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What would you like to see in a possible Zatch Bell reboot(besides a descent ending that mirrors the mnga) It couldn't be exactly the same so what would you like to see improved upon? What about the anime only arcs? Include those again or make new 1s

  • scrap the mirror arc because that’s garbage (except maybe keep in cut n paste somehow)
  • the in-between world arc wasn’t as bad but… yeah i wouldn’t complain at all if that was scrapped too
  • basically just cover what i’ve been talking about in my comparison posts? keep in what the anime did well (ex. like i really like how ep 17 was handled) and scrap the things that i hate what the anime did (ex. suzy’s character)
  • adding in filler wouldn’t really be necessary because the manga’s already been long over with, but… i wouldn’t really mind just some more isolated episodes that just show what everyone’s like in their daily lives? like, imo ep 108 is the strongest filler episode and i would like to see some more like that. i’d prefer the anime stay away from trying to force in more 5 episodes+ filler arcs that try to pretend they have plot importance because those… yeah those aren’t as good.
  • i like what they were doing with episode 58 in terms of giving megumi more of a character by showing her struggles. so more of that #give megumi ooumi an actual personality 2k16
  • maybe just somehow fleshing out character dynamics more? like i’d like to see more of megumi/folgore/sunbeam interacting
  • i was talking about this the other day with @dufoux: during that 10th month training period, add in Life With Dufoux at the Takamine Residence™ because there is no way that wouldn’t be comedy gold
  • i… kinda want to say expand more on what clear was talking about in regards to why the battle begins to start with? and like going more into the history of the mamodo world. no idea how well that’d turn out, though.
  • OH and it’s always really bothered me how post-faudo arc, the manga never really acknowledged that 214 was in fact a thing that happened? (beyond going “oh yeah this is how i got the answer talker lol”) so yeah i’d appreciate if it got added in some sort of scene where zatch starts crying at kiyo and telling him about how heartbroken he was and we drill the idea into kiyo’s head that just because he’s being a big hero, that doesn’t mean he should be so reckless because he’s important too and no one, not even zatch, would ever want him to pull something like that again. (the only problem with that is that obviously we would jump into the clear note arc shortly afterwards in which kiyo really does need to put his life at risk again, but… eh nothing happened in that arc that was quite like 214, despite how the stakes were higher in that arc than they were in the faudo arc)
  • i realize that keeping in all of the same seiyuus is entirely implausible (not that the idea of a full-on ZB reboot is plausible to begin with), but you’d have to keep in takahiro sakurai and ikue ohtani because anyone else voicing them would be Unacceptable
  • OST wise, i want it to be mostly the same, but some remixes of the lyrical songs especially would be nice. (like there’s a very lovely remix of boku wa koko ni iru on one of the CDs released that i love) basically what toei’s been doing lately with tri and how we have remixes of butter-fly, brave heart, i wish, and we’re getting a remix of seven. IMAGINE A KASABUTA REMIX… HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE… some new character songs would be nice too? like i love future (zatch and kiyo’s duet) but it’s such a battle-oriented song and i wish that we had another duet for them that was more light hearted and about their friendship? kinda like what ya-ku-so-ku (kiyo’s duet with suzy) is. although i guess you can somehow achieve that effect if you mash together kokoro no chikara with march of the tender king…
  • … official promotional art with meganemaro? please??