Here’s a Mossy Red-eyed Frog (Duellmanohyla soralia) from my HARCC @frogrescue field site in the mountains of Cusuco National Park. Despite the brilliant red eyes, their body patterns are very cryptic and blend into the moss and lichen that blankets the rainforest. This species is classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List. http://www.FrogRescue.com

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Over my past 10 years of amphibian chytrid research, I’ve examined thousands of frog tadpoles in the rainforest of Honduras. After taking a scoop of river water into my bowl, this particular group settled into a neat swirl! These are tadpoles of the endangered Mossy Red-eyed Frog (Duellmanohyla soralia). After being counted and swabbed for chytrid infection, they were released right back into the river.

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Here’s a baby Mossy Red-eyed Frog (Duellmanohyla soralia) from the cloud forest of Cusuco National Park, Honduras. This critically endangered frog is one of our focal rescue species at the HARCC-Honduras Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Center

HARCC is continuing to seek funding to support operational costs and for the monitoring of amphibian chytrid fungus in Honduras. If you can help, please contact us at HondurasARCC@gmail.com or view our wildlife artwork sales gallery HERE

Green glittering tadpoles of the mossy red-eyed treefrog (Duellmanohyla soralia) found in Cusuco National Park, Honduras. This species is critically endangered and the Honduras Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Center is rushing to prevent their extinction from chytrid fungus and illegal deforesttaion.  We wish them luck!