So…The ka was believed to be able to draw sustenance from depictions of food on the walls of tombs. But only if the proper rituals were performed after the person’s initial death or “Meeting Their Ka”. If not, the person would suffer the dreaded 2nd Death wherein their Ka would disappear and be reborn 3000 years later. Unfortunately, the Pharaoh never got those rituals so…

And I actually got the depictions mixed up; the Ka is depicted as a smaller version of the person after death, and the Ba is the one that is able to turn into a bird and travel, again, with the proper rituals. So at this point @monpian and I have accepted that this is an AU where Mahad just Royally screwed up his spells. And that lead to this:

And we have been laughing for about 2 hours straight at this point, so she drew this:

What a time to be alive.


The Duel at Blood Creek, a 15 minute short film well worth watching.