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Published on Dec 27, 2017

Guys, #MovieNightWithKarlie airs 12/28 at 6:30/5:30c on Freeform.

Watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with me, Jourdan Dunn, Burkely Duffield, Martha Hunt, and Joel Ward -
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I’m bringing all my friends to one couch to play ridiculous games, make movie night snacks, and watch fun movies.

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house of anubis
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Merry Christmas @babyjollof from your @kdramasecretsanta (I’m actually watching Age of Youth currently so yay this worked out). I chose songs that I felt fit the group and show as well as a song for each individual member that I thought went along well with their personality/story arc. I hope you enjoy and a great holiday season <33

Where You Lead I Will Follow by Carole King and Louise Goffin / She’s So Lovely by Scouting for Girls / How To Be A Heartbreaker by Marina & the Diamonds (For Yina) / Just Be Mine by Cher Lloyd ( For Ji Won) / Try by Jimin Park (For Jin Myung) / Little Do You Know by Alex & Sierra (For Eun Jae) / Break My Heart by Victoria Duffield (For Ye Eun) / Home by Gabrielle Aplin

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Writers Wanted

So, start of 2018, and I’ve got a irl job, therefore makes it extremely difficult to get my own stuff up and edit all my own work.

You won’t be an “Admin” on this blog, just a “Member” meaning you can’t make changes to the blog, you can’t see the inbox, you can ONLY upload. Reason for this, I’ve had admins before and they’ve let me down.

Writer Requirments;

  • People who can obviously write; i’d like to be linked to previous work or just send something you’ve written yourself.
  • Availability , able to post regular (you’ll have a scheduled upload time so it won’t conflict with mine) again, I know life gets in the way, so just keep me informed when you can upload and stuff.
  • At least over 16, I say this cause my blog has some NSFW content and that’s the legal age of consent where I am from. So, just be over 16.
  • I’ll give you requests that have been sent in- tied into the fandom you picked to write for- or if you have your own muse/ prompts that fine and you post your own stuff.
  • Has a Gmail or able to access Google Hangouts/ if you live in the uk and willing to give me your number (I sound shady - you can view my Facebook Rosalie Tiffany Duffield I’m not a creep) just I like knowing we can talk easier than just Tumblr IM’s - mine hardly work. So, any social media platform you have that’s easier for us to talk would be great.
  • I’m looking for 2-3, so a platform that’s able to have group chat available would be great. (I have kik, which does that.)
  • You’ll be able to pick your own member name, so people knows who is writing what. (I’ll make your own masterlist of the stuff you start to post.)
  • I’m not looking for experienced writers or people who already have writing blogs, if you have a passion for writing but don’t want to start a blog just yet, then maybe this will help kickstart that. No obligations required, just willing to write good fanfics.
  • My email is dailycupofwriting@gmall.com/ or just send an ask to this blog. (Do not comment on this post or reblog saying you want to be considered, messaging me is easier, thank you.)

You have till 8th of January to send message me/ email me. A link to something you’ve written previously or just a little Drabble sent of the work you wish to put out is fine too - I’m not looking for experienced writers either, anyone can apply to be a member on this blog.

The fandoms on this blog are; Marvel, The Walking Dead, Riverdale, Sebastian Stan characters, Stranger Things - so any of these you can pick to write for.

Message me for more details if needed. (If people could reblog this to get this around that’d be helpful)- Rosalie🌹

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Movie Night with Karlie Kloss | Bouncing on “Jellyfish” with Ruby Rose

Published on Jan 15, 2018

Don’t miss Movie Night with Karlie Kloss this January on Freeform.

About Movie Night With Karlie Kloss:
Freeform, Disney’s young adult television and streaming network, has announced “Movie Night with Karlie Kloss,” a six-part series of short-form games and interviews, will premiere on Dec. 28. Taking the ultimate movie night to the next level, the supermodel, tech guru and fashion icon will invite some of her closest friends for an evening of movies, games, baking and fun, all while watching some of the most beloved “movie night” films, including “Dirty Dancing,” ”Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” “Hitch,” and “Never Been Kissed,” among others.

Guest appearances throughout the series include tennis star Serena Williams, Rachel Bilson (“Nashville”), Burkely Duffield (“Beyond”), ballet dancer Fabrice Calmels, relationship expert Matthew Hussey, Carter Jenkins (“Famous in Love”), Victoria Justice (“The Outcasts”), Peyton List (“BUNK’D”), Ruby Rose (“Orange Is the New Black”), YouTube star Lilly Singh, magician Joel Ward, and supermodels Jourdan Dunn, Kaia Gerber, Ashley Graham, Martha Hunt, Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls and Amber Valletta.

“Never Procreate, Please, Don’t” *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

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Requested by @thesuperheroimagines: Boo, I feel you. I’m on my period too and I’m slowly dying. Anyways, I have an idea. How about where Bucky’s girlfriend gets her period & runs out of pads/tampons but she’s not up to going to the store. Soooo he has to go get them for her but he’s s bit overwhelmed by the selection b/c oml there are so many different types. Anyways I wish you luck with your bloody battle.
Warnings: Bucky being cute, swearing, an almost fight and slight humour
Admins Note: I’ve also said my brother, James, is my real life Bucky Barnes because I am Steve Rogers in real life and this request… actually happened to my brother, he had to run out, when he was living with me, to get me some feminine products and he told me what he went through to get right stuff… so round of applause for James Duffield who continues to be my James Barnes, as I am his Steve Rogers <3 – Ro

Slightly inspired by a Becky and Peggy part I did, HERE, hopefully, this is just as funny.

“SHIT” you yell in the morning, not exactly the best word to start the day off with, you were in your en-suite bathroom and rummaging through the cupboards, on top of being stressed you were; cramping, a loud thumping in your head and deep aches were settling into your body, mother nature sure knows how to hit home.

 Bucky gingerly walked into the bathroom, frowning deeply when he sees you stressing through the cupboards, you hadn’t even noticed him wake up till he coughed lightly and you stopped abruptly “sorry, did I wake you?” the words came out a little harsh, he didn’t respond “sorry” you mumble and lean against the wall with a sulking face.

“Mornin’ beautiful” he walks over to you, despite feeling gross and disgusting, Bucky always managed to make you feel beautiful with a few words or even just a smile “what’s the problem?” he asked and you muttered about being  just coming onto your period, he nods and turns to your own cupboard, empty tampon box and pad one, he frowned and scratched his head 

“I’ll tell you what, I hate that you feel like shit just because you didn’t get pregnant, what kind of shit is that?” he muttered and you chuckled, rubbing circles onto your tummy to calm down he cramps, he sighed lightly “get back into bed, doll” he picked you up and carried you back into the bedroom, placing you on his side, which is closest to the toilet and tucked you back in with a light kiss on the lips “I shall return, shortly” He called, pulling on some jeans and a shirt.

He grabbed his wallet, jacket, and keys before opening the apartment door and leaving the complex before taking the short, seven-minute walk to the corner store to get you everything you may possibly need. 

It was passed ten and the store was open with few customers, thankfully it was open on a Sunday, he grabbed a basket and walked to the unfamiliar section of the store; feminine product section. He passed many pregnancy tests, thankfully, he found the items he was looking for and he stepped back in mere shock. 

Shelves and shelves of sanitary towels and tampons, different brands, sizes and patterns, Bucky sighed lightly. He picked up a box of tampons reading over the box he placed it back, he tried to remember the ones he sees you pick up, the box was blue for tampons and the pads you pick up are pink; or was it the other way round?

Basket settled beside his feet, kneeling beside the shelves and two different brands in his hands for pads, Bucky was officially stumped on what he should do; he didn’t want to phone you, he wanted to prove he can be a good, observant boyfriend and because… him stressing down the phone to you over how many different things there are will stress you out, he knows for certain you probably have that conversation with so many other women. 

Also the prices? He couldn’t believe it; you had to pay above three dollars for something you couldn’t control? He could hardly believe it, not the mention the weird looks he kept receiving by men AND women, what a guy can’t buy his girl some feminine products? Bucky placed a pack of tampons and pads into the basket, standing up he walked to get you some medicine for your cramps plus headaches, also… chocolate, if there’s one thing he has learnt from his favourite character; Remus Lupin, it’s that chocolate makes everyone feel better.

Tampons, Pads, pain medication, heaps of chocolate and trashy gossip magazines, Bucky was ready to pay and leave; he stood in line and typed a quick text to you before placing his phone back inside his butt pocket, an older women smiled at the contents of Bucky’s basket, clearly knowing the story behind it BUT a man the age of Bucky- twenty-eight age, not a hundred and one age, clearly found amusement in Bucky’s contents and Bucky shrugged it off… for now.

“Clearly someone is starting their period this week” the man or boy, as Bucky would describe, chuckled with his two friends; three of them snickering, loudly, at Bucky’s basket and he narrowed his eyes. Keeping the Winter Soldier glare within himself, he didn’t want to murder stare anyone today, he just wanted to pay for everything and get back home to you, although these wankers were making it extremely difficult for Bucky. 

They carried on joking, mocking and laughing at Bucky, his human hand clenching the handle of the basket tightly and his metal hand safely tucked in his pocket. Bucky wasn’t in a joking matter, he was far from it, he was so close to snapping all of their necks and just being done with them but he held himself back.

“Do any of you have girlfriends?” Bucky asked, the three men stopped, the original one nodded and another did too but the third didn’t and Bucky just nodded lightly “then you’ll know that a women’s body will go through a time every month where she won’t put up with you crap!” they frowned “if I can’t even stand you for five minutes, I fucking feel your girls, having to put up with your ignorant attitude and sexist humour; I’d sooner strangle myself than spend a minute more listening to you all talk” 

Bucky was calm, which is never a good sign when he is angry, a calmly talking, angry Bucky is never something you want to meet “good on you for being single, stay that way” he smiled at the guy, they each were silent and looking at one another, a cough happened and Bucky stepped around the small group skipping the line and getting his items paid for.

Once everything was bagged he turned back to the men, throwing something at them, one caught it and looked down; a packet of extra small condoms was placed into his hands, they looked up with mild offence and Bucky tried his hardest to not laugh “Never procreate, please, don’t” he begged lightly and grinned before walking out of the shop and back home.

Bucky walked through the door and hung everything up before stalking to the bedroom, you were still laying on his side, Netflix on and you grinned as he crawled over the bed and kneeled slightly on your lap placing the bag beside you; he flopped down across your legs on his back, watching as you looked through the contents, smiling at the fact he got everything right. 

“Aw, you got it all right” you cheer and he grins “you did take a while, were you overwhelmed?” you asked he nodded, you giggled and ran a hand through his hair “well, thank you” you shuffled from under him, grabbing the products before skipping to the bathroom for a few minutes and coming back to lay between Bucky’s legs and rest against his chest.

“I just want you to know that I think the prices for those things are ridiculous” Bucky states, you chuckle and eat the chocolate, flipping through the gossip magazine as he rubs soothing circles under his shirt on your tummy “also… so many choices” he whispered, you nodded and relaxed against his chest “I was tempted to just buy one of everything” you laughed and looked up at him, he tilted his head down and smiled at you “I really hate knowing you are in pain for a whole week” he mumbled, kissing your cheek.

“I know but the upside to ALL of this is” you trail and he raised his eyebrows “I have a great boyfriend who buys me stuff because he doesn’t like seeing me in pain… I mean, great for me, not so great for your wallet” you smile cheekily, he rolls his blue eyes but nods, kissing you lightly on the lips and pulling you a little tighter into his embrace. 

You go back to flipped through the magazine, Bucky’s chin resting on your shoulder, every now and then leaving light kisses on your cheek. 

He was definitely going to procreate with you, mostly because you are adorable and having a child with you would be the cutest thing ever, also, it means another good person in this world.

 Bucky just hopes if their child is a girl she won’t ever deal with ignorant boys like those ones and if you have a son, they won’t grow up to be one those ignorant boys. 

(Tell me what you think, currently not taking period requests, we have a few in our asks that can be used for next month but I’ll let you know when you can request them again. Remember you can request; headcanons, imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee)