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If the show is Akio's telling and the movie is Anthy's retelling, does that mean there exists a theoretical third version of the story told from Utena's perspective? Would we still get the same focus on the architecture, the dueling arenas? I think the closest we come to Utena's perspective in this whole mess is the Black Rose saga. Dueling there isn't an act of finesse, but of hurting made manifest. Each duel weakens the duelists. Dueling itself is a corruption growing out of Utena's friends.

Also anon:

if the anime is Akio’s retelling, and the movie is Anthy’s, I can’t imagine what it could be from Utena’s perspective. Maybe you have some thoughts?

I honestly think from Utena’s perspective it’s a shonen/sports anime and there’s a lot more attention paid to the actual swordfighting

ENG: I reworked this Utena and Anthy I did a few months back. And this time, I swear I will paint it and finish it!!!

[Description: A lineart of Utena and Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Utena is embracing Anthy from behind, while holding her sword. Anthy returns the embrace, and lays her head upon Utena’s shoulder. They are wearing their duel arena outfits. Their faces are framed by thorny roses, and Utena’s head has a halo of swords. ]

ESP: Trabajé un poquito en unas lineas de Utena y Anthy que hice hace un tiempito. ¡Y, esta vez, juro que voy a terminar esta pieza!

[Descripción: Un lineart de Utena y Anthy, del anime Utena, la chica revolucioanria. Utena abraza a Anthy desde atrás, y tiene su espada en una mano. Anthy devuelve el abrazo, y tiene su cabeza apoyada en el hombro de Utena. Ambas están usando la ropa de la arena de duelos. Sus rostros están enmarcados por rosas con espinas, y la cabeza de Utena está rodeada de espadas.] 

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Sorry if someone asked this but how do the feather things work in heroes and how do you use them?

Feathers are used to ‘unlock’ the ‘potential’ of your heroes, and you have to farm for them. When unlocking the potential of a hero, you increase his strength and rarity (☆), which also gives them better stats, more powerful skills to learn and even better weapons.

There are several ways for you to earn feathers:

  • Send your heroes home: go in the ‘allies’ tab and you’ll find a 'Send Home’ option. Basically, this allows you to trade the character for feathers. The stronger/rarer the hero, the more feathers you’ll gain (ex: I sent home my 5* Takumi and got 1,000 feathers!)
  • Quests: go check the foutain thing and it will give you quests to complete. Some of them will reward you with feathers.
  • Arena Duels: quite tiring since like everyone has one (and sometimes two) Takumi in their team, but you can battle 3 times each day (or more, if you can restore your dueling swords). Battle as many times as you can and you’ll be rewarded with feathers at the end of the week.
  • Characters: once per day, one of you characters will give you 5 feathers. There’s also a visiting hero from another player who will hand you free feathers.

When you have enough feathers, go check your characters and choose the ‘unlock potential’ option, and it’ll let you upgrade your hero.


[Event] The Princess and Princess Voting Gauntlet event is now over. Click here to check out the results!
[Quests] As part of the Play Everyday Event, Daily Special Quests will be available at the arena from March 14th to April 11th. You can win some Hero Feathers and Orbs with those!
[Log-in Bonus] From March 13th to April 1st, you can get a Special Log-in of 10 Dueling Crest;
[Arena] Until an unspecified date, it will be easier for you to win Hero Feathers at the Arena, based on your high score for the current season. This will start on March 14th, and will last until an unspecified date;
[Log-in Bonus] Starting today, and until an unspecified time, you can get a Daily Log-in Bonus: 100 Hero Feathers (Monday), 1 Stamina Potion (Tuesday), 1 Dueling Crest (Wednesday), 100 Hero Feathers (Thursday), 1 Stamina Potion (Friday), 1 Duelling Crest (Saturday), 1 Orbs (Sunday)
[Summoning Event] The following theme will be added tomorrow (March 14th): “The Blazing Blade” (available until ???). It features Ninian, Karel, Priscilla, Jaffar, Rebecca, and Lucius. You will be able check out the characters featured in this theme on this page!
[Story Maps] A new Paralogue will added tomorrow (March 14): Paralogue 3 – The Blazing Blade (available until unspecified date).
[Quests] Special quests related to the Blazing Blade Summoning Focus event will be available from tomorrow (March 14th), for a limited time.

Voting Gauntlet winner - Lucina

Grand rewards are as follows:

- 10 Orbs
- 5 of each Great Badge

Look around, Yami. Do you see all these people in the arcade? Some of them have already noticed that you and I are standing next to each other, in front of the duel arena. They’ve come to the conclusion that a legendary duel will take place here - and they are right. Hahaha, those folks over there don’t seem to be doing anything else but trying to look inconspicuous while they’re subtly following us with their gaze. We’ll no doubt attract a crowd in a few minutes, Yami.

How do you feel about that, by the way? Losing your title in front of everybody? Would you prefer to do it in private? I could arrange that.


[Image: First image is of Anthy and Utena in the elevator to the Dueling Arena, in their respective dueling outfits, looking tenderly at each other as they clasp hands. Second image is a close up of their hands on Utena’s breast over her heart.

Text: When I think only of myself, I am scared. But knowing I am with you, I am not scared. We are in this together.]

Text originally from WtNV episode 54 “A Carnival Comes to Town”.

Episode 51, part 2: fire clouds the brain.

When we left Yugi, he was in a warehouse that went on fire REALLY quickly and effectively. This is some Disney-fire level shit right here people.

I have to admit, I lol’d.

Yugi grabs the chain and tries to pull the spike loose (how the fuck did Keith jam that spike in there? what is the duel arena made of anyway?)

But he can’t.

Okay. I know this is a cartoon. And I’m not supposed to take it too seriously. But.

The chain is attached to the spike by something that reeeeeeally looks like a carabiner clip. That’s not a padlock, look at it. It looks like you just screw that open. Maybe it’s been locked somehow, although I dunno how you would lock it, but maybe it has. WE DON’T KNOW BECAUSE EVERYONE ALMOST DIES AND NO ONE THINKS TO FUCKING CHECK. NO ONE TRIES. NO ONE EVEN TOUCHES IT. *laugh-sobbing*

I spent this whole warehouse fire saga alternating between “JUST UNSCREW THE FUCKING CARABINER YOU MORONS” and T_____T

</3 He needs his big brother figure to help him but Yami can’t help him because his soul has been literally-not-figuratively shattered! T_____T

But help is on the way!

… Where have they been?! They’re in a totally different street from any of the dark alleys we saw Yugi and Bakura reach the warehouse from, and when they see the smoke from the fire, they’re like a whole block away still. Seriously how long did Bakura spend fabricating false arrow paths?!

When they do see the smoke, they run towards it and decide Yugi must be inside based on no information whatsoever but OKAY.

You guys are TERRIBLE FIREFIGHTERS. What kind of lame-ass looks-cool but-has-no-power-behind-it posturing kinda kick is that supposed to be, Katsuya Jounouchi?! 

Meanwhile, inside, Yugi has decided the best thing to do is just take a lash at solving the damn thing (CARABINER YOU MORON) …

… so he can at least apologise to Yami before they both die in the flames (T____T)

And this time, it doesn’t take him eight years! He actually gets it done really quickly, finishing right after Jounouchi and Honda finally manage to burst through that door.

He’s such a fucking cutie, even in near-death situations!

Jounouchi and Honda tell him to get his ass out of the very-much-burning-down building, but he won’t go.


Btw Yugi is such a Gryffindor. Fight me.

Jounouchi tries to detach Yugi from his literal death-grip on the Puzzle (CARABINER) but Yugi won’t let go (T____T) and Honda…

OH WELL PHEW. I mean, I know the deck is important but haven’t these kids ever taken any fire safety drills?! Nothing is more important than yours or someone else’s life, kids, leave it all behind. (The Puzzle is an exception because it actually does have a person in it.)

Yugi won’t leave Yami and Jounouchi won’t leave Yugi! T____T but serIOUSLY THE FUCKING CARABINER THO. Maybe Yugi was too short to reach it but Jou has no excuse!!

THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD CHECK THE C– … no, you know what, forget it. Just die there. 

Yugi’s really strong, though, if they can’t prise him off it. I guess he’s having one of those adrenaline rushes … but while semi-conscious? Hmm.

Now that the Puzzle’s been put back together, actually, I’m surprised Yami didn’t immediately take over, since Yugi’s in such danger. I guess maybe he got all rattled around in there and it took him a while to … pull himself together! (I tried not to.)

But he must be terrified that Yugi’s going to die because of him and he can’t do anything about it T____T

As Jounouchi grabs the Puzzle to try to drag it free, Yami manages to give him a brief vision!

If only.

He actually tells him to use a metal bar as a lever to free the spike.

But. But then. How did they ever get the chain free from the spike if they didn’t just open the carabiner clip, HMM?!

Meanwhile, Anzu has called 119 (the Japanese fire and ambulance number!) and the actual firefighters have arrived.

Except they are also TERRIBLE FIREFIGHTERS because she’s telling them there are people trapped in the building and the building is not collapsing, but they just ignore her and don’t try to go in to save them. 

But, with Yami’s plan and Jounouchi and Honda’s metal bar, they make it out!


I’ve actually started Puzzleshipping a lot more since I started this rewatch. <3 Bbys.

I mean, look at how cute Yugi is:

It’s nice to think that it was an impossible Puzzle because Yami didn’t want anyone to solve it, but he eventually made an exception for Yugi and gave him a fair chance (the first time he solved it) , and now, he wants Yugi to solve it again, asap, so he helps him as much as he can. <3

Anyway, now that excitement’s over, the next episode preview tells me it’s my homegirl Isis showing up! Yes!

I’m sure someone’s already posted this--

–but I haven’t seen it yet, so.  I couldn’t help but notice that Blue Diamond’s cloud arena–

–is very reminiscent of the hanging castle over the dueling arena in Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Utena references in SU are nothing new, but I thought this was a nice touch all the same.  The reversed building design also reminds me a bit of the Western Air Temple in ALTA.

Freaking Paladins

Context: The paladin in the group has challenged an evil warrior to a duel. On mounts. In the sky. (Red dragon VS Pegasus) They are now in position to attack on another in the sky dueling arena (don’t ask).

DM(me): The warrior draws his unholy sword and growls at you

Paladin: OOC I draw my Holy Avenger and My +5 Holy lance

DM(me): OOC Please don’t

Paladin : I charge him! When I get close, I would like to jab my lance into the dragon, then swing the Avenger around and hit him with that. And smite evil on both

DM(me): Roll Attack

Paladin: (Rolls both) (looks at me and smirks) OOC both crits

DM(me): (Face in hands) and damage

Paladin (rolls the freaking (2D6+1D6+29)5+(2D6+1D8+29)4 damage!) 427 damage!

DM(me): You know what, the dragon is dead, the warrior is dead, all evil is dead, you gain 1,000,000 XP, and win the game.


Ok but look at this.

Anthy is so happy to not be with Saionji anymore.

Anthy is so excited to have a fresh start with the hot girl who surprised the hell out of her in the dueling arena.

Anthy is looking forward to not being used and abused for a change.

Anthy is optimistic.

It won’t last.


So I was chatting with @faygopharaoh when I got the most brilliant idea.

Yami Bakura leading a social media campaign against Yami Yugi.

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Yami Yugi tries damage control, but he’s not great at social media.

When Ryou occasionally takes control, he tweets whatever he’s thinking at the moment in the vague hopes that it will make Yami Bakura less popular on Twitter, but his followers actually appreciate his shitposting prowess.

Yami Yugi is really bad at damage control. Really bad.

All of the villains happily append this hashtag to their tweets and it’s trending on Twitter within 48 hours.

Kaiba doesn’t really side with anyone and will often fan the drama flames for his own entertainment, but whenever he’s suffering from a recent loss on the duel arena, he does tend to side with Bakura a bit more…

Yugi tries in vain to make #DoNotPhuckThePharaoh a thing, but then someone makes a parody account @UnPhuckablePharaoh.

I was rewatching “Cheeseburger Backpack” when something occurred to me.

As we all know by now It seems like the main purpose of Gemkind occupying Earth was to breed more gems and/or exploit it for resources. But this brings up a very big question:

Why are there so many temples and other sacred Gem sites on Earth? There is the Beach City Temple, the Lunar Sea Spire, the Sky Spire, the Sea Shrine, the dueling arena, Rose’s Garden and who knows how many others that might have not been seen yet on the show. Why bother building so many ornate places of Gem culture on an ultimately doomed planet?

For this I can only think of two theories.

One theory is that these places were merely for Gems stationed on Earth to inhabit. The Kindergarten process likely takes a very long time to happen, so in the mean time Gems would create these places to make Earth feel more like home during their stay. The problem I see with this is I doubt a simple station for the gems would be this ornate unless they were inhabited by Gem nobles or their was an incredibly large Gem population on Earth. They may be beautiful but I doubt military or engineer minded gems would live in something so inefficient.

The second theory is more detailed and is personally the one I prefer to believe in. I believe that those in Rose’s faction are who built the temples. Like I said before I highly doubt Gems like Jasper or Peridot would build such places. So perhaps these sites didn’t exist before the gem war. Suppose more than just Rose, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl survived the war. Perhaps dozens if not hundreds of gems are now on Earth forever. What do these gems do? Make Earth feel like home, since it is now the only home that they now know. However the corruption starts to set in, causing more and more sites being abandoned and forgotten. Without gems looking after them, these areas start to fall into disrepair like the Lunar Sea Spire, until only one site is left that isn’t forlorn. This site is the Beach City Temple, since it is the home of the remaining Crystal Gems.  

 This is why Pearl has fond memories of some of these sites and why the Crystal Gems care about the condition of these places. These sites were the homes of their culture and their comrades, whom unfortunately can no longer look after these places themselves.

This has been a fan analysis of Gem temples and other sites of interest. This is only my personal outlook, so don’t let it discourage any head-canons or fanwork.