Insurgent [2015]


PG-13 | 119 min | Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 20 March 2015 (USA)

Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart with the help from others on her side.

Director: Robert Schwentke

Writers: Brian Duffield (screenplay), Akiva Goldsman (screenplay)

Stars: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Theo James

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THIS IS A Summer Smash for 2013 “We Takin’ Over” By the Abbotsford Native, Beautiful, Canadian, Dedicated, Energetic, Fashionable, Gifted, Hard Working, Intelligent, Joyful, Kool, Loveable, Motivational, Nice, Outstanding, Positive, Quality, Radiant, Sincere, Talented, Unique, Versatile, Wonderful, Xtremely Awesome, Young and Zesty… It’s VICTORIA DUFFIELD

Main line - ‘minimum gauge’ style. by Martyn Hearson
Via Flickr:
The term 'minimum gauge’ was coined to attempt to draw a distinction between a miniature railway and larger narrow gauge lines. Sir Arthur Heywood of Duffield (Derbyshire) was a leading protagonist of the genre and was keen to demonstrate the role such small railways could play … he even had a sleeping car on his Duffield Bank Light Railway! It was his belief that 15 inch gauge was about as small as a railway could be to perform usefully, but nowadays as seen here at Rudyard, ten and a quarter inch gauge rails can provide a handy means of shifting people in a tourist environment. At the line’s principal station two Exmoor built tank engines can be seen of the three in steam today… a 2-4-2T on the left and an 0-6-2T on the right. The track is laid on the former North Staffordshire Railway alongside Rudyard lake. Leek is a couple of miles behind the trains in view and Macclesfield in the other direction behind me. At one time there were moves afoot to attempt to re-open this Beeching casualty the entire distance between those two towns with a steam worked standard gauge line but plans fell by the wayside and the society with those aspirations moved to Cheddleton instead.

Tuesday 5/12/15

Was out of town coaching so I trained at CrossFit Spartanburg with some SAGL teammates/friends.

No hook no feet clean plus power jerk or squat jerk
125# x 2 (power jerk)
155# x 3 (power jerk)
175# x 2x2 (squat jerk)
185# x 1 (squat jerk)
195# x 1 (squat jerk)
Started talking about Kendrick Ferris with my friends and WWKFD and then I started squat jerking haha

Max 3 TnG Snatch
Never done heavy TnG snatches and thought these would be fun to play with. These are much easier than a regular triple where you set up at the bottom each time. Saw that Cassidy Duffield got a tng triple with 190. I think I could do that with some more practice and a lot of caffeine/adrenaline.

Snatch Grip RDL 5, 5, 4, 4 @41X1
220# x 5
225# x 5
230# x 4 x 2
I attribute a LOT of my recent progress with snatches to these heavy RDL’s. My pulls feel so strong off the floor. We squat a LOT at mdusa but I feel like I need more emphasis on my posterior chain for overall strength and structural balance.

Row Repeats; Rest 1:1
Some conditioning. Meant to do 6 but got lazy

Pine Rivers Press, 14 May 2015 / MUSICAL A PURR-FECT NIGHT OUT: Show proves the cat’s meow

by Bernie Dowling


Cats opened in London on May 11, 1991 - 24 years ago this week - and became the longest-running musical in the history of British theatre.

Cats is also the third-longest-running Broadway show after Phantom of the Opera and Chicago.

It ran from 1987 to 2006 and has since been performed in more than 20 languages.

Most of the songs in CATS are set to the poetry of T.S. Eliot set to the music of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The entire show is told through music, song and dance.]

STUNNING costumes, great dance routines and toe-tapping songs bring many a West End and Broadway hit to mind - and one of them would be Cats.

Strathpine-based SQUIDS musical theatre company is bringing the perennial smash to Redcliffe Cultural Centre, in Irene St, opening on Friday night.

One of the performers is Cara Duffield, from Bray Park, who said she was enjoying her roles as assistant choreographer and cast member.

“This has been a wonderful experience and I’m really looking forward to the performance,” Ms Duffield said.

Mike Lapot, from Kallangur, said he could not wait to show audiences how great community theatre could be.

“I’ve been having so much fun working on this show with this talented cast,” he said.

Chris Cathcart, also from Kallangur, said the hard work of cast and crew would be on show.

“The show has been fantastic to work on in both the technical and performance aspect.”

New Farm’s Kate Peardon said Cats was a fantastic show.

“There’s something captivating about humans singing, dancing and acting as cats that actually works,” she said.

The musical spectacular, with original compositions by Andrew Lloyd Webber, is based on poet T.S. Eliot’s book - Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.

The SQUIDS production will involve more than 60 performers and feature dance styles including jazz, tap and ballet.

The show will also feature a “kittens” children’s ensemble with performers aged six to 15 years drawn from across the Moreton Bay Region.

[Main picture: Bray Park’s Cara Duffield in full Cats costume with, above, Chris Cathcart and Mike Lapot, from Kallangur.]

Love in the 21st Century

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
Jordin Sparks - Double Tap
Kero Kero Bonito - Picture This
Hannah Diamond - Attachment
Victoria Duffield - More Than Friends
A.G. Cook - Keri Baby

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