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☆ ♥ ☯ Vader

★ - sad headcanon

Qui-Gon did come to see him, as a Force ghost; Vader thought he was a hallucination and mostly ignored him. 

♥ - family headcanon

It circumstances had allowed him to meet Leia’s children, Vader actually would have been an ok grandfather, at least in small doses. If nothing else, he would have been a vigilant one, and would have tracked down and killed Snoke before anything could happen to Ben. (This is not to say that Leia didn’t want to do the same, just that she didn’t have decades of experience in black magic.) 

☯ - likes/dislikes headcanon

There are very few things that Vader actually likes: what comes to mind most readily is flying. He has some appreciation for lightsaber duels— proper ones, not just cutting down some half-trained padawan two seconds in after they fumble their first parry— and the dominating power of Djem So. 

Vader dislikes almost everything about his life, but he especially hates being on Corusant. He’s there as rarely as possible. 

The World Was Wide Enough Monologue

The World Was Wide Enough Monologues, with other songs from the show mixed in (song order under the cut)

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my sister started singing “ugh let’s try something else NUMBER TWO” one day so i decided to make a full-length shitpost out of it

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It’s official canon that there are cats living in Skyhold so please imagine:

one of the cats somehow getting into the war room and just plopping itself down right in the middle of all those carefully placed markers and turning the organized map into absolute chaos because a nice sunbeam was shining on the table.

cats sleeping on the inquisitor’s throne (or alternatively clawing it to pieces)

cats in the infirmary lifting people’s spirits and keeping the injured warm

cats snuggled up beside Storvacker when she’s in Skyhold

someone making little inquisition uniforms for the cats to make them honorary inquisition members. The cats just fall over and refuse to move when they’re forced to wear the uniforms and Skyhold is left with a bunch of immobile, angry cats lying on the ground and twitching their tails. Later it’s decided that the cats will just wear inquisition collars instead

each cat having at least ten names because everyone calls them something different leading to some confusion and in one extreme instance, a duel over what one cat should be called

(Feel free to add more Skyhold cat shenanigans)

Fortune Tellers compete in one on one duels on live tv. The two fortune tellers alternate by revealing hidden facts about a stranger’s past or personality, and the stranger then judges which is more accurate. It’s the championships, and this judge has got some secrets.

Yami Bakura has Mai and Tea dialogue too! Going by Tea’s dialogue this seems to be after Ryou took the Ring back on the Battle City blimp in the manga. (But since he’s an NPC in-universe it doesn’t really matter XD;)

NPC Bakura is also a Weevil fanboy!

Mai: You’re Yugi’s……
Yami Bakura: Yeah. His friend.
Mai: ……I’ve been thinking for a long time that when you Duel, you look very cruel. Usually, you have such a cute face.
Yami Bakura: Hahahaha……. Thank you for your kind words.
Mai: ……Well, whatever. Anyway, let’s Duel! I’ll take everything I can get!
Yami Bakura: I like your spirit! That’s why you’re worth defeating! Hahahaha!

Tea: Bakura! You’re wearing the Millennium Ring again!?
Yami Bakura: Yeah. My host body can’t help stealing. Such a nuisance. Anyway, I only came this time to have fun. So don’t worry. Even if you lose, I won’t turn you into a doll. Hahahaha!
Tea: of course not! I never want to experience that again!

Yami Bakura: Hahahaha… I know you. Aren’t you the one who threw Yugi’s Exodia into the ocean?
Weevil: Wha….. You got a problem with me!
Yami Bakura: No no. I loved that you did something so horrible! You’ll do anything to win. That’s great! I should learn from you! Hahahaha!
Weevil: W……Well, yeah. Tee hee hee hee!
Yami Bakura: Unless you lose to me.
Weevil: Screeeeeam!!

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Please never let the headcanons die- they are my favorite thing oh my gosh <333

thanks dude!! here’s some more

  • “keith you were alone for an hour how could you possibly get into this much trouble in an hour” “…it didn’t take me the whole hour”
  • coran started growing The Mustache on a dare from alfor
  • everyone always thinks keith is glaring at them but really he just spaced out while looking in their general direction
  • pidge and lance are creatures driven entirely by spite
    • “pidge maybe you should go to bed” pidge: *stays up for the next 24 hours*
    • “lance could you stop flirting with anything that moves” lance: *spends an hour flirting with a rock instead*
  • “poor lance. he thinks he’s totally alone and that we all gave up on him. what kind of effect does that have on a man’s psychology? I wonder what he’s thinking right now” lance, in galra captivity: “how come aquaman can control whales? they’re mammals! makes no sense”
  • that one game grumps thing but with hunk
    • *anything goes wrong* “hunk, okay, don’t panic, we can handle this” “…i appreciate it, but look what we’re dealing with man” “hunk-” “you gotta draw a line somewhere!” “hunk-” “you gotta draw a fucking line in the sand dude!! you gotta make a statemen-”
  • whenever anyone looks at shiro for advice or leadership he’s internally just like wait no don’t do that
  • pidge: “have you ever killed anyone” allura: “…we’re getting off topic”
*squints* I see whatcha did there Disney

The little Mermaid and seeing your future boyfriend’s vessel

Beauty and the Beast and seeing his face for the first time

Tangled - Show off your power in front of bae

Sleeping Beauty - Dance with bae in the woods

Mulan - kick your bae so that he falls on his ass

Duel Links’ TVTropes pages got some interesting edits in light of the Yami Bakura event!

“Duel Links’ Yami Bakura is confirmed to be an NPC controlled by Kaiba, which begs the question of why Kaiba made him, how he got his personality down, and why no one else knows he’s an NPC.“

“OOC Is Serious Business: When meeting Kaiba, Yami Bakura breaks character and informs him, and the players, that he’s an NPC controlled by Kaiba.“

“Yami Bakura, who’s an NPC, gets several funny moments by giving Kaiba advice for dueling, insulting Ryou’s dueling skills and calling him a thief, telling Keith to beat Pegasus up, and fanboying over Weevil throwing Yugi’s Exodia cards in the ocean.“

“Yami Bakura’s event mentions several manga events like Ryou reclaiming the Ring from Yugi and the Monster World game, but also mentions anime events like Pegasus and Keith being alive.“

“While mischievous in some cases and malicious in others, Yami Bakura is nicer to several characters than in canon, particularly Mai, Weevil, Kaiba, and Yami Yugi.“

“Yami Bakura/Mai, Ryou Bakura/Mai, Yami Bakura/Kaiba, and Yami Bakura/Yami Marik all get teased in Bakura’s event. Mai says that usually Bakura has a cute face, and he thanks her for her kind words and admires her spirit in return. Kaiba created and controls the virtual Bakura and they give each other dueling advice, and the bulk of Bakura’s conversations with Ishizu and Odion have him discussing Yami Marik and how he knows he’ll appear eventually and can’t wait for when he does.”

YGO Fans: Man, I wish we had proof that Marik and Bakura were in a relationship :/

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