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how the hell exactly did the legendary four founders of Hogwarts decide that houses were going to be sorted with a HAT

Salazar : what about we organise duels and the winner–

Rowena : no, are you crazy?? they’ll have a writing test, that’s it–

Helga and Godric, bursting through the door, completely drunk : A TaLkiNG hAT


Silverton Church, Colorado by Ken Hircock

EXO’s Reaction to their little cousin saying they’re going to marry you

I am so fvcking late for this request. I AM SORRY MY DARLING ANON! I DON’T MEAN TO! T^T. I hope it was a fantastical amazical birthday! ♥



*Finds it the cutest thing ever. The fact that his little cousin is looking up while making that statement made everything better. The moment that the words left his mouth, Minseok burst out laughing on the ground before looking towards you.*

“I think you should break up with me, baby. Clearly, he suits you better, just look at him!”

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*Starts laughing at the little boy. Finds it adorable that he thinks he even has a chance.*

“You’re so cute, you. I’ll let you marry her when you’re old enough to drink.”

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*He can’t argue with the kid because it was the cutest thing. You were giggling on the couch and he can’t help but go along with it.*

“So, where are you going to have your wedding? What are you going to wear? Who’s your best man? I hope I’m invited to the wedding.”

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*Even though he was laughing on the inside, he kept a straight face. Slowly, he turned to the kid and looked down. His eyebrow raised as he bent down.*

“Boi, do you want to repeat that??”

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*He let out a chuckle before smirking and giving his cousin a small challenging look.*

“But she’s already my girlfriend. What? Break up with her? No way! I say we have a duel! The winner gets to marry (Y/n)!”

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*Nope. Not today. Chanyeol wasn’t keen on sharing you.*

“Ahahahahahahahahahahaha, very funny kid. You can have her…YEET- Find someone your own size.*

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*Burst out laughing before adjusting himself. He then bends down and patted the kid’s head.*

“Very funny, kid. But I don’t think you’d stand a chance against me. I mean, come on, look at the way I’m dressed, obviously she’d go for me. Bye!”

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*He chuckled after the words left his cousin’s mouth. He finds it adorable and plays along because he can’t break the kid’s spirit.*

“Oh yeah? Where’s her ring? A ring pop?! How did you afford that, it must’ve costed a fortune! Baby, you’ve got yourself a nice man.”

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*Is amused. Very amused. He started nodding along as his little cousin starting describing the wedding.*

“You follow your dreams, little man. In the mean time, I’m going on a date with your fiancee.”

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darcy lewis fans vs. hux fans in a duel to the death, winner gets to say that their character is fully fleshed out and necessary to the narrative, who wins?

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The DR2 boys(+ Mitarai) and their S/O having an EPIC BATTLE! And by epic battle I mean a game of mariokart over who gets the last piece of cake)

That… SOUNDS SO AWESOME! I would so do that with my friends to be fair haha

SDR2 Boys (And Mitarai) battling in MarioKart over the last piece of cake

Hajime Hinata:

- You were just laughing and eating cake

- But then…

- Both of you look down at the plate to find there is only one piece left

- “Hinata - kun”

- You look him dead in the eye before pointing to him

- “I challenge you to a duel. Winner takes all”

- He smirks and nods

- “Alright. What battle ground?”

- You let out a little laugh

- “Rainbow Road.” 

- “Oh you are going to regret this.”

Kazuichi Soda:

- He was good

- Too good

- You thought that maybe he modified his controller somehow

- So you had to use tactics of your own

- “Right turn!”

- You turned your hands and whole body right bumping into him

- “Wha-?! S/O that’s cheating!”

- You laugh as you continue turning

- “Not at all! I do this naturally!”

- By the end of the race the two of you are leaning against one another laughing

- “Alright, you win this race S/O…. But can I at least have one bite?”

Nagito Komaeda:

- Why did you challenge him in MarioKart?

- Big. Mistake.

- You forgot this boy has the most bs luck out there

- You thought you were doing pretty good, last lap, first place

- But then

- “Hm? What does a blue shell do? Oh well I’ll just throw it”

- “WAIT NO D-”

- It was too late, you instantly lost your lead and all you could do was watch Komaeda zoom past

- You just stare at the screen in disbelief as he quietly eats the cake

- “I guess… Luck was on my side this time, but please use this loss as a stepping st-”

- You put your hand over his mouth, you honestly don’t want another one of his hope speeches

Nekomaru Nidai:


- You thought challenging him to a game would be a good idea

- But it turns out you’re more likely to go deaf

- Also, you take a quick glance at his controller

- You could swear there’s cracks forming on it due to him holding it so tightly


- “I’m ahead of you Nidai - kun”

- “Say it like you MEAN IT!”

- You let out a small laugh


Gundham Tanaka:

- It took him a while to figure out the controls

- He kept muttering that this battle is unfair, he is the rightful owner of the cake

- Afterall, he will rule this world!

- But you kept insisting

- So he accepted your challenge

- As soon as he got an item, he would immediately throw it in front

- However, that plan backfired as he kept slipping on his own banana peels

- “This game… IT’S CURSED!”

- “Oh don’t be a sore loser Tanaka - kun!”

- You lean over and kiss his cheek before standing up and getting your prize

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:

- He thought it was stupid

- Why would you fight over cake?!

- More importantly, why on a video game?!

- It’s not that he was scared of losing, he just though it was stupid

- … Yeah.

- *Lowkey trying his hardest whilst making it seem like he doesn’t care*

- He barely manages to finish first

- “Hah, what did I tell you?! It’s pointless to challenge me in a fight!”

- “Kuzuryuu - kun… I’m glad you had fun”

- You just smile at him as you hand him the cake

- I-Idiot, you should be mad at me for winning! Gh, you’re too adorable

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter):

- You honestly didn’t know what to expect

- When you challenged him, he told you he happily accepts

- Just give him 5 minutes to get ready

- The minute he walks into the room your jaw drops to the ground

- “Wh-What the hell?”

- “Well if you’re going to challenge me in a game I had to get into character!”

- “So you decided to dress up as Nanami - san?!”

- You know what I think it’s better if I leave it

- He wins.

- You can’t believe it but he wins

- “See, I told you all you need to do is get into character”

- Wh- Bu- H- Whaaaa?!”

- He smirks as he goes off to devour the cake

Teruteru Hanamura:

- This boy doesn’t really care who gets the cake

- He can easily bake another one

- But a race sounds fun!

- He spends a solid 30 minutes on the character selection screen, and eventually he settles for Princess Peach

- “Oh I see, did you pick her because of the stage we’re going on?”

- “… Of course”

- Not really, she just looked pretty

- At the beginning, he’s actually doing quite well

- “Look! I’m in 4th!”

- “Good going Hanamura - kun! However…”

- You smile as you hit him with a red shell and soon take the lead

- By the end he’s just clinging to you with tears in his eyes

- “Waaaaah! Everyone threw shells at me! That’s not how you treat a princess!”

- You can’t help but laugh as you comfort him

Ryota Mitarai:

- It was a miracle you managed to pull him away from his computer screen

- “Oh, there’s one piece left. You can h-”

- “Let’s fight for it, Mitarai - kun!”

- “Eh?!”

- You point to your console

- “MarioKart!”

- “But… I’m kind of bu-”

- You take his hand and look him in the eyes

- “Please?”

- For some reason, he can’t say no to you

- “Okay… But I haven’t played it in a while… Just saying”

- You smile as you squeeze his hand and kiss his cheek

- It was a really close game, but he still managed to beat you

- “Uwah… That’s amazing Mitarai - kun! You defeated me with a banana peel in the last second!”

- “Haha… Yeah I did, but, you can still have the cake if you want”

- Why is this boy so pure omg


So here is my ideal ending for season one of YOI.

After Yuuri wins Gold at the Grand Prix Finals and beyond, Victor surprises everyone by challenging him to a public Face Off.

It’s Victor’s return to skating that everyone’s been begging for. He has his motivation back that he was missing before—and he found it in Yuuri. Before Victor came into his life, competing against him was a huge goal of Yuuri’s, so of course he accepts the challenge. The competitiveness between them is sweet, friendly, and adorable. They banter about it like a married couple, then go make out.

The Face Off is held at the Ice Castle in Hasetsu. And it is a BIG DEAL. Two consecutive Gold Medalists battling it out. It brings in a load of tourism. Yuuri’s family and the Ice Castle profit greatly from it.

Yuuri and Victor set a wager for the friendly duel. The winner gets anything they ask for.

Victor goes first and skates his “Stay Close to Me” routine, but he changes the end into something hopeful. Like he’s asking a question. Yuuri skates to “Yuri on Ice” and dedicates it to Victor. Both performances are flawless.

Victor wins by only half a point.

Afterward, he gets on a microphone and tells the audience about the wager. That he gets to ask for anything he wants. He tells everyone about the meaning behind their performances. About how the past year hasn’t just been about Victor helping Yuuri blossom. He helped Victor find himself just as much.

And throughout this speech, Yuuri is nervous. Because even though the entire night has been a dream come true, he’s nervous about the wager. Part of him still fears losing Victor to Russia, and Yuuri thinks that’s what he’s going to ask for.

Instead, Victor gets down on one knee and asks Yuuri to marry him. That’s what he wants as his prize.

Complete chaos in the audience. Internet: broken.

Yuri says yes. The next year, they make their debut in couples skating with rings on their fingers.

Atheism during the French Revolution (Michel Vovelle)

It is not easy to deal with the reality of atheism in revolutionary France, inasmuch as the term, insistently invoked in the antagonistic speeches of the era, has been laden with political ulterior motives, in the frame of controversies wherein the very notion has constantly been expanded, giving a connotation to the term which was generally very pejorative. In the European debate, Pitt, among others, denounced revolutionary impiety in 1793 by referring to the atheist declarations of Guadet or of Jacob Dupont. But the accusation of atheism also finds itself in the indictment of Chaumette or Gobel, accused of having « formed a coalition » in order to erase every notion of divinity and of wanting to found the French government on atheism.

Based on this heritage, has one seen many more atheists than there actually were, by inaccurately viewing the Cult of Reason in Year II as a manifestation of atheism? This is what A. Aulard (in « Le culte de la Raison et le culte de l'Etre Suprême ») is not far from reproaching his predecessors for, those who were distressed by the phenomenon, like Buchez or Louis Blanc, as well as those who were delighted by it, such as Tridon and the defenders of the Hébertists. But he himself, as a counterpoint, tends to underestimate the number of unquestionable atheists, even pondering on Cloots, Hébert or Sylvain Maréchal, to such an extent that one can wonder if there was any real consistence at the time.

If one turns to the beginning of the era, one can say, perhaps oversimplifying, that the great generation of atheist materialism of Diderot, Le Mettrie, Helvetius or Holbach, at the time of the Encyclopédie, was not responsible for the dominant current of sensibilité, nourished among the revolutionaries by the reasoned deism of Voltaire and, even more, by the religiosity of the Rousseau of La Profession de foi du vicaire savoyard. From the survivors of the group, one can barely cite Naigeon, who intervened through an anonymous writing in the beginning of the Revolution in the discussion if the preamble of the Constitution should include an invocation to the Supreme Being, but who then showed himself to be discreet, even if he appears to have muttered (in secret) in Year II, on « this monster of Robespierre » and his decree on the Supreme Being.

Even if there was discussion on this in the Constituent Assembly, one knows that it would turn out in favour of religion and, more still, that the very existence of divinity was not questioned.

Before the summer of 1793, one could, throughout the verbal skirmishes, only hardly glimpse the problem and suspect an avowed atheism: but when on 2 June 1792, Delacroix, a friend of Danton, proposed to destroy the Catholic religion and to replace the images of saints with the ones of Rousseau and Franklin, he still caused a scandal at the Jacobin Club. Already in March of the same year, a significant escapade had opposed the sceptic Guadet to Robespierre in the club on the appeal to providence. Although the duel had neither a winner nor a loser, it was significant, as this scandal was provoked by deputy Jacob Dupont’s profession de foi of atheism and his explanation of the position in his « Glorification of science as religion ». In September of the same year, the debate started again when the Incorruptible campaigned against the memory of Helvetius, to whom one had planned to dedicate a street in Paris (the rue Sainte-Anne). Robespierre triumphed, as one smashed the bust of the philosopher at the club at the same time as the one of Mirabeau, but not without provoking criticism in the press (Proudhomme’s Les Révolutions de Paris), but also among the Girondins. It was among them, no doubt, as well as in the part of the Montagne which would later gather around Danton, that one could encounter one of the groups which aligned themselves with the atheism in the tradition of the Encyclopédie, which Condorcet claimed to adhere to. During the discussion of drafts relating to the new Constitution of 1793, Condorcet removed the reference to the Supreme Being from the preamble which he proposed. The obscure deputy Pomme vainly attempted to have it re-established: but Robespierre did not forget that Vergniaud and Gensonné had « perorated » against divinity.

A transitional stage was proposed by the festival of 10 August 1793 in celebration of the acceptance of the constitutional act, which saw a gigantic stature of Nature, pressing her breasts in order to make the water of regeneration flow from them, being erected on the site of the Bastille. The speech of the sitting president of the Convention, Hérault de Séchelles, was completely imbued with a pagan cult of Nature, avoiding any resort to divinity. Was it a matter of atheism in the strict sense of the term? One can discuss this, as one can observe that this ceremony, which was, for that matter, beautifully executed, did seemingly not mobilise the masses. Fifteen days later, as the Convention received petitioners, the message of the unhappy schoolchild who demanded that one educates of the youth instead of preaching in the name of a so-called God still provoked the disapproval of the assembly, which manifested in a “movement of indignation”. One can therefore be surprised to see how, in Brumaire Year II, the crisis of dechristianisation provoked the emergence of a discourse that was clearly anti-Christian, where atheism is at last underlying in the speech of Léonard Bourdon on 16 Brumaire, or in the work of Maire-Joseph Chénier, whose song for the Festival of Reason of 24 Brumaire includes the lines: “Descend, O Liberty, daughter of nature / … You, Holy Liberty, come to inhabit this temple / Be the goddess of the French”, clarifying his thought elsewhere in the form of a plan of a veritable secular religion, « the only universal religion who has neither sects nor mysteries, whose sole dogma is equality … and which only burns the incense of the great family in front of the altar of the patrie, the common mother and divinity ». But the surprise is even greater in measuring the penetration and the maturity of these concepts throughout the speeches that were delivered in the sections of Paris: « As for us, we adopt the religion of philosophy, the one of Liberty, of Humanity. This is our morality, and morality does not want any other cult » (citizen Barry, Section Guillaume Tell).

But here, one can, with Aulard, ask oneself: were all of the déchristianisateurs atheists, is it legitimate to assimilate the Cult of Reason to atheism? Anacharsis Cloots was indisputably a declared atheist, whose republication of the pamphlet « La certitude des preuves du mahométisme » was received by the Convention on 27 Brumaire, wherein he observed the inanity of all religions and suggested to raise a statue to Curé Meslier. Can one also doubt, in spite of his ultimate palinodes which Aulard seems to take seriously, the atheism of Hébert, who, on 17 Brumaire, attacked Laveaux, the editor of Le Journal de la Montagne who had defended divinity, for having « opened on God, an unknown being, an abstract of disputes which only are suitable for a Capuchin friar in theology ». The same Hébert made the Père Duchesne say to his wife Jacqueline: « I do not believe more in their hell and in their paradise than in Jean de Vert. If there is a God, which is not too clear, he did not create us so that we torment ourselves, but in order to be happy ». Likewise, it does not seem reasonable to me to doubt the atheism of Sylvain Maréchal, already known for his Almanach des honnêtes gens pour l'année 1788, which he had dated « Year I of Reason ». According to Aulard, through Chaumette, a tenderised Rousseauist, one reached the antipodes of unadulterated atheism. But the provinces have known, among the representatives en mission who then spread the good word, representatives of a militant atheism: Fouché, ordering to write on the doors of the cemeteries « Death is an eternal sleep », and to build a temple of love as he ignited the holy fire of Vesta, can only be suspected of militant paganism. But one can cite, in this list, Couturier in Grenoble (« I will not address the question if there is a creator… »). Athanase Veau in Tours (« In order for us to love the Patrie / Do we need priests or gods? ») and, above all maybe, Lequinio, who made a signficant materialist profession of faith in Rochefort on 20 Brumaire: « No, citizens, there is no future life, no! Of us, there will always only remain the divided molecules which formed us and the memory of our past existence ». From the author of an opuscule on « the destroyed prejudices » in 1792, this declaration is less surprising than his palinode following Robespierre’s speech of 1 Frimaire. The most consistent and, undoubtedly, the most interesting of these militant atheists is surely J. B. Salaville, the editor of the « Annales patriotiques et littéraires », who, from Brumaire to Nivôse, defended the line of an atheism without concessions in a series of articles with real merit, defying any returns of the sacred, whose carrier the Cult of Reason could be, as well as the one of the martyrs of Liberty. For him, atheism far from being aristocratic, it was the idea of an almighty God that was despotic. The ambiguity is obvious: much as it seems to us that Aulard is hypercritical when he contests the atheism of the movement’s leaders, we agree with him when he thus counts, throughout the discourse of the Paris sections, a strong majority of deist professions of faith, orators for whom Reason is already the emanation of the Supreme Being. When examining the provincial addresses collected on the desk of the Convention, the trait is confirmed, even if there, the dominant tendency is to make Reason a daughter of Nature…

One cult can hide another one: but if the Supreme Being is already hidden behind Reason, one can better understand the attitude of not only Robespierre and his friends, but of Danton and some others, at the same time as the political framework, operating around the denunciation of atheism, assumed its full dimension. The Incorruptible took the offensive on 1 Frimaire, in his famous intervention: « There are men … who, under the pretext of destroying superstition, want to make a sort of religion out of atheism itself … Atheism is aristocratic. The idea of a great being is popular … » Behind the unquestionable sincerity of this profession of faith, the political process sidles in, which would come to present the déchristianisateurs, who were predominately deists, as atheists. Danton, vaguely naturalist, in the manner of Hérault de Séchelles or Fabre d'Eglantine, associated himself with the Robespierrist line in the context of the fight against Hébertism. He was the first one to suggest, on 6 Frimaire, to celebrate the Supreme Being. In the aftermath of the decree on religious freedom of 16 Frimaire, Hébert was attacked directly for his atheism by Bentabole, and Cloots by Robespierre: the last palinode of the Père Duchesne would not save him. We have seen how atheism has been held as the primary charge against Chaumette and Gobel. The defining moment of this crusade against atheism finds itself in Robespierre’s report of 18 Floréal Year II, when he added the anathema on the sect of the Encyclopédistes (« Unhappiness to the one who seeks to extinguish this sublime enthusiasm ») to a retrospective condemnation of Hébertism. The great festival of the Supreme being would see the ignition of the statue of atheism: thousands of addresses flowed from the provinces, sometimes explicit in their condemnation of atheism, quite often also evidence for the natural and seemingly spontaneous manner in which the transition from the Cult of Reason to the Supreme Being took place. In his speech of 8 Thermidor, Robespierre nominally and violently attacked Fouché: « No, Fouché, no, death is no eternal sleep! Erase this impious maxim and replace it with these words: death is the beginning of immortality. »

After Thermidor, atheism again became the luxury of a few, heirs of the Encyclopédistes, who upheld the tradition: C. F. Dupuis, who published « L'origine de tous les cultes », P. L. Ginguené, the author of « De l'obstination religieuse », or chevalier De Parny, the author of the gigantic, syncretico- copulative epic that is « La guerre des Dieux », where Walhalla, Olympus and the Christian heaven clash in a fray that is chaotic, but not without approvals. One is far from the great traumatism of Year II. But, in a state of shock, atheism maybe became « aristocratic » only in appearance.

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It’s About Time to Duel!

Imagine you’re at a coffee shop because you’ve been stuck inside all day and wanted to get some fresh air. You look across the room and see another person sitting a table with a few “MTG Duelist Kingdom” wristbands on. You freak out for a second and suddenly run to your car to grab a deck box, you’re about to challenge this person to a duel! Winner take wristband.

I know, the whole in the wild thing is kinda silly, how likely are you to find another Magic player outside of a LGS or a GP? But imagine if starting at the next Grand Prix the first X people who showed up to claim some quantity - let’s say 5 - of special wristbands started a long term game. From then on, while wearing these special wristbands you could be challenged to a game of Magic - the big hang up admittedly being agreed format - with the winner claiming the wristband and going on to be challenged themselves.

It’s starts at the Grand Prix, distributing the 300 or 400 right there, but it could continue on outside of the event, at Game Nights or side games of FNM. It’s just an idea, but I wonder if it would work. 500 bands is only $160.

353daysworthofpromises  asked:

Do you two ever have basketball duels? Winner makes the other dinner or something. Ooo and who would be referee?

Yuko: We have ‘em all the time

Ayato: I win most of them

Yuko: It’s actually pretty split between us >.>

Yuko: Though if the winner made the other dinner, Id try my best to win because  Ayato in the kitchen is asking for disaster

Ayato: Ore-sama makes great food!

Yuko: Ayato… peanut-butter jelly sandwiches don’t count…

Yuko: And we don’t really have a referee, though we should so they can call out when Ayato cheats. Which is often if you’re wondering

Ayato: I don’t cheat! You just suck at basketball… though of course because of me you’re an expert at sucking, in more ways than one

Yuko: >.> 

Episode 27 is a ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTION, people! Kaiba vs Pegasus. Having gone to great lengths to make Kaiba seem as unsympathetic as a devoted older brother trying desperately to rescue the light of his life can possibly be, this motherfucking _cartoon_ now uses him to tear my heart out and stamp on it.

But that comes later. First up, Pegasus gets down to business.

Welp. There goes the neighbourhood.

Toon World is almost as much of a cheat as using an Ancient Egyptian artifact to read minds is, and that’s saying something! None of the spectators but Yugi have even _heard_ of the Toon cards and Yugi tells them that they’re all one-of-a-kind and were never made available to the public. They’re Pegasus-only cards, and massively overpowered, since they can’t be directly attacked but appear to have no weakness to balance that. Or weakness at all?

And Kaiba is FURIOUS when Pegasus toonifies the Blue Eyes he took from him.

Kaiba realises he’s going to have to step things up to face off against someone with unbeatable monsters who can also obviously read his mind. His solution? Dump his hand since Pegasus knows it, and just play from the deck! He’s TRUSTING IN THE HEART OF THE CARDS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

He just draws and plays without even looking at it, into Attack Mode, and man would he have looked foolish if it was a Magic Card, but of course…

I’m not going to lie to you, Tumblr, I genuinely got emotional at this point. Kaiba might be an asshole, and overly skeptical, and rude, and stubborn as a really obsessive and angry mule, but his relationship with his dragons is beautiful. Also his relationship with his brother. I guess.

Speaking of which…


And with imaginary!Mokuba and his weirdly loyal trading cards helping him out, he defeats the “monstrosity” of the Blue Eyes Toon Dragon, or, as he says, he “puts it out of its misery”.

Really was quite tempted to just turn it off at this point and imagine him winning and taking Mokuba home and emotionally healing BUT NO.

Pegasus once again uses one of his own cards against him - this time his Virus card that destroys all high-attack monsters. This leaves Kaiba with one card. ONE CARD.

(Pegasus knows this because mind reading.) Kaiba’s weakness is strength (omg irony!) because he dismisses useful but “weak” monsters like Kuriboh and surrounds himself with the monsters with the highest attack possible, leaving him wide open to his own strategy. You’d think someone who was _this_ smart and _this_ good at Duel Monsters would look at his _own_ Virus card and think “Hmm, if anyone else had this card, or if someone used one of the _many_ stratagems to use an opponent’s card against them, I would be totally boned.” but no. I’d like to say between basically losing to Yami because of Kuriboh except for threatened suicide and now this, he might learn to pop in a few lower attack Monsters with special effects but I’m not actually convinced he does. We’ll chalk it down to all the emotional trauma making him forget these valuable life lessons.

Kaiba is staring his defeat in the face and he says, aloud.

I’m crying.

… I’m prideshipping.

I believe he means Yami here, not Yugi. He’s actually had very little interaction with Yugi at this point. Yami takes over pretty quickly whenever Kaiba starts talking smack, which is basically always. They duelled twice, which was all Yami, and Yami came out to talk to him when he came by their campsite and beat Joey. He saw Yugi obviously at the end of the duel on the castle, but Yugi was way too upset to talk, or even look at him. Yugi has been cheering him on for this duel, but Kaiba’s attention has been on Pegasus. Kaiba knows Pegasus is going to do something awful, he may at this point accept that Mokuba’s soul has been stolen and guess that Pegasus means to do the same to him. And the only two people he wants to say goodbye to are Mokuba, and Yami.

#theyareveryveryimportanttooneanother #eventhisearlyon

So then Pegasus steals his soul and locks it into another card. And then he gets reeeeeeeeal creepy even by Pegasus standards.

#theresaficthere #orseveral #creepyones #alsokinkyones #toonshippinghasalotofverydisturbingpotential 

The spectators are appalled. They’ve been really supportive of Kaiba the whole time. Honda and Jou intended to root for Pegasus, but Kaiba’s strength of spirit and devotion to Mokuba won everyone over really quickly. Every one of them has had someone good to say about him. Even Pegasus complimented him for playing his last card rather than forfeiting when it was obvious it was over. And now he’s lost, and lost his soul, Yugi gets really upset. And Yami isn’t going to stand for this.

Dramatic lighting and poses! He calls Pegasus out and Pegasus recognises him as “other Yugi”. He reminds him that he’ll only duel the winner of the tournament, and Yami tells him he knows that, but he’s coming for him.

No one fucks with Yami’s boyfriend friend rival and gets away with it.


Duelist Kingdom was one big shadow game. By accepting the invitation and star chips, duelists agreed to the fine print. 

Pegasus is more efficient and subtle than the Ancient Egyptians; instead of killing some people and using their souls wholesale, he got a lot of people to wager a fraction of their power. Power passed from the losers of duels to the winners along with their starchips. Ultimately, all of the power wagered on the island would be collected in the finalists…

…and the Player Killers, whose purpose was to collect starchips (and power) from as many as possible and make sure there would only be the four finalists with chips at the end. Pegasus would have to in the end defeat his own Player Killers to collect the energy they had gathered, aside from the ones the finalists utterly destroyed (PaniK and the ghost guy - the Labyrinth Brothers were still around to defeat people when Yami and Jou were done with them). That completely random ritual in the anime in the night before the finals was Pegasus  gathering all his energy from the losers by defeating his PKs.

Because this is a shadow game, anyone who cheated, conned, or pressured their way into the game (Jou, Mokuba, Seto, Bandit Keith) either had to win big or face especially severe consequences. Mokuba was originally exempt from the game, held on the island as a guest, but when he stole the guy’s chips he bought his way into the game and broke the contract simultaneously. Getting his soul in a card was a Punishment Game. Seto forced his way in, and lost - Punishment Game. Bandit Keith’s cheating got too egregious - Punishment Game. Jou escaped because he did win and played honorably, and Pegasus knew their plan to split the winnings (title to Yuugi, money to Jou) - along with the fact that his entrance to the tournament was more like Yami’s normal borderline cheating by being creative with rules, rather than breaking them.

So the final duel, Pegasus had the energy of all of the non-finalists (40 starchips worth, plus Kaiba) and Yuugi had the energy of all the finalists (40 starchips worth, except in the manga, where Jou and Yuugi didn’t duel, so had 20 each).

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Yugioh Timeline

SO i think i finally figured out the Yugioh timeline, so this is just how I think it goes:

Standard (in order):

  • DM: Kaiba corp begins investing less in weapons and more in entertainment. Pegasus ‘invents’ duel monsters. The card game is a big hit. Dueling fields are quickly replaced by duel disks from Kaiba corp.
  • GX: Dueling is increasingly popular. Celebrities duel, tournament winners are the biggest celebrities, famous scientists are even taking up dueling. Academies open as prestigious places to learn various subjects through dueling and to become famous duelists. Elitism runs rampant, but Judai Yuki challenges it.
  • 5ds: Kaiba corp still wasn’t only in the entertainment industry. They invest a lot of money in a new energy project known as “momentum” but Zero Reverse hits them very hard, as well as having to cover up what actually happened from the public. Dueling academies are not very common, and are more common place. Elitism in them is more or less gone, at least structurally. Yusei Fudo eventually creates Fortune, a new energy source much less risky and more widely available. As Fortune gains popularity. Less and less people switch their d-wheels over to Fortune, and most riding duelists have retired from dueling when the popularity finally overtakes Momentum. 
  • Arc v: Fortune has become common place, and riding duels are finally replaces by Yusho with Action Duels along with Solid Vision. Anyone can open a dueling academy, and teach purely dueling or dueling and other subjects. More focus is placed on learning many summoning techiques and picking the best one for you, rather than whatever summoning is the most popular. Xyz summoning was made fairly recently, but is considered difficult to use by many still. Riding duels still happen in some areas. 
  • Zexal: Xyz summoning takes center stage, and action duels fall out of style due to d-gazers being able to made dueling happen ANYWHERE. Action duels still take place, and in a few places Riding duels even happen. Dueling is fully integrated into schools. 


  • Judai never challenged elitism, and therefore elitism still ran rampant, making it the most desirable location for Leo to start and army. He took over the academy system and government, by overtaking Kaiba corp, and used academies to train soldiers to invade other dimensions.


  • Elitism was mildly challenged by other students, and the Earthbounds didn’t happen, meaning Zero Reverse never took place. Still, Yusei Fudo never made Fortune, because he never existed. Security still isn’t the best. 


  • Riding duels never took place, and Momentum was never discovered. Instead, Fortune was discovered, making life easier and they went right to d-gazers. Elitism was destroyed and academies were abolished, making it so dueling was available to everyone and was integrated into standard schooling. A very happy place, but was destroyed when Leo invaded with tropes under they guise that “the xyz dimensions has no structure and no way to improve”. In reality, in the Xyz dimension discovered what Leo was doing, they would be the largest threat to his power. 
Imagine...Siblings Matt and Kylo Fighting Over You

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Kylo: She’s mine!

Matt: I saw her first!

Gen. Hux: This is your fault, (Y/N). If you hadn’t asked such a meaningless question…

(Y/N): I wanted to know, Hux! Is that so much to know?!

Matt: I demand a duel!

Kylo: Agreed. Winner get’s (Y/N). Loser gets to pout like a baby. We meet outside of the base.

Matt: Agreed.

(Y/N): Don’t I get a say in…this?

*They already left.

Captain Phasma: I call loser.

Notes on uswnt v brazil #2

  • Abby was singing “hello darkness, my old friend” when she did warm up on the turf pitch before the game
  • Subbed Lori out at 20th minute. Could I make it any more clear there’s only one reason I even played her today?
  • MVP save: Broon. MVP defender: Crossbar
  • My team is so good you can’t even tell we’re being outplayed 
  • Marta is the only good player on this team… right?
  • I just got a text from Allie Long saying Brazil wouldn’t be playing so good if she was playing
  • Brazil scored?! Kyle Krieger informed that this wouldn’t happen if I start bae– I mean, Ali Krieger.
  • Dunn goal! I should not call people up more bc when I finally do, man do they got a chip on their shoulder haha
  • Abby just started doing the halftime talk. Like, ok, rude.
  • Maybe McCaffrey will be like Dunn too, fingers crossed.
  • damn, young people are fucking fast
  • #ThanksLauren may I one day find another natural defensive midfielder like you
  • That being said, Lloyd is in, time to win 20-1.
  • These young players are really good at tackling the crap out of these brazilian players
  • everytime we almost score Abby tells me we would’ve scored if this wasn’t turf
  • Lewandowski in for Krieger. Yes, I’m still talking about the uswnt game and not a bundesliga game.
  • Sub in Arod way after Holiday and Heath come out bc I’m Jill Ellis
  • I’ve spent the days between the two brazil friendlies thinking of my Ali-Kelley dilemma. I was telling my therapist about how last night I had the weirdest dream. I was in an old timey cowboy town where I was the prettiest woman there (my therapist laughed at this point, fucking twat.) and the two sexiest strongest cowboys were gonna have a gun duel and the winner got me. One was named Ali and the other Kelley. But they couldn’t do it, they couldn’t shoot. They both looked at me and teared up & said I was the one who had to choose. Right before I could utter a name this peroxide blonde monster named Ash showed up and started destroying everything and I woke up :(
  • ahem… um…. so yeah…..
  • whoo 102 games undefeated at home bitchessssss!!!!

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Why do you want to defend the big, stupid jellyfish?


This one cannot believe you just called these amazing, beautiful non-humanoid beings a jellyfish.

When you see a hanar out of water, you are seeing the hanar genius at work. Think about it. Water is their natural habitat and yet they’re floating around the Citadel. Do you think Nemo could do that shit? Hells no.  

They’ve got contra-gravitic levitation packs. They’ve got tech to help them breath out of water. They’ve got tech to let them speak. All of this without pockets.

Let’s talk hanar culture. You know how everyone makes fun of them, ‘ha ha, the Enkindlers.’ The enkindlers are the Protheans. The hanar revere them because the Protheans gave them the gift of language. Not communication, but language. The hanar were doing just fine on their own, living in the oceans, communicating by bioluminescence. (What’s bioluminescence you ask? Basically, the hanar talk by becoming multicolored glow sticks.)

What other culture did the Protheans uplift? That would be the asari. That’s right. The Protheans thought the hanar had potential just like those lovely blue aliens. And unlike the asari, the hanar didn’t cover up the Prothean’s involvement by pretending the Protheans were one of their goddesses. (that’s right, this one went there!)

Next we’re talking poetry. We all laugh at Garrus’ hanar poetry reading line, but you know what? These guys take poetry seriously. They don’t just have poetry readings, they have poetry DUELS. They fight with words. You know who wants to go to a poetry duel? This one. The winners of these duels? They get their name inscribed on the side of an underwater volcano. If that’s not bad ass, this one doesn’t know what is.

Kahje’s main export is alcohol. And they don’t even drink the stuff, (they get their kicks by ingesting mindfish) but they know that the rest of galaxy can’t get enough. Smart, right? Beings with arms and legs don’t have much use for hanar products, but alcohol? The hanar know their audience and how to make credits.

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The drell. A couple of hundred years ago, the hanar came across Rakhana, which was tearing itself apart. The Council wouldn’t do anything (this one is not surprised), but instead of letting the drell species go extinct, the hanar go, ‘we have a navy. Let’s go save some beautiful aliens.’

So they did! They let the drell live on their homeworld. The drell were so fucking grateful that they basically said, “We’ll help you guys out! You know why? Cause you’re awesome.” True story.

But Hippo, you ask. Did the hanar contribute to the war effort? Fuck yeah, they did! Their entire navy (including their warships – that’s right, the hanar have fucking WARSHIPS) fought in the Reaper war. Even better, they sent out their entire team of drell combat specialists. Imagine an army of Thanes at his peak (not ME3, when he’s jumping onto Kai Leng’s sword though. Too soon?) and you know how amazing these fighters would be.

In conclusion: This one thinks you need to check your attitude about the hanar. They’ll let you call them a jellyfish, because they’re nice like that, but go too far, don’t forget these bad asses have natural toxins which will knock you on your ass.

Next up – the elcor

  • Marius: I'm telling you to back down.
  • Enjolras: And I'm telling you that I will never back down.
  • Marius: Then I'll make you.
  • Enjolras: Oh really. How are you going to do that?
  • Marius: Through the use of force.
  • Enjolras: That is very general, and does not scare me in the slightest.
  • Marius: I WILL FIGHT YOU.
  • Enjolras: Okay, fine! Good! A duel! The winner is right about Napoleon!