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Victuuri Week Day 7 - Endings

you’re my end and my beginning - a Viktuuri fanmix for the kind of songs they’d dance to at their wedding, or possibly on ice for couple skates, and for the rest of their lives staying close together, never letting go

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01. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Morten Harket // 02. One and Only Adele // 03. Turning Page Sleeping At Last // 04. So This Is Love James Ingram // 05. Latch (Acoustic) - Sam Smith // 06. All Of Me John Legend & Lindsey Stirling // 07. El Dia Que Me Quierias Quintango // 08. How Long Will I Love You Ellie Goulding // 09. This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) Natalie Cole //
10. Duetto: Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare Taku Matsushiba ft. Kazuma Kudo & Rinko Matsubara


Here it is! My lil Enjoltaire duet for Barricade day!!! I made something fluffy and cute because QUITE FRANKLY IM IN PAIN,

Happy Barricade day everyone!

Vive l’avenir!

All of Me // Moon Taeil


the prompt: can I request a soulmate!au Taeil? Like you and him can listen to each others’ minds and when he hums to some random melodies, you will harmonize with him and vice versa.

words: 1323

category: soulmate au + fluff

author note: taeil is lovely pls give him love. i’m doyoung lol

- destinee

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I’ll act on my love, like Pontius Pilate. I’ll give you my love, like I was Brutus. I’ll prove you my love, like I was Judas. (x)




And I just had a slight mini freak out of happiness and excited all because of my weird curiosity.


Favorite BATB Soundtrack Parts
  • Audra McDonald becoming my new idolized singing heroine
  • Emma Watson becoming my actually achievable singing heroine
  • the dip in his voice “…..athletically inclined”
  • the juxtaposition of “he’s such a tall dark strong and handsome prince/” “/BRUTE
  • Motherfucking Kevin fucking Kline being a fucking….garghhh I love him so much
  • tbh I have kind of a hard time with “Be Our Guest” just because Jerry Orbach’s version is a permanent masterpiece installation in my brain, but I need to give it a shoutout here for being extra, with like the sitars
  • oh right yeah the fuckin SITARS??? like WHY i did not ASK FOR THIS also the ending of ‘pudding?’ that isn’t in the soundtrack but is in the movie is perfect
  • plumiere duet in ‘Days in the Sun’
  • emma thompson saying ‘wot’ in ‘Days in the Sun’
  • the way all these glorious singers are giving it their all and then Emma just cuts in so smooth—I honestly like how simple she sounds here, contrasted with Audra’s incredible flourishing
  • the four?!? five??? multi-part harmony of the servants in “Days in the Sun.” like i know you all love Evermore but Days in the Sun is my smiling/crying jam
  • i’m listening to it right now. holy fuck. crying
  • Instrumentals of Be Our Guest/Days in the Sun/How Does a Moment Last Forever coming up all over the place in new ways
  • Emma Watson sounding autotuned and I don’t even care
  • The return of the Servant Harmonizing™ in ‘something there’
  • ‘neeeeeeew and a bit…..alarming’ how you can tell THE EXACT SECOND belle wonders if she’s a furry
  • yeah yeah yeah i know y’all love evermore
  • and yeah yeah yeah I’ve definitely listened to it on repeat an unhealthy amount
  • i love how Audra McDonald sings every part in this movie….wait are you saying she didn’t
  • new verses—’winter turns to spring, famine turns to feast, nature points the way, nothing more to say, beauty and the beast’
  • NEW VERSES: ‘then i shoot from behind’ ‘is that fair?’ ‘i don’t care
  • new SONNNNNGGGGGSSSSSSS, thank you Menken for “How Does a Moment Last Forever” in every iteration
  • the parts where the soundtrack sounds like ‘galavant’ but more expensive

Ken’s reaction when Hani was announced as the first girl in the hot seat (the rose game, where the boys appeal to be chosen by the girl they like). - All the Kpop, Ep 33

Twdg Au where Conrad and Clem own a little bar/pub after the events of anf and its lit.

•Clem hosts karaoke nights every few days

•Javi singing ‘sexy back’

•Conrad makes the best pork chops
•it was Francine’s old recipe

•lmao they have gambling nights and everyone plays
•javi keeps losing, Gabe keeps trying to impress Clem, Kate makes the cheapest bets, David just watches and laughs when javi loses, and Clem is ultimate poker champ!

anonymous asked:

1. Jennifer is a fantastic woman. She is the real QUEEN. 2. Colin is a lovely man. 3. They are working together.

1) Jennifer Morrison is a gift!!!! She has to work today, so in lieu of a day without women she gets her employer to donate to a Women’s Shelter. Amazing.

2) Colin is a gift! I tip my hat to every man who stands in solidarity today and he clearly is one.

3) Yay!!!! Is it musical duet day????