“Zabraks can blend in anywhere.”

Theron Shan: Jacket and belt.
Renowned Duelist: Pants.
Bracers: Covert Energy (invisible, of course)
Canderous Ordo: Boots and gloves.
Sabers: Elegant Duelist Saber x2 (Nightlife packs), Cyan-blue Hawkeye x2.
Headpiece is something I got on Ziost that I actually liked, but turned off for now.

I LOVE how the pants, when color-matched, LOOK LIKE DENIM. That’s EXACTLY why I have them equipped! Nothing has been dyed!


The Duel at Blood Creek, a 15 minute short film well worth watching.


The (Cursed) Utena Shoot

Finally: a photoset of the photoshoot that was cancelled, postponed and rescheduled about six times. We made it in the end! This was one of the most influential shows I saw in my youth, so bringing it to life with two of the loveliest people I know was an amazing experience.

And a bit of a story behind the last image: this photoshoot was done in a public park, and at one point a little girl took to watching us from the distance. After some encouragement from her father she approached us, asked if I was a princess and then gave me that flower. SO ADORABLE. <3 

Next up, Nightwing! (a bit of a jump, ahahaha)

Anthy | athira80 @ DA

Utena | echoing-artemis @ DA

Wakaba | Variable @ tumblr & Variable @ FB

Photographer | Liam | planeswalkerlx @ DA

Utena: Dreaming Through the Noise

Masterpost: Takahashi interviews

There are quite some interviews and comments from Takahashi floating around, but sometimes one can’t find just the one looking for.
Well here’s a masterpost!
It’s not complete, I posted this anyways, ‘cause you could help me find other comments and interviews on tumblr. I don’t like to upload them myself, when they are already. So please if you found another Takahashi comment, point me to it? :>

In the manga

First seven volumes

Yu-Gi-Oh! has basically become a card game manga recently
- Duelist vol. 4

um… Dad… please don’t buy cardass cards at your age…!
- Duelist vol. 5

That’s what brings me the most joy.
- Duelst vol. 6

I still haven’t fully expressed the depth of card games.
- Duelist vl. 8

And that’s how Seto Kaiba was born!
- Duelist vol.10

There’s one problem when trying to express the fun of card games in manga form.
- Duelist vol. 12

My top 10 monster cards
- Duelist vol. 14

I believe that everyone has an “other self” inside them.

And that’s the origin of Marik.

I had a stomach ulcer caused by stress.

At first I was planning to draw a horror comic!
- Millennium World vol. 5

But when a pendulum swings all the way around, it draws a circle and that is the strength of the main character.
- Millennium World vol. 6

As we go about our lives, we touch people, we see people, and interact with them; - last volume

Deepest thanks

From interviews

I would like all my readers to have something–one thing–that they’ll rise above others to.
- Gospel of Truth

When they lose, there is a definite meaning as to why they lost, so people who keep that in mind are likely to succeed.

Yugi, is a weak and childish boy who becomes a hero when he plays games.
- 4Kids 2002

I like the words that Yugi says to Jonouchi at the end.
- Shonen Jumb 2004

So i gave Yugi the bondage elements underneath the jacket…!
- Duel Art

It’s taking elements from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, so it’ll be a lot darker of a story!
- about Darkside of Dimensions


Hellboy art exchange!

Hellboy and Yami Yugi in Bobobo

Photo of Kazuki Takahashi

To everyone in the Earthquake disaster area! I support you!

Yami Bakura insults Takahashi

Some snippets of the SDCC panel 2015