duela dent

Fast Food with Jason and Co.
  • Jason: what do you all want?
  • Roy: double cheese and-
  • Duela: definitely french fries
  • Artemis: mortal food is below me
  • Bizarro: I AM BIZARRO
  • Roy: STFU BIZARRO YOUVE SAID THAT 28283893 times
  • Starfire: get everything we just said, OK jase?
  • Jason: why me. What have I done to deserve this
  • Artemis: you deranged bitch, we aren't killing anyone!
  • Roy: someone's boring
  • Jason: end me now, please

I want more lady Rogues I want more obscure Rogues I want DC to revisit Becky Albright and Molly Randall and the concept of a Mistress of Fear and I want to see blonde girls teaming up with the Mad Hatter and making him rob jewelry stores for them and I want Query and Echo save Riddler’s ass more times than he can count and I want Duela Dent planning crimes just to show Batman that she can stop them too and I want Magpie to fight Catwoman because they both tried to steal the same priceless gem and I want to see Peyton Riley fighting Harley Quinn for her right to be the Ventriloquist and I want obscure female Rogues that don’t have the hots for Batman or work as sidekicks to other Rogues I want to see obscure female Rogues that are sick of being treated of victims and are just as ruthless as the boys and take advantage of lonely hearts to suit their own ends but I also do not want DC to come anywhere near them because it will go horribly wrong

Jason and Co. as things I've done (all real)

Jason Todd: the time I literally learned how to shoot two guns simultaneously to impress someone. Doing things just to spite people. The time I took vengeance on my ex by cat fishing him AS Jason Todd

Roy Harper: learning to do fancy ass martial arts kicks in stilettos just to make a point, the time I tried to impress my girlfriend and broke two fingers playing a violent variation of pool, also the time I did a really bad imitation of Blake Shelton because I was hyped on caffeine

Koriand'r: the time I accidentally flashed an all male skype call, also the time I told someone I was a slut for cheese, and the time I had a bdsm account on here

Duela: the time I got someone to drag me around on the floor of a con proclaiming they killed me, me using reading comprehension as an insult, that one time where I started giggling maniacally in church for no reason during the invitation

Bizarro: the time I said that Jason Todd wasn’t in DC and backtracked desperately, me showing up to someone’s graduation party wearing only a hoodie and ripped jeans and backing out slowly, the time I was anesthetized and just literally screaming

Artemis: every time I’ve called someone sweetheart in the course of an argument, the time I tried to beat a girl up because the girl insulted asians and autistic people, the time someone called me a princess and I responded with “I’d rather be a Hun” (I was seven)