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The Duggars are already being criticized for trying to convert Catholics. Now Joy Anna and Austin have spent their anniversary trying to convert Jewish people. In Israel no less.

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i just wanted to say how impressed i have been with jessa these past few months. Between her sincere and heartfelt blog posts about her marriage to ben, her straight up snark and realness in the talking heads, and how well she has taken to motherhood, she has seriously proven me wrong. Her and her little one’s have become my favourite part of counting on. 

for real, go jessa.

Growing Up Duggar: Chapter 2

Sorry to spam your dash, but I read them both last night, and let me tell you, this is where the shit hits the fan.  Buckle in.

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Chapter 2 - Relationship with Your Parents

  • Jill talks about a friend who’s parents got divorced, and the struggle her friend had.  Fair enough, divorce can be hard on kids, but if the parents are truly unhappy together, is allowing them to separate really the worst thing ever? It’s better in the long run, but as we all know, marriage is forever, to someone that you met yesterday, usually some guy that your dad knows.
  • Boundaries: parents who are lenient and considerate of their children, are terrible and will bring up terrible kids. Watch out.
  • Now here’s where it gets very… fundie.
  • If your dad lets you go out with boys that you choose, then you are worthless to him.  He doesn’t care. Sorry bitch.
  • I would like to address this wild pile of bullshit.  Imagine if your dad trusted your judgment?? My dad is quite a protective, and this is fine.  However, he’s not telling who I can and can’t go out with, he knows I’m a sensible person, and let’s me make my own choices.  Honestly, if I was not even allowed to make that judgement, I’d feel disrespected.
  • Here’s a quote to get you fired up: “A girl watches what her father takes care of: his sports car, his custom-made gold clubs, his investments.  It’s unlikely that a dad would entrust his prized convertible to a teenage boy he didn’t really know and just let the kid take it out for a spin without supervision”. p25-26
  • Where do I even begin?? YOU. ARE NOT. YOUR. FATHERS. PROPERTY.
  • You don’t belong to your dad, you are a person capable of making judgements and having opinions, and I find it kind of upsetting that girls are just happy to accept that they are nothing more than a nice sports car.
  • Apparently Michelle and Jim Bob have a 24 hour open door policy, which I find difficult to believe, considering they have managed to make 19 kids. There’s got to be locks on the door with 19 kids running around…
  • During heart-to-heart talks, there is basically a questionnaire for the kids to fill out.  When you are running your family in a way that is comparable to a supermarket feedback form.… like… come on guys….
  • Are you ready for the obedience game? No, no one is, because it is fucked up.
  • Whenever Jim Bob or Michelle ask a kid to do something, they have to say Yes sir/ma’am, I’d be happy to do so!” - a lovely bit of brainwashing there, well done guys. You will not be surprised to find out the Duggars invented this game.
  • And guess what! It gets worse - there are four points of obedience! 1) instant - do that shit now 2) cheerful - and you better look fucking pleased about it 3) thorough - no shortcuts, we need you to be distracted for long enough so we can be blessed with another child *wink* 4) unconditional - don’t try and get out of it, because YOU CAN’T!!!
  • Now, get ready!!! Because the girls have pulled their favourite life principles from a list from the Institute of Basic Life Principles.  I am pretty sure this is the closest fundies get to high school cheerleading.  GOOOO GOTHARD!!! *shakes pom poms but in a modest way*
  • If you don’t know about Bill Gothard’s cult, then it seems like quite a nice list.  But for those in the know… you know you know
  • Then we are reminded that parents struggle too.  Probably because they have 19 kids… idk maybe that’s just me
  • The chapter is summed up with a story about two guys who had road rage.  One died and the other one went to prison.  That’s what anger can do, so watch ya self.

Sorry this was quite long!!!! Lots to despair about.

This. This is what it looks like when you care about the people around you. This is one of the things pro choice is, caring about hungry babies. This is what peacefully protesting with a purpose looks like. Not rallying up to go picket the local Planned Parenthood, which does more in 5 minutes to prevent abortions than a Duggar will do in their entire lifetime. End rant.


So, Jeremy, Mr. “True love is the love of Christ” mansplainer is implying that his favorite thing about his holiest of holy wedding ceremonies is the pleasures of the flesh? 

Well that’s not making me question how genuine all his Christ-y stuff is at all.

Edit: of course Christians can enjoy sex, you morons.  The point is that Jeremy, for all his “THIS DAY IS ABOUT CHRIST” bullshit, was apparently mostly thinking about getting laid.  Sorry; if your favorite part of a religious ceremony is macking on your new wife, i don’t buy that you really felt that the day was all about Jesus’s true love or whatever the fuck.  (And I will never whine about fundies being prudes, because I think their whole shoving their sex lives in peoples’ faces like they’re something to brag about is immature and annoying.  And further evidence that they wouldn’t get married so young and so fast if it weren’t the only way they could get laid.)

And I’m still 100% confident that within five years Jeremy will have cheated on Jinger because she wasn’t giving him the worshipful attention he felt was his due.  And since I totally called Josh cheating on Anna years before it happened, well…we’ll see I guess.  Jeremy strikes me as a huge sleaze who’s totally full of himself with a massive superiority complex.  That’s a dangerous combo.

anonymous asked:

How do you think the Duggar girls keep their weight down? Do you think they diet or that's just their natural build?

First of all, I chalk it up to good genes. That and the 24/7 kid wrangling. I have a feeling none of those girls get the arm shakes after holding a baby for more than ten minutes. It also helps that literally the only food they eat is in a group setting where it goes quickly, so theres probably no room for overeating. Ben had Jessa working out and eating well before their wedding, and it was actually nice to see him helping her instead of just expecting it. Lastly I think the cult has taught them to always be conscious about their image, which is sad.