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Skramz Feels’ Top 5 Releases of 2015 So Far

The year is halfway over, so I figured it’d be a good time to recap some of the best stuff that’s come out in the first half of 2015. Here’s five (EDIT: Six! I can’t believe I forgot Shizune!) releases I really dug. (All the headers are links to full album streams.)

1. Envy - Atheist’s Cornea

Easily my favourite release of the year so far, Envy’s newest full-length reminds me a lot of the stuff they were putting out in the mid-2000s. Unlike their last couple albums, which leaned heavily into post-rock territory, Atheist’s Cornea is a great mix of post-rock and heavy atmospheric screamo.

2. Annakarina - Erasure, I Realized The Fix Was In

While the whole thing is less than ten minutes long, this new EP from Annakarina is really great stuff. All three tracks are rad, and they feel like a natural step forward from their earlier releases. Defs looking forward to a full-length from these guys eventually.

3. Shizune - Le Voyageur Imprudent

These guys have the best drummer in all of screamo, and this album is even better than their killer 2012 EP Mono No Aware. I grew up listening to a lot of great European skramz like Raein and Daïtro, and Shizune feels like the perfect next step in that particular style’s evolution.

4. Ostraca - Deathless

I liked this band when they used to be called Kilgore Trout, and I like them even more on this new release under their new name. If you dig heavy screamo with cool early metalcore influences, you’ll dig this record for sure.

5. Rainmaker / Øjne - Split 7"

Whenever I see album art this beautiful, I worry that the actual album won’t live up to it. Fortunately that’s not the case here, as this split rules. I always love seeing bands from different countries team up to do splits like this (The Raein / Loma Prieta split being perhaps the best example of this). Both Rainmaker (from Sweden) and Øjne (from Italy) came correct on this release, and I’ll be stoked for longer releases from both of them in the future.

6. Fiesta Minor - From My Rotting Body, Flowers Shall Grow

This came out back in January, but I slept on it until just the other day. I’m a sucker for post-rock-influenced screamo, so this release does it for me in a big way. I actually suspect these guys have listened to a lot of Envy, and they’ve done a good job of nailing the balance between really mellow ambient bits and super crushing crescendos, in the same way that Envy does on their best releases like All The Footsteps… and A Dead Sinking Story.

That’s all for now, folks. Enjoy the tunes. Listen to my dumb emo band, too.

Day 1: Roses

Soft shafts of morning sun crept through the blinds, beams of golden light guiding May from her night of no sleep.

Sitting up with a sigh, she caught sight of herself in the mirror and winced. Her normally bright blue eyes were dull, and it was only emphasized by the bags underneath them. What is wrong with me lately, she thought tiredly. She crawled out of bed. The hotel’s wooden floors were cold to the touch. Shuffling to the bathroom, May dug out her beauty bag and slapped her make up on without a care. Her fluttering stomach reminded her of the impending events of tomorrow. She groaned and made herself look into the mirror. “You’ve got this, May,” she breathed, fists clenching the fabric of her skirt.

Breakfast was quiet. Her team felt her unease, and ate in silence. Even she, with her voracious appetite, barely picked at her food. Her father’s letter sat heavy in her pocket, and even heavier in her mind She was just about to get up when an annoying voice assaulted her ears.

“’Sup May.” Drew slid into the booth, his annoying smirk seemingly etched into his face. She really didn’t want to deal with him today, especially since it confirmed her fear of him competing in tomorrow’s Grand Festival.

Biting her tongue, she mumbled out a quick, “Hi,” before shoving eggs in her mouth. Drew held in a laugh at the scene. He had spent enough time with her to know when something was up. It was too obvious, as was the fact that she was trying to hide it. He noticed her pokemon were just as upset. He relaxed into the fine leather booth. The shimmering chandelier was a nice distraction, because he knew he was gonna have a fun time trying to cheer her up. He followed a beam of light one of the crystal decorations reflected and saw it cast a soft rainbow hue over May. His breath was taken away, but the frown on her face ruined the whole thing.

“Did you see Harley or something?”

“What?” she groaned. She really didn’t want to deal with his prying.

“Did you see Harley?”

“No? Why? Did he try to slip into your bed again last night?” He was caught off guard, and she was too. She usually tries to be kinder when bickering with Drew, but her exhaustion and annoyance at her overall life sent her over the edge. Still, bringing up Drew and Harley’s unfortunate drunken make out session was crossing the line. “Drew, I-”

“Whatever May.” He slammed his palms on the table as he got up, catching the attention of the surrounding eaters. “I was actually being nice for once. See you later.”

He tried to walk away, but May was quick in catching his hand. A soft blush made its way to his cheeks, but he managed to hide it. Looking down, her voice was practically empty when she whispered, “I’m sorry.”

He grunted. “Take a walk with me.”

The gardens of Verdanturf Town were brimming with life as they walked through them. The bushes were filled with Combee and Heracross, and Drew noticed a family of Budew burrowing in the soil of an Oran tree. The scents of flowers and berries filled the air, yet May was still feeling upset. She had every right. Her dream was almost over; who wouldn’t be upset over that?


She whipped her head around. “’So’ what?”

He flashed her an amused smile. “What has your panties in a knot?” He laughed as her face turned red in anger and embarrassment. They fell into their usual routine of insulting one another and taking jabs at the other’s ego, but May quickly lost interest. Drew noted that. “Seriously though. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she muttered. He grabbed her hand, giving it a soft squeeze.

“I know I’m not Dawn, or Solidad, but you can talk to me, May.” He tried to look into her eyes, but she avoided him like the plague. She let go of his hand to dig into her pocket, and thrust a piece of paper against his chest. He snatched it up and let his eyes drink up the smooth the cursive. 

He was silent for a moment, letting the reality of the situation sink in. When he did finally speak, it was with a smile. “So, I guess this means I have start collecting gym badges if I want to battle you now, huh?”

“Drew this isn’t a joke!” Her voice cracked with too many emotions to name. “Tomorrow is the start of my last contest! Tomorrow is the last time I get to battle with my team! I have to start all over tomorrow! Don’t you get it?” She paused her tirade to catch her breath. Softly, she wept, “ If I don’t win this Festival…”

“If you don’t win, you don’t win. Oh well.”

She recoiled back in shock. “Are you seriously saying that to me Drew? You’ve win before. You’ve succeeded where so many other coordinators fail! And you have the audacity to say that-”

“That if don’t win, you’re still one of the best coordinators I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.” He looked around, and spotted exactly what he needed. Plucking a flower, he bent over like a gentleman. “A rose for the prettiest girl here.”

May’s face was a red and the rose. She took in gingerly, staring at Drew as he gave her his dopey grin. “T-thanks. For everything.”

He nodded. “No problem. Try not to stress out, and remember the most important thing about tomorrow.” He left off, and she glared as he remained silent.

“Well!” she shouted. “What is it?”

Pausing for dramatic effect, he leaned in a whispered, “I am so kicking your ass in this Festival.”

It took a few seconds for her to get what he said, and he had already ran away before she could hit him. “You lousy no good brat!” Her screaming scared off a bunch of Dustox. Finding a bench, she sat down with a groan. “I need to wipe the floor with that weenie.”

She sat and stared at a group of migrating Tropius and suddenly remembered the words an old friend had given her. 

Never give up, May! Littleroot needs a new celebrity, and that person is you! Besides, dad is getting really old… He won’t last long.” May laughed at the memory of Brendan’s dad dropping a beaker of Poochyena urine on himself and yelling at him. She smiled at nothing, suddenly feeling calmer than she had in a while.

“…the prettiest girl…”

So this happened!
Heavy Metal Magazine @heavymetalink commissioned me to design their new cover! They also wanted to use the art to break the news in #EntertainementWeekly @EW #whonevercreditedme #grumblegrumble #bruisedego #imawhiner that #GrantMorrison was going to be taking over as editor-in-chief #hailtothechief
You can read more at brianewing.com
Working with Grant and HM was a ton of work which ends up being a ton of fun! #imweird The deadline was insane too but it was all worth it in the end. I got to work with a client I never thought I’d ever get the chance to! My teenage self is freaking out right now. Really excited to finally show it off. The Morrisons dug my portrait or at least that’s what I think “it’s bloody fuckin’ brilliant!” meant when they saw the final piece.

Oh so I’ll be doing a signing with Grant sometime Saturday. I’ll let you know more when I know more. Stay tuned. Bring lots of booze and hugs! Oh and cash too!!!

We decided to make an art print that will be available at my booth 4503 #fortyfiveohthree and the #heavymetalmagazine booth #1529 during #SanDiegoComicCon If you wanna see the variants and the exclusive variant only available at my booth go here http://goo.gl/eY5ZPv my brain is still trying to comprehend all of this. I’m giddy as fuck!

Thanks to all the folks who posted about this already and tagged me in it. #someoneshouldslaptheprperson #thatfuckeditup

Back to work! #sdcc is a few days away and I hafta prep some more.
#illustrator #illustration #flippinthebird #DaBirds #magazinecover #editorialart #imfreakingout #somuchmoreworktodo #hopefullysomesexyfrenchmaidladies #dropbymybooth


Person I’m Seeing asked for pictures of me before I started lifting so I dug around and found this gem for transformation Tuesday. Three years, 55 lb, a beard, and many PRs later and I no longer look like I could drop dead at any moment. I’m super happy with my body at the moment. It’s the most capable it’s ever been and I feel good about the way it looks, even if it’s a bit fluffy. A lil chunky, a lot hunky!

the3ryans asked:

Wait so Weiss literally looks like she's dug through the depths of the ocean, no doubt getting a little knocked about by rocks and scratches. And Blake's reply is Oh? COMFORT YOUR GIRL BLAKE! (your art is awesome!)

she is so in shock that weiss would even touch dirt to find a present for her thats all that she could sound out hahahaha

once blake recovers tho she accepts the gift, kisses weiss’s cheek, and helps her get cleaned up

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Are Haim ever going to do anything again or just tempt us with photos? Will Danielle ever talk? Will Alana ever become an adult? Will they ever do anything so I can remove myself from this hole I have dug?

lakótárs 1: úristen meghalok olyan melegem van, hozok egy vizes törölközőt

lakótárs 2: jól esik?

lakótárs 1: jól, jobb mint egy jó dugás

lakótárs 2: férfi így nem simogat, mi?

én: sehogy sem simogat

lakótárs 1 rámteríti a törölközőt: tessék, dórika, ne érezd magad olyan egyedül

én: végülis ez is egy megoldás :(

It had been some time since the God first came to him proclaiming the lost of his precious void, that the very realm itself was to swallow him whole. Corvo did not mind the Outsider’s presence in the least, he had even built the God a makeshift shrine to appease him once before. 

Now the Leviathan was resting in his own bed as if he belonged there, as Corvo loved to think about. The man had nothing and quite literally was to become nothing if they did not find a way to sate the Void’s hunger. 

Making his rounds as the daytime sky slipped below the sea, Corvo stopped briefly at Emily’s room to talk about her day and everything the Outsider, now the royal spymaster, had dug up for her.

He bid her goodnight and walked back down to his own quarters, and lightly knocked on the door to the Leviathan’s room.

“True humans do not rest so early in the day, Outsider.” When he received no response he carefully cracked open the door.

“Are you truly already asleep?”