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CL - Pepero Game [Request]

(CL/Reader | 668 words)

Request: CL one shot. Your an idol too, you two are on a variety show and they make you do lots of ‘couple’ games. The rest is up to you, senpai. Chu can do it~

I couldn’t think of another ‘couple’ game, but I hope you enjoy it anyway Anon! If you had some games in mind feel free to request again!

 “You two are dating? You’re such a cute couple, I love it!”

It seemed like your cheeks were going to be flushed all day. Today, you and your girlfriend CL were going to be on a variety show together.

Not too long ago you both had announced your relationship to the public, and thankfully, it was well received. You two even had a duet stage at the latest awards show!

CL tugs on your hand and begins to lead you to the show stage.

“You know, I’m actually really excited for this. We haven’t been able to do a whole lot of activities together other than some duets.” CL says.

You let out a hum in agreement, sweeping your eyes over the small crowd in front of the stage. Even though the show isn’t being live-broadcasted, they still have a live audience.

You had always thought it was a cheap way for the show to make more money, but after being on a show with no crowd you realized how much more comfortable and lively a recording can be with an interactive audience.

A crew member gets your attention. “You two are going on in 3. Do you remember the schedule?” He asks. You and CL nod.

After the hosts introduce the show they will then introduce you. That’s your que to go and perform your special duet stage. After that, you’ll both sit down and answer some questions about your relationship.

It wasn’t going to be too long of a show, but you were thankful for the opportunity nonetheless.

Minutes later, you find yourself on stage, performing alongside your girlfriend. It’s a song the both of you wrote together, she composed the music, and you made the choreography.

As the song ends, you twirl into CL’s embrace, causing the crowd to erupt into applause. You share a small smile as you’re ushered over by the hosts.

“And that is one of the many reasons why (Name) and CL are the hottest couple right now.” The female host says.

“Yes, indeed! But I’m sure we all have some questions for the lovely couple, which we will ask right after this break!” The male host announces.

The cameras stop recording as you’re led over to some chairs. Sitting down, you turn to CL as makeup artists rush over to you two.

“That was amazing, CL! I’ll never be able to get over that feeling when we perform together.” You say.

“Maybe you should spend the night with me tonight and we can practice performing if you’d like.” CL sends you a cheeky grin accompanied with a wink.

The makeup artists laugh as your face turns a rosy red.

The rest of the show was spent answering questions, both from the crowd and user submitted.

“So now, before we end the show, we have a little game we’d like for the two of you to play.” The male host says.

“Yes! One of our online submitted questions was, ‘(Ship Name) is my OTP! Can we have them play the pepero game?’” The female host explains.

A crew member comes and hands her a pepero box. The two hosts then lead the both of you over to stand directly in front of the camera.

One of them hands CL a pepero stick, to which she places one end in her mouth. CL lightly tugs on your wrist as the fans start to cheer.

You bite on the other end and begin to nibble on it. CL on the other hand, stays completely still.

As the candy gets smaller, you slow down on your munching until your lips are nearly touching.

You and CL stare at each other for a few seconds before she winks at you. Moments later you feel her hand nestle itself against your neck as she presses her mouth against yours.

While the crowd goes crazy you think to yourself, ‘Oh yes, my blush may never go away as long as CL is my girlfriend.’


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