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what kind of girl is she?- a collection of duets and trios sung by females

take me or leave me - rent // best friend - the wild party // what kind of girl is she? - [title of show] // perfect strangers - the mystery of edwin drood // impossible - cinderella // if momma was married - gypsy // i do miracles - kiss of the spider woman // statues and stories - the light in the piazza // you love who you love- bonnie and clyde // we’re not done - bring it on: the musical // candy store - heathers: the musical // caitlyn and haley - edges // fran and janie - is there life after high school? // maybe (next to normal) - next to normal // unsuspecting hearts- carrie: the musical // dogfight - dogfight // what the fuck now, lizzie?- lizzie // i will never leave you - side show // flying away - fun home //


Can we duet? A collection of musical theatre duets that I love and cherish. 

Seventeen|| Heathers: The Musical \ Falling Slowly|| Once \ Unworthy Of Your Love|| Assassins \ Dyin’ Ain’t So Bad {Reprise}|| Bonnie & Clyde \ Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind|| Spring Awakening \ Sunrise|| In the Heights \ A Whole New World|| Aladdin \ My Eyes|| Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog \ I Hate You|| If/Then \ Mr. & Mrs. Smith|| SMASH \ Something to Believe In|| Newsies \ All I Ask Of You|| Phantom of the Opera \ Heart Shaped Wreckage|| SMASH \

duet. // a collection of musical theatre duets, some romantic, some not so

1. too late to turn back now - bonnie & clyde // 2. it’s de-lovely - anything goes // 3. expressing yourself - billy elliot // 4. all i ask of you - the phantom of the opera // 5. little boy, be a man - catch me if you can // 6. the confrontation - les misérables // 7. sirens - jane eyre // 8. you’re the top - anything goes // 9. something to believe in - newsies // 10. what was good enough for you - bonnie & clyde // 11. a little fall of rain - les misérables // 12. hey #3/perfect for you - next to normal // 13. wheels of a dream - ragtime // 14. ten minutes ago - cinderella // 15. for good - wicked // 16. lullaby - the scarlet pimpernel // 17. moses supposes - singin’ in the rain // 18. our children - ragtime



Free! Character Song Duet Series CDs

Nanase Haruka + Tachibana Makoto

Ryugazaki Rei + Hazuki Nagisa

These Duet CDs are too much fun… even if I can’t really accept Haruka singing at all. Even his regular character songs are very hard for me to listen to, just because I can only hear Zakki and have trouble actually imagining Haruka singing that way, eheh. His character never seemed about to break into song, to me. Rei and Nagisa’s singing, however, is completely believable. The drama tracks are my favourite things on each of these.

I’m really curious about the next two Duet CDs, with Rin and Rei, and Haru and Rin. I really love Rei and Rin’s budding friendship (made apparent in the “epilouge” of Ep 12, I thought), but I kind of hope one of their songs will just be Hirarin and Mamomiyo screaming at one another (or this). We already know their drama track will be Rin trying to teach Rei to swim something other than butterfly. Good luck… And Haruka and Rin have plenty they can sing about, but will they also have a kind of sappy duet too? I start to feel like Rin might not sing a sappy duet, but then I remember him crying a lot and think it could happen. So far the drama tracks on other CDs have only shown (post ep. 12) Haruka and Rin just kind of challenging each other to really stupid things. So will this drama track be another challenge? Or the two of them doing something random like the other dramas (cooking and karaoke and…swimming, okay that last one is not that random actually)?

And everyday I check for the art to be put up for the Rin/Rei duet!! The matching accessories on the others have been linked to couples items commonly worn in Japan (we get it KyoAni), and it would be odd to just stop the matching accessory covers suddenly, but what the heck will Rin and Rei wear? Hats? Earrings…? Matching frustrated expressions? What about Haruka and Rin?

The Rin/Rei CD seems really random to me, though I am glad it is being honored that Rei is the one who actually got Rin’s problems solved, even if he couldn’t solve them himself. It’s still a random choice. Because they both swim butterfly, or will they be stronger friends in a potential season 2? Rin/Haru is obvious though. They are the main characters of the show, rivals, and I have a feeling KyoAni will happily cater to the ship as well, even though it is not extremely popular in Japan. But will they make the Rin/Rei one shippy too?! ?!?!?!?!??!!!! And can anything be more shippy than that Reigisa one was…? Good lord.

That’s my thoughts anyway, if you have some thoughts on what you want from the Rin/Rei and Rin/Haru duets, let’s discuss! :D

And then…go buy your own Character Song Duet Series!