Grip the kobold

My roommates and I are in our first D&D game and our group is comprised of a Dragonborn Scorcer, a Drow Assasin Rogue, a Human Thief Rogue, a Half-Elf Fighter, and a Tiefling Bard. Early on we “adopted” this kobold after killing his cultist handler, much to the dismay of our DM.  Here are just some of the antics he has gotten into. 

1) He was put in charge of guarding the cultist we had taken hostage that we were planning on questioning in the morning. When we went up to talk to the cultist we find the man blubbering incoharently from exhaustion. Every time the man was on the verge of falling asleep Grip, with a blanket another character had given him early in the night wrapped around his neck like a cape, would tickle him with a feather in the face. Unfortunatly we didn’t get any information out of him, but Grip sure had a good time.

2)The entire group had been captured by cultists and were having a hard time figuring out how to escape. Our Dragonborn had used fog cloud and misty step to get off of the pole she was tied to but couldn’t get out of her chains. All of a sudden Grip appears, frees the group, except for the bard who was being “held” in a nearby tent, and the person they were sent to find.

3) While the 4 were talking with their main contact back at the keep, Grip comes in with a plate of 5 quiches for the group. (Because apparently he’s a really good cook and had been basically put in charge of the keep kitchen in the short time we were gone?) After counting between the group members and the quiches he realized that the Bard was gone. He put the platter down and left the room sadly. The Fighter called out, “Grip do you need a hug?!” and he came running back into the room, getting a big group hug from all of the players.[Or, according to the Fighter, a “grip hug’]

4) Grip got sad that the Fighter wasn’t eating at dinner with she was glaring down the table at the Bard after they had shown back up at the keep.[It was revealed while they were captured that the Bard was a member of the cultist group they’d been fighting.] The Fighter immediatly started scarfing down the food and giving him a thumbs up.

I’m sure there will be many more throughout the campain. At least I hope so, since the DM seems to have given up on his plan to kill Grip off and let him live a happy life in the keep.