, she went to the hospital and had an abortion to remove the already dead fetus. She sure liked to utilize that procedure when it was helping HER. Do they realize they are advocating to make THAT illegal.

To them, all abortions are had by ~*~horrible, slutty, unmarried people~*~ who just didn’t use protection and therefore deserve everything that’s coming to them. I bet they don’t even consider the procedure she had an abortion, even though that’s exactly what it was and that procedure would be made much harder to get or illegal if people like them had their way. Fuck, Savita Halappanavar died trying to attain a similar procedure in Ireland to save her own life.

Had Michelle Duggar not been able to attain an abortion after the death of her fetus, she could very well have died. She would have more than likely contracted sepsis and died. And yet, she and her fucked up family will proudly walk around with their pro-life t-shirts campaigning to make abortion illegal because they’re content being hypocritical assholes. They make enough money at it, that’s for sure.

Jill and Jessa: Counting On (The Epic-ish Finale): REVIEWED aka “Like A Spurgeon Held for the Very First Time”

Let me get this out there in the open right now: a Duggar giving birth on TV is an abomination unto the masses.

Fifty years ago, Lucille Ball couldn’t even say the word ‘pregnant’ on her scripted TV show because it was considered too gross. I’m all for progress and free speech (where it applies), but the fact that in fifty years, TV etiquette went from ‘Lucy is Enceinte’ to ‘HOLY SHIT UNCENSORED TOILET BIRTH’ has me dreading this episode more than the unholy dullness of the first one or the obscene fakeness of the second.

If you’re acting one out on a scripted show, that obviously is not the same thing. If you want to show off pictures of your newborn while still in the hospital, that’s perfectly acceptable. Hell, some cultures have entire communities take part in childbirth, and that’s fine because it’s been their way for hundreds of years. Childbirth is a natural celebratory moment.

However, in Duggarland, showing your knees makes you a skank-ho. Jim Boob has to yell out a code word to his adult sons when a girl showing her collarbone walks by so they aren’t tempted to gawk. Until 19KaC began, the only way any of the girls could dress were in pilgrim sacks that would make a Mormon laugh. When you make ‘modesty’ your entire platform, your entire reason for being douchebags on national television, and suddenly forget all of that because you want millions of people to see you squeeze a ten-pound ball of flesh out of your vagina followed by dangerous hemorrhaging because you chose to have an unsupervised home birth, frankly, you can go eat a cock.

No one wants to see you suffer and nearly die on television, Jessa. It won’t extract an ounce of pathos from me or anyone with an IQ over 100. YOU chose to give birth at home without a medically-licensed doctor or midwife present. YOU chose to do so without anesthetic. YOU chose to take the risks. And YOU chose to do so while on candid camera. YOU are clearly the most spoiled, selfish, unapologetic little famewhore in existence. I AM including the Kardashian-West Family in that analysis. You, Jessa Seewald, make Kanye West look like Mother Angelica.

Truly, Princess, I hope one day down the line, you watch this. And I hope it hits you hard and all at once how truly mind-blowingly terrible your strides to get a filmed birth were, and how shitty they made you look. Jill and Anna don’t get this lecture, because all of their births (while equally disgusting and shameless) occurred while the main show was still running, and were probably equal parts at the insistence of the producers and Jim Boob. You had to fight, and work, and lie, and convince people to put money into your bank account and get the same attention. The result? You just succeeded in making your family even more obvious money-worshipping asshats than we ever imagined before.

*takes a deep, cleansing breath*

That said, here we go. The final installment (hopefully forever). Here we go.

It takes about fifteen seconds for Jessa to say ‘time of life’, so take a drink, all ye drinking gamers. We open on her talking about the final days of her baby-cooking while she is barefoot and in the kitchen (where she belongs, amirite?) cooking and doing chores. Ben comes home from ‘work,’ and I stifle a laugh. Ben doesn’t work and the world knows it. He probably has the same job as Patrick Starr did on that one episode of Spongebob where all he did was go somewhere else to watch TV and eat.

And he still hasn’t taken that ‘How to Wear a Hat 101’ course he so desperately needs to sign up for.

As a group of family friends come over and show off their adopted daughter, Jessa rehashed the bullshit that she is hoping to adopt. Gothardites are fervently anti-adoption, so we know this will not come to fruition. Not to mention the only adoption agencies that would give orphans to anyone of Duggar association are ones that were founded by Georgia Tann.

Jill and Derick go to a large foster home run by someone who is much more genuinely into helping people than the Duggars. Derick has a hard time giving coloring pages to the kids. A sharp one, he is. In a highly scripted moment, they also talk about adoption. Um, yeah. See my comment about Georgia Tann above.

And I’m pretty sure the emotionally-manipulative music was brought to us via Scotland…I swear I hear bagpipes.

After the jump, Jessa has vanity photographs taken of her. This is easily the lowest point of the entire ‘series.’ You are watching someone indulge in her favorite thing….herself. Jessa is so full of horse shit she could get work as Mr. Ed’s diaper. At least she calls herself a turkey. Goes to show exactly what females in the IBLP Cult are made to think of themselves as.

Meanwhile, Jill commits medical malpractice in a foreign country. Derick goes shopping. Whee. For a man who has actually been to a foreign country for an extended period of time before, he sure does suck at everything related to his field. He didn’t know how weather worked in Antigua.

Anna comes over to the Mold House, and all the women are in the kitchen and surrounded by babies while making food to put aside for Ben (who apparently is so incapable of making a bowl of ramen). In probably the best moment of the series (it was almost meta), they talk about the infamous toilet birth, and Anna says to avoid the bathroom during labor. Anna gets nostalgic about living in the house in the times before shit hit the fan. Ignorance was bliss for her, which is tragic. Someone so young should not be forced to look to the past for comfort to endure trials of the present.

This is an awful thing to even speculate, but if someone in that clan is going to either die young from stress-related disease or complete suicide, it will be Anna. She looks so much older than her years and I can’t imagine her health being top-notch even now.

Jessa skypes with Jill, and Derick says something vaguely creepy about being ‘one person.’

The Duggar boys go bowling as a sort of weird-ass baby-related bachelor party. I have to say, at least it isn’t going to a baseball game four hours AFTER giving birth (coughcoughJOSHcough). Ben plays with heavy black balls and eats copious amounts of junk to help numb the fact that he has permanent hat hair.

Derick’s mom has the only genuine talking head throughout the entire thing as she leaves Antigua. She’s had a brush with mortality and isn’t too happy about leaving her sole grandchild behind. Jill wants her to stay because she’s been their live-in maid. Jill is a twat.

Jessa goes into labor and responds by talking a walk. That’s actually a very effective way of coping, so I hear. But her momentary good sense dies with her idea that if she power-walks, the baby will come faster, I can’t imagine that’s right. It’s probably as medically sound advice as walking-off a sprained ankle. Putting weight on it may help healing if you’re stable enough, but ‘walking it off’ is stupid and reckless.

And here we come to the part where Jessa comes closest to regretting her longing to film her live birth. As one can imagine, she rolls around in lots of pain. I feel zero sympathy for her. Michelle’s hideous voice can be heard…followed by her first talking-head appearance. And what does she say? How Ben is a good labor coach. How necessary was that, TLC? Compromising what tiny ounce of integrity you may have hoped to express through this three-night special crap with Mullet-chelle spewing off already-said shit. I cringed. Her voice continues to rip through my eardrums as we get a REALLY unnecessary shot of a less-than-modest dress that clings to Jessa’s bubble butt. Sorry, but it had to be said. Normally I DON’T make such insensitive remarks about a pregnant woman, but Jessa is so nasty and prideful that I have no regret in bringing her down a peg in any way.

Oh Lawd, Jim Bob’s ugly face and voice. No.

And hey, we get vocalization added to the emotionally-manipulative music. Enya would shake her head at it, and it’s terrible, but it ends up being Baby Shur-fine’s entrance music. He’s pretty damn big. Jordyn gets the honor of learning the baby’s sex first, which is kind of nice, seeing as it’s the first time she’s gotten any sort of attention and will be the last time for a while. Everyone thanks God for Baby Spurofthemoment’s Y chromosome. Frankly, the fewer women born into the IBLP cult, the better. Less women to beat into submission. Less tragedies like Anna.

Jessa, as we know, hemorrhages and goes to the ER.

Mug-chelle marvels at the baby’s big head. She says it’s because Jessa was a big baby, but I don’t know…both parents have fat heads.

The thing concludes with squeezing the massive Duggar brood into the tiny Mold House.

They play ‘Pass the Potato’ with the kid and end up ‘revealing’ the name Sugarpiehoneybunch Elliot. There are a few passing glances at Jana, off by herself, knowing that there is another baby she will end up working for. Josie, who should be just over six years old, still looks like a three year old. Anna uses the baby as an excuse to forget her husband’s many transgressions and start over (which is essentially Final Destination logic, so good going on that). FInal shot on Little Spudmunch Seemonkey looking like ‘Oh what the fuck have I just been born into? There is no God…”

End scene. End specals. Just…end.

The Final Say on Jill and Jessa: Counting On

If what I’ve made myself witness is correct, I hope Jill and Jessa are counting on their husbands doing real work one day, because even if TLC really feels like pressing their luck and orders a full, sponsorless series, it won’t last. Viewership was expected to rise the second week, and it dropped. Why? Because the first episode was a taste of what a full series would be like, and enough people realized that the Duggars are boring.

Cults intrigue the masses because of their strangeness and ability to mind-numb. Even if your will is strong enough to not join a cult, a powerful enough one will be able to pique some interest, sort of like a local anesthetic as opposed to a generalized one. The effect is tiny and localized by comparison, but it’s certainly there. That’s why people still note Jonestown and the Manson Group in media, even though they whirled through history fifty years ago and in the blink of an eye at that.

Outside of that almost mystic-like brainwashing atmosphere, the anti-humanism, the anti-female, and anti-pretty much everything, the Duggars are just a large family with generally below-average intelligence (some exceptions apply, as do with every family) and a ton of money to wipe their asses with. The only difference between them and the Kardashians is that they don’t THINK they are better than you…they KNOW it and run their lives by it. Their arrogance shines right through the camera filters and photoshop. They do it all to hide the fact that without all of that, they are virtually worthless.

A full season of J&J would be worse than 19KaC because you’re taking away a lot of the oddball element from the larger family. and let me remind you that during the run of 19KaC, an average episode would consist of at least one shopping trip or medical appointment, and some sort of party or local event. There isn’t a single special thing TLC could wring out now that Baby Surge is here. Viewership and interest will decline so quickly, and seeing as there already are no sponsors on board, TLC will finally understand what they should have a long time ago and drop the Duggars like a hot potato forever.

That said, I would hope TLC wouldn’t even risk that when considering a full run. In fact, they need the CEO to apologize to us. This is NOT ‘middle-America.’ Middle America is not supersized families grifting in Central America. Middle America is not throwing massive baby showers twice a year. Middle America is not sex scandals and watered-down emotions. What TLC is attempting to show us is basically a middle finger to child abuse survivors as well as rape victims and cult escapees in general. Not to mention they’re mocking LGBTQ people, women, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, and the REAL Middle America.

I know I want an apology. These three episodes were horrendous. There was nothing redeeming about any of them. It’s exploitation. It’s two couples who are too young to be parents after being sheltered for their whole lives. It’s simply a dull rehashing what we’ve seen nineteen times before…and counting.

It’s hard to believe that 26 years ago today God blessed us with our first set of fraternal twins, Jana and John David! The twins were delivered by c-section, Jana being three minutes older than John David.

They both have a deep love for God and demonstrate that love by how they reach out and serve those around them.

From day one, we could see that Jana had a lot of determination & energy!

Jana is diligent, creative, competent and fast at most everything she does!
She surprised us all when she started walking at 9 months and she still amazes us at the tasks she decides to undertake!

For a period of time Jana joined the volunteer fire Dept and became a first responder. She loves making a difference in other people’s lives. She coordinates and hosts large events, and enjoys giving Godly counsel to younger girls…She has a good time using power tools to do projects or repairs for others as well as at home. Jana is also an excellent pianist and violinist and has led our family orchestra.

John is a very wise, calculated risk taker and careful in planning and making decisions, all very good reasons for him to pursue, volunteer fire fighter work, police work, operating large machinery, and becoming a pilot.
John loves encouraging young men to seek God with their whole heart and life.

John and Jana are great examples to their younger siblings.
It is such a joy to watch them use their gifts and abilities to invest in the lives of of those around them. We are so grateful to God for Jana and John David!

Happy 26th Birthday Jana and John! We love you!
-Mom & Pops Duggar

Source: Duggar Family Official fb

Jessa is officially one week away from her due date, so Baby Seewald will be here any day now. Crazy! I’ve watched her grow up, and now she’s a mom, and I’m so excited for her and her little family. Keep her in your prayers as she goes through labor and delivery. I’m praying for her and Ben that they would raise their little one to love, honor and follow the Lord.

Happy 22nd Birthday Jinger! Enjoying a chocolate mess at Market Place Grill!

This message is from their Facebook,

Happy 22nd Birthday Jinger! You are so sweet, beautiful, fun to be with and have such a caring heart. May God continue to bless you as you are a blessing to all of those around you! -Mom and Dad Source: Duggar family fb


Oh wow, this made me actually laugh out loud. Cant decide if baby seewald is shouting “Hello?” for help or actually singing along. What a cuty! Still hate his name.