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So if you thought Mercedes couldn’t get anymore awfully stereotypically mexican then you thought wrong because he is also an extremely gifted spanish guitar player

As for Dufringe- trying to avoid as much spoilers as I can all I got for him is that being alive for more than 600+ years has it’s perks…. 

He’s loaded….

He owns 20 different motorcycles but only really rides one of them :T

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Regarding your OC meme, I lost it at Dan attending Dufringe's funeral. But, who is Dufringe? Haven't really seen him before.

Ah yes, Dufringe. There’s a reason I haven’t drawn or posted a whole lot about him… 

And that reason is as follows:
I am a terrible horrible mother and completely forget about my own children sometimes….,.,//sweats/////

Dufringe definitely ranks up there in top 5 most under appreciated and most neglected OCs. It’s not much, but I do have a few other drawings of him and even a very short mini comic.

Full name is Marcus Dufringe Lafayette. The basic rundown is he’s an immortal knight who wanders around in full biker gear with a massive broadsword~