duffchan asked:

Spn fandom for your fandom thingy

I should have known that you’d give me this one.

  • Push off a cliff- Meg
  • Frick frack- Dean Winchester, though it may be a little awkward when I date/marry Sam.
  • Marry- Sam Winchester, the only reason he isn’t frick frack is because I want to live.
  • Set on fire- Lillith (actually her and Meg can be switched around or they both can go through both)
  • Wrap a blanket around- Castiel, because he’s Cas that’s why.
  • Be roommates with- Charlie Bradbury, we’d go larping and talk about geeky stuff all the time.

This was harder than I thought it was, especially the fire and cliff ones because there are so many characters that deserve it.