Do you know what would happen if tumblr existed in the YuGiOh universe

Do you know

Duel Monsters discourse

“if you say that Duel Monsters don’t have a soul then you’re an asshole and you don’t belong to the Duelist community”

“people who ship themselves with their favorite cards are gross unfollow me if you want to have sex with a card”

Golden Boy

You think you’re God?

“If you pick the right color, perhaps it will bring us closer. Perhaps it’ll bring us peace as we often had before.”

A hollow chuckle as he traces the grooves of a stained tabletop, sighs a little. Glancing around at the accumulation of unfamiliar faces. Ugly scowls to stunning smiles and all in between.

Often at times like these he sees colors, hues of all shades and sorts but that was years ago. He’d never seen those as he once had.

Parting ways meant parting with sight and greeting the dancing shadows that grinned so deviously from the walls.

He should take advantage of them he knows but he never had. And wonders if he’d only been repressing or it was the inevitable. Either way it was so, sudden. Everything was a glow of white. Colors sucked dry.

Nevertheless it was a good start. After all potions and spells were often difficult so it wasn’t much of a cruel fate being in demand. Remedies could be easily sought.

“Dazzling gold.” 

Startled he peers down at the eyes of a child much younger than himself however- so similar in appearance. Yugi knows he’s being studied by sharp, quiet eyes. 

“I’m sorry?”

“You’re a gold color. I’ve never seen one before.”

He can only gape in response. Never in the slightest-

“You are perhaps- inclined towards invisible colors?”

In response this nameless child cocks his head to the left, stares harder as if discerning the level of trust although it was he who had blurted such controversial words first and foremost.

The words are languid. “Can you?”


Though a child- no, especially as a child he can hint the undertone of sadness.

Atem places his ever so small hand flat against his chest in a presenting manner. “I can see them now.” Steels himself for ridicule sure to follow at being such a proud child.

“A very special gift you have indeed.” Despite all his wariness, Yugi smiles softly. Taking the younger off guard.

“I am Yugi, and you?” Holds out a hand. That of which soon envelopes the drastically smaller.  A mixture of light and tan.

“Atem.” Said boy says, if he were to place his hood up his head would look twice as large with this swell of unruly hair. Noted with much amusement.

“When you said gold, what gold were you referring to?”

Interested, Yugi is certain never to loosen his hood however. No matter how trusting Atem is. A wisp escapes but god only knew who had seen.

“Your aura. It’s such a peculiar shade of gold. The likes of which I’ve never seen-” Atem pauses to Yugi’s inquisition. Eyes flitting around the entrance nervously,


“I apologize.”

Before his very eyes the child, this child, dissolves into exactly seven snakes. They slither away quickly. 

Perhaps, he muses with a quiet grin of his own interest, following would lead to a grand adventure.

The broader the scheme, the greater the reaction.

Twisted was the gold barb. Did you think perhaps settling upon a fair silver would do?

Settling is only that of dissatisfaction. 

Only a matter of time.

In Life you Must...

Forgive like Yugi Mutou

Dream like Anzu Mazaki 

Defend like Jounouchi Katsuya 

Support like Honda Hiroto

Work like Seto Kaiba

Aspire like Mai Kujaku 

Fight like Bakura Ryou

Teach like Suguroku Mutou

Overcome like Malik Ishtar

Change like Pegasus Crawford

Sacrifice like Pharaoh Atem

and most importantly

Love by putting them all together.